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IMPORTANT NOTEPlease visit the SEDM Forums under "Questions and Answers from Ministry Members to Ministry Staff" for answers to questions not indicated on this page.  You must be a Member in order to post to the SEDM Forums, or to read everything but the Questions section, but joining our ministry is free.  Your questions must conform with our Guide to Asking Questions, Form #09.017 or they will be ignored or rejected or deleted from the Member Forums.  Please do not submit your questions to our Contact Us page, but rather join our Member Forums and post your questions there instead.  We would like to avoid having to answer  the same questions over and over that are already answered either here or in our Member Forums.  Thank you for respecting our sovereignty by minimizing demands upon our time in supporting this website so that we can deliver services to you at the lowest effort and lowest cost possible.


0.01  I am on the verge of becoming a member, but I would like to know the benefits of membership and if I can be helped?

0.02  Do you have any information about successes of your users in using the educational materials offered on the SEDM website?

0.03  Do you have any statistics on the "performance" or "effectiveness" of your response letters?  I'd like to know more about what I'm getting.

0.04  Are Bivens Actions effective and worth the trouble?  Why is IMF Decoding important, and does your Master File Decoder program decode them?

0.05  I am a member of a religious group that does not believe in fellowshipping with other groups so I can't sign your Member Agreement.  How can I obtain your materials without signing your member agreement?

0.06  I don't meet all of the requirements for membership identified in the a Member Agreement.  Can you make an exception for me?

0.07  Your Member Agreement is only signed by the Member and not the Ministry.  Doesn't this mean it is not enforceable in court?

0.08  I am having trouble faxing the membership application to you.  May I send it to you via email instead?

0.09  Why do people need to consent to such a long Member Agreement in order to "USE" your materials and services to dispute a tax liability?

0.10  How would one be able to benefit as a Non- Resident Non-Person? Am I denying that I was born in the U.S.?

0.11  I'm confused about contradictions with your approach to obtaining or using your materials.  Please clarify.

0.12  Is there someone in my area who I could talk to or ask questions about a specific document or process on your website?

0.13  I need winning court cases as authorities that prove your materials will work.  Can you provide this?

0.14  I have a job with the state or federal government.  Can I still be a member or do I need to quit?


1.01  What do you tell "taxpayers" who need help or want to use your materials?

1.02  I need a lawyer to represent me in court with the IRS.  Can you recommend one in my area?

1.03  I would like to sign up to your "program".  Please tell me what I need.

1.04  I need urgent help. I have been exempt from taxes since 2001. The IRS has created my 2001 tax forms, filling in the information they know of, and sent it to me for signature. It declares that I own the IRS almost $4,000.00 and it is due in 60 days. Please HELP! The phone number listed is my cell phone and I am reachable at the number 24/7!

1.05  I'm facing tax problems for the years 2001,2002,2003. I've filed returns for those years and paid $5.00 for each year. Will going through the Master File Decoding process for those years be effective? What is the cost for a single filer to go through this process? (Full Service)

1.06  Do you offer services or help with a specific problem rather than just educating people?

1.07  Do you offer state or federal tax lien or levy removal?

1.08  I am in a severe financial bind and desperately need one of your offerings because I'm being persecuted by the government.  I can't afford to meet the suggested donation amount for the item or service I need and was wondering if there is a way you can arrange a special discount in my particular case?

1.09  I received an Federal Letter number XXXX(SC) and I'm not sure if the response you have will work for me.  Can you offer an opinion or give advice about whether letter XXXX will work for me?

1.10  A state that I used to be domiciled in has been levying my pay in another state.  Can they do that legally?

1.11  I want to become a Member and I need you to help me prepare a 1040 return to get all my money back from the IRS.  Can you help me?

1.12  I am facing a willful failure to file prosecution.  Can you point me at information and resources that will help me prepare a defense in court?

1.13  My private employer is trying to FORCE me to provide a Social Security Number, a Taxpayer Identification Number, or a W-9 form.  What can I do to respond to this?

1.14  I am marrying a foreign wife and I want to protect her rights and avoid all the government fraud paperwork.  Is there a way to marry her without a license and what should I look out for in this process.

1.15  Do you have any information on professional licensing? How can I legally operate without one?

1.16  Why won't you answer my question?  You said you can't give legal advice and therefore can't answer it.

1.17  I want to continue receiving Social Security, Medicare, SSI, or other government checks or "benefits" but also no longer want to be subject to federal jurisdiction or venue or be a "taxpayer".  Can you help?

1.18  I sent in the Legal Notice of Change in Citizenship/Domicile, Form #10.001 and the Dept. of State sent me a LAME response.  What should I do?

