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Bookstore Policies

Ordering Online

We do not accept phone or postal mail orders or paper checks. All postal orders/donations sent to our mailing address will be returned to the sender and not cashed. DO NOT call or email or contact us to try to persuade us to change our mind, because we won't return your call or email if it relates to this issue. Click here and read questions 2.01 and 2.02 for some reasons why this MUST be so. All orders must be conducted online through our website and our approved payment system provider or they WILL NOT happen at all.

Our website supports the following donation methods:
  • Debit cards that say "VISA" or "Mastercard"
  • Credit Cards: VISA or Mastercard
  • You do not need a credit card in order to make a donation, since debit cards will also work. If you do not have any of the above types of financial vehicles available to you, we recommend finding a friend or relative who does and having them conduct the order for you. Also be advised that some debit cards do not work outside of the United States Of America. If your transaction is declined repeatedly, you might want to call your bank and confirm whether they allow you to use your debit card outside the country. This problem is common with debit cards but far less frequent with credit cards.

    As of September 11, 2004, we switched our suggested donation amounts from American dollars to Canadian dollars. At that time, the exchange rate was about 1.28 Canadian dollars for each American dollar. We did not raise any suggested donations amounts, but simply converted them and rounded to the nearest dollar. If your credit or debit card or checking account is in American Dollars, the conversion will be automatic when you make your donation. To see the most recent exchange rates, click here.

    As the exchange rates vary, we aren't going to obsess over constantly updating minimum donations amounts in the store to make them exactly match between American and Canadian dollars, because it's simply too much work. You may be charged a few cents more or less than the American dollar minimum donation amount, and to that we must ask for your cooperation and understanding and flexibility. We don't like obsessing over money, because its the root of all evil anyway.

    Ordering Online with us is safe and secure! We employ a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online system is 100% secure.

    A note about the Fair Credit Billing Act. Under this act, your bank limits your total loss and cannot hold you liable for than fifty dollars of reported fraudulent charges. In the event your card is used in a fraudulent manner, you must notify your bank or card issuer immediately and in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

    We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to make donations on our site.

    Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for shipping of your merchandise if you ordered a physical item.

    Return / Refund Policy

    All downloadable electronic books, response letters, or decoding services are offered "as-is" and donations provided to obtain these items are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. The only exceptions to this policy are documented in our Frequently Asked Questions, Question #2.16.

    Every physical item we offer is carefully inspected before it is shipped. If physical merchandise is defective or damaged upon receipt please contact us immediately after your package arrives for a return authorization claim number. All claims MUST be made within 3 days of receipt of order. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Returned products must be in absolutely new and unused condition for refund.

    Shipping Information

    Shipping charges are calculated on a per-product basis. Please make note of the shipping charges associated with each item.

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