Please read  Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030 and Liberty University Section 4 to understand why these forms are very important.

Form  # Source Format/
Title Circumstances where used Related Resources/Information Date of Last Rev.
06.001 PDF  PDF Yes Why You Aren't  Eligible for Social Security Use this form to prove to those you are submitting any kind of application to that you are not eligible for Social Security. Present it only if they argue about your eligibility and ask them to rebut the pamphlet and especially the questions at the end to prove they are right.

1.  Denial of Application and Discrimination Affidavit, Form #06.004

2.  Social Security: Mark of the Beast, Form #11.407 (OFFSITE LINK)

06.002   PDF  PDF
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Yes Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee Allows a person to legally and permanently quit Social Security.  Used with permission from original author.

1.  Social Security: Mark of the Beast, Form #11.407 (OFFSITE LINK)

2.  Socialism: The New American Civil Religion, Form #05.016

3.  About IRS form 56, Form #04.204

06.003   PDF  PDF Yes Voter Registration Attachment Attach this to your state voter registration in order to preserve your status as a sovereign and a non-citizen national.

1.  Getting a USA Passport as a "state national", Form #09.007

2.  Why you are a "national", "state national", and Constitutional but not Statutory Citizen, Form #05.006

3.  Why Domicile and Becoming a "Taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002

06.004   PDF  PDF Yes Denial of Application and Discrimination Affidavit Use this form to gather evidence about those who discriminate against you because of failure to participate in Social Security or failure to provide an SSN.

Why You Aren't Eligible for Social Security, Form #06.001

06.005   PDF  PDF No SSA Form 521: Request for Withdrawal of Application Form provided by SSA to quit social security   07/07/07
06.006 Member
PDF  PDF No Legal Notice of Financial Account Closure Use this form to close business accounts that were opened with TINs or EINs.  Builds protective exculpatory evidence.   03/23/09
06.007   PDF  PDF Yes USA Passport Application Attachment Attach this to United States Department of State form DS-11 when applying for a USA passport in order to lawfully avoid the statutory "U.S. citizen" franchise, presumed domicile in the federal zone, and the "trade or business" franchise.

1.  Getting a USA Passport as a "non-citizen national", Form #09.007

2.  Passport Amendment Request, Form #06.016

3.  Why you are a "national", "state national", and Constitutional but not Statutory Citizen, Form #05.006

06.008 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No Tax Fraud Prevention Manual Prevent unlawful tax enforcement of the "trade or business" franchise which destroys your sovereignty.   06/24/07
06.009 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No Sovereign Christian Marriage How to marry without a state-issued marriage license.   06/24/07
06.010 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No Defending Your Right to Travel How to travel without a state-issued license   06/24/07
06.011 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No Nontaxpayer's Audit Defense Manual Handling a tax collection due process meeting.  Avoid the "trade or business" franchise.   07/03/07
06.012 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No What Happened to Justice? Information useful in preventing a non-judicial court "franchise court" from destroying your rights or sovereignty.   06/24/07
06.013 Bookstore


PDF  PDF No SSN Policy Manual How to live without an SSN, which is a de facto license number for those engaged in the "trade or business" franchise.   07/30/07
06.014   PDF  PDF No Privacy Agreement Attach this form to all financial, account, government, and medical forms to ensure your privacy is protected and that you do not become the unlawful subject of any financial transaction report.   02/08/08
06.015   PDF  PDF No Jury Summons Response Attachment Attach this form to your response to a jury summons by either state or federal court.   04/01/09
06.016   PDF  PDF Yes Passport Amendment Request Use this form to correct your citizenship status on an existing passport.

1.  Getting a USA Passport as a "non-citizen national", Form #09.007

2.  USA Passport Application Attachment, Form #06.007

06.017   PDF  PDF Yes Passport Notice and Demand Letter Use this form to respond to either a request for more information on a passpport application, or a demand that you supply a TIN.

1.  Getting a USA Passport as a "non-citizen national", Form #09.007

2.  USA Passport Application Attachment, Form #06.007

06.018 Member
PDF  PDF No Postal Service Form 1583 Attachment Attach this form to Postal Service Form 1583 when opening a postal box to protect your privacy. 06/02/09
06.019   PDF  PDF Yes Postmaster Inquiry Regarding USPS Form PS1583 Send this form to the U.S.P.S to have all informatinon about you deleted from their records and withdraw consent to 1583.   06/05/09
06.020 PDF  PDF Yes Passport Surrender Response Use this form to respond to a passport revocation by the Dept. of State. 06/12/09
06.021   PDF  PDF Yes Government Verified Identity Document Use this form when filling out financial account applications and government forms that require you to provide "Government ID".  It provides proof of identity without connecting you with government francises, licenses, or government issued numbers such as SSNs or TINs.   11/06/09
06.022   PDF  PDF Yes Employer Identification Number (EIN) Application Permanent Amendment Notice Use this form to amend an EIN application to change the status of the applicant to a private entity and make tax withholding and reporting a criminal offense.   11/05/09
06.023 Member
PDF  PDF Yes Employer Identification Number Application Attachment Attach this form with an SS-4 Employer Identification Number Application.  Use form #04.219 if you made the application online.  This protects your status as a nonresident nontaxpayer.   11/14/09
06.024 Member
PDF  PDF Yes Border Crossing Questionnaire Use this form if you are a sovereign traveling back into the United States of America and want to avoid being compelled to participate in domicile or driving franchises.   03/08/10
06.025 Member
PDF  PDF Yes Driver License Termination Form Submit this form to terminate one's driver license.  Intended for all 50 states.   03/08/10
06.026   PDF  PDF Yes Census Worker Survey and Response Handout Use this form to respond to a census worker if you don't want to answer their questions and don't want to be illegally penalized for refusing to answer their questions.   03/14/10
06.027   PDF  PDF No Sovereignty Franchise and Agreement Use or refer to this form in all government correspondence in order to establish and enforce an anti-franchise franchise against all government franchises.  This protects your sovereignty and gives you standing to sue any government agent in state court who enforces against you under equity and not statutory civil law.   10/09/10
06.028   PDF  PDF Yes I-9 Form Amended People applying for new jobs should use this form to prevent being falsely connected with federal "employee" status per 5 U.S.C. 2105(a) or statutory "U.S. citizen" status per 8 U.S.C. 1401.   10/22/10
06.029   PDF  PDF No TSA Defense Package Use this form as a defense from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fascism at airports.   11/16/10
06.030 Member
PDF  PDF No Power of Attorney: Private Conveyance This form is used as a power of attorney for those who want to use either other peoples vehicles or the vehicle of an entity for private recreation. It allows the user of the loaned vehicle to do everything the owner could do WITHOUT being the owner and without being subject to the vehicle code.   08/15/11
06.031   PDF  PDF No Social Security SS-5: Application for Social Security Card This form is used to update an existing Social Security NUMIDENT record to correct the citizenship status and indicate INELIGIBILITY for the program.   09/27/11
06.032   PDF  PDF No Government Application/Form Attachment This form is used as an attachment fo to a government form or application OTHER than tax, voter registration, and driver license forms.  It prevents a waiver of any right or the enforcement of any government franchise against the applicant.   03/04/12
06.033 Offsite link PDF  PDF No A Treatise on Franchises Exhaustive legal analysis of franchises.  1,200 pages.  Bookmarks added and text OCR'd to make it useful in your own litigation.   09/15/12
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No Private Identification Card Use this as a substitute for state ID. Constitutes testimony of a witness because signed under penalty of perjury.   04/16/14
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