1.19  I have a loan or debt I want to cancel.  Can you point me to the information on your website that deals with this.

1.20  The IRS is unlawfully levying my Social Security Benefits.  Do you have a remedy for me?

1.21  I'm a "bogus taxpayer".  Do you have a program or process to help me become a "nontaxpayer" and can you assist me with that process?

1.22  I would either like to get a tax collection due process hearing or am preparing for an upcoming one.  Do you have information to help someone in my circumstance?

1.23  I have been studying sovereignty and would like to ask some questions.  Can I call?

1.24  I am accessing the information on your website and my system appears to lock up.  I am under the gun and need to view the materials on your website.  What should I do?


2.01  I don't have a Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card and I don't want to get one.  I don't want my personal information in anyone's database because my privacy is important to me.  I'd rather send you a money order or a personal check.  Can you accommodate that?

2.02  Do you accept postal or cash or money order donations?

2.03  When I try to donate online using my debit card, the transaction is repeatedly rejected by your website.  Why is this?

2.04  How do the conversions work between U.S. and Canadian dollars when I donate to your ministry?

2.05  I HATE electronic books (ebooks) and I don't know how to use them or open them or get them printed.  Can you send me a paper copy instead?

2.06  I obtained an earlier or older version of one of your books or software or CDs.  Can I have a free upgrade to the new version or do you have a discounted upgrade program for previous customers?

2.07  I can't order anything from the Ministry Bookstore or make an online donation.  Every time I do and go to checkout, the shopping cart shows that it's empty.

2.08  I received a state tax notice or Federal Letter or notice that I can't find a response for on your website.  Is there a way to have you make one for me?

2.09  Every time I go to the Ministry Bookstore to make a donation, it has memorized the information of the other user of my computer.  How do I change the information so that it has my information instead of him or her?

2.10  How do I buy response letters and pay for them?

2.11  Some of your services offerings, such as Full Service IMF decoding, don't have suggested donation amounts listed.  How can I find out what the cost is and why can't I add these services to my shopping cart?

2.12  How come I never got the usual confirmation email from SEDM telling me how to download the electronic book I ordered within a few minutes after I placed my order?

2.13  I tried downloading and installing one of the decompression utilities you recommend, but it doesn't successfully decompress the ZIP file that contains my electronic response letter or eBook.  What should I do?

2.14  I'm uncomfortable about getting a response letter sight unseen.  Can you let me "preview" the whole letter before I get it?

2.15  I want to get your Tax Fraud Prevention Manual but I have a slow dial-up line.  Can you send me a CD instead of me taking forever to download it?

2.16  I was double-debited for an item I got from your Ministry Bookstore or I ordered something from your website and it will not be useful for my situation.  Can I get a refund of my donation or a part of it?

2.17  Your website donation amounts are in Canadian Dollars.  Where can I find the exchange rate from U.S. dollars to Canadian Dollars?

2.18  After I select the items I want, add to cart, and checkout, I get errors when your site takes me to the payment provider (Egold, etc).  What is the matter?

2.19  How do I make a donation to the ministry?  I don't see a "donate" button anywhere?

2.20  Are any of your Ministry Bookstore materials ever offered for free to anyone?

2.21  I ordered an older version of one of your software programs, such as the MF Decoder.  How do I upgrade this without getting a whole new version?

2.22  I ordered a version of a book or item that is no longer available on this website.  What is my upgrade path to the latest version of these materials?



4.01  I don't have $29.95 to buy WINZIP.  Is there another program I can use to unzip your electronic books and response letters that is free?

4.02  I obtained an Federal Response Letter from SEDM in Microsoft Word format.  I need the password to edit my final copy.  Can you provide it?

4.03  I obtained one of your downloadable books or other items and I can't download it successfully.  What should I do?

4.04  I'm having trouble filling in the IRS Service Center Employee or Employee ID field on my Federal Response Letter.  What needs to be put there?

4.05  The DVD movie disc I received works fine up to a point and then it freezes.  I'd like to be able to watch the whole movie.  I think my disc might be defective.  What should I do?  Can I get a replacement disc?

4.06  I received my CD of the Family Guardian Website today and it will not open. Is there something special that I may be overlooking?

4.07  I lost or can't find one of the downloadable items I obtained from your website or my computer crashed and I don't have it anymore.  Can you copy it back up to your website and reactivate the link so I can download it again?

4.08  I got one of your response letters and followed the directions, but it will not fill in the worksheet information into the letters when I hit the "Preview" button nor will the "Print" button work. What am I doing wrong?

4.09  I'm having trouble viewing the Acrobat PDF documents on your website or in the response letter I got from you.  What version did you use and can I get a free reader somewhere on the Internet?

4.10  I got one of your response letters and after I fill in the worksheet and hit the "Print Preview" button, it asks me for a "Project Password"?  What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this problem?

4.11  I just received the MF Decoder CD in the mail that I requested.  I don't know what to do with the CD, or nothing happens when I insert it into my CD/DVD drive.  How do I use it?

4.12  I am having trouble with the MF Decoder Import function and the Automated Rebuttal Letter.  Both are asking me for a password and there is no place to type them in.

4.13  I am having serious trouble faxing to your fax machine.  Your fax machine drops everything after page 10, or doesn't receive all the pages I sent

4.14  Are your forms usable in a legal proceeding, and are they admissible as evidence in a legal proceeding?  The Disclaimer would appear to indicate otherwise.

4.15  The PDF documents and forms on your website are password locked and copy protected so that they cannot be edited or changed.  Can you give me the password so I can either edit it or make it into an editable Microsoft Word file?

4.16  Sometimes when I click on a link that take me to a page within your bookstore, I get an "Internal Server Error" error message.  Is there a problem with your server and can you fix it?

4.17  The copy or duplication center (such as Fedex/Kinkos) I went to told me that they cannot print your materials  without your explicit written permission.  Where can I find that permission on your website?

4.18   I faxed my Membership Agreement in recently.  Why didn't you email me the password to the Member Subscriptions area?

4.19  When I click on a link on one of the pages such as the Forms Page, I get a username and password prompt.  Am I doing something wrong?


5.01  What does it take to go into business decoding IMF's for other people?  Do you have a training or mentorship program?

5.02  The About Us page of your website says you don't prepare or assist in the preparation of returns for any one.  Are there any educational materials on other free websites which might help me to submit tax returns that won't jeopardize my status as a "nontaxpayer" and a "non-resident non-person"?

5.03  Do you have any info for setting up a corporation sole or any types of trusts?  I could not find anything directly.  If not, where would you recommend possibly looking?

5.04  I'm a busy businessperson and/or family person.  I don't have time to read ALL of your voluminous materials.  Can you boil it down to a few select important things so I can get the gist of your website?

5.05  Can you help people stop withholding or deal with their employers on their behalf?

5.06  What can those do who live in the District of Columbia regarding federal tax liability? What is their recourse since the United States is domiciled within the District of Columbia-- ten square mile.

5.07  I have several questions about the concept of sovereignty which are listed below.  Can you answer them?

5.08  How do your offerings compare with ______?

5.09  I'm a foreigner who has been in this country for over __years.  Can I become a "national" and a "non-resident non-person"?

5.10  How do licensed professionals get their sovereignty back?  I'm a licensed ______and it is unclear how to function without a license.

5.11  How do I open a checking account or bank account without a "Taxpayer Identification Number"?

5.12  Is it possible to quit Social Security and still be a "taxpayer"?

5.13  I'm a pastor who mistakenly applied for IRC 501(c)(3) status.  Can this be undone?

5.14  How did you learn about these Sovereignty things?  Where can I learn?

5.15  Your information and tools seem to be geared towards Americans who are born within and domiciled within states of the Union.  What differences occur in the case of foreign nationals who are visiting here?

5.16  Why do you bother quoting the corrupt federal courts in your materials?  They are irrelevant because they aren't article III courts.

5.17  Can some one answer my question one way or another? I'm just a working man who works with his hands. Barely graduated from high school. Do I have to pay income tax or not??? Can't under stand all the legal terms they use, need it in plain English words.


6.01  I left a message at your 800 number, but you never returned my call or if you did, you didn't leave a phone number on my answering machine.  Why is this?

6.02  Your CD and DVD offerings are copyrighted.  Do I have your permission to copy them if I want to send in a copy attached to a piece of correspondence that I am sending to someone inside the government so that I don't have to buy another copy every time I want the government to have your information?

6.03  I noticed your suggested donation amount looks like it raised on Sept. 11, 2004 on all your materials.  Why did you do this?

6.04  Are there any circumstances in which you would cooperate with the government in shutting down this website?

6.05  I thought your website said you are not selling anything but in order to get your manual and books I need to make a donation.  What's the difference?

6.06  What do you think about _________?

6.07  I'm having trouble faxing to your 800 number.  Is there a problem with your fax machine?

6.08  I think what you are doing is great and a righteous cause.  However, why the need for at least the appearance of secrecy?

6.09  Is your ministry a cult?  Some people have said it might appear that way.

6.10  I found some errors in your materials.  Would you like me to notify you of them as I find them so you can fix them?

6.11  I have been studying the works of others for years, many of whom would appear to be prosecuted for arguments similar to those found on this website.  Why do you think your approach is different or better than theirs?