The Conquering of the American Republic by the U.S. Democracy
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History of changes

1.  Introduction:

Are you ready for your eyes and understanding to be opened so you can see the full extent of how the "American Matrix” shapes everything in your current life? 

 "None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Are you ready to become a “Free” American or do you prefer to continue to live in a blissful slumber within the "American Matrix”?  Most Americans ignorantly believe they live in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” but they are far from Free and in some ways have less freedoms than most other countries of the world.  Here is one simple example: Most International Mutual Funds generate higher annual returns than most United States Mutual Funds so while International Mutual Funds can send information to most any citizen of any country in the world, they are barred by the United States Government from sending information or allowing United States citizen to buy their Mutual Funds.

How did the power- and money-hungry politicians and lawyers and bankers collude to successfully destroy our freedoms and undermine our God-given rights?  How did we start out as such a free country and end up being slaves living on a federal plantation?  Who did it and when did they do it?  What evidence is available to prove each event or popular hypothesis within the freedom community?  How much of what you read on the internet about freedom subjects on various websites is actually true?  How can we separate patriot myth from verified reality?  How much of the government's propaganda can you believe? 

To learn the truth, you must study American history stripped of all the media and political spin propaganda that is distorting it.  “We the People” must learn that America’s true greatness comes from our origins as a Constitutional Republic.  We must learn the significant differences between our original de jure Constitutional Republic, where the people are the masters with government created to serve the people, and the current de facto legislative Democracy, where the government is the master and people are the servants, to understand our “American Birthright”.  We can't restore our freedoms and fight an insidious enemy unless we know exactly what we are fighting for and more importantly, what we are fighting against.

This CD-ROM will give you legally-admissible evidence from the government's own documents showing you at every step of the way how our system was corrupted and how our covetous public "servants" tricked us into exchanging our rights for taxable government privileges.  We start in the year 1215 and trace the history of freedom and our country to the present day.  We back up our very detailed analysis at every point with original government documents that you can verify for yourself so that you can reach your own independent conclusions free of bias and media and government "spin" and propaganda.  These documents include:

  • Original enactments of Congress from the Statutes at Large in PDF format
  • U.S. Code
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Supreme Court Rulings
  • Treaties and charters
  • Excerpts from the Congressional Record
  • Executive orders, proclamations, and speeches
  • Legal reference materials
  • Economic and census data that ties the picture all together.

The analysis found on this CD-ROM will shock you and give you a very thorough understanding of how the true "American Matrix" works, all its major elements and themes, and the dastardly people who assembled it surreptitiously and craftily.  Unless you understand how it works, you will never be able to rejoin the American Republic and reclaim your rights.  Unless you know who you are, your citizenship status, your relationship to government, and how things developed to the corrupted point that they are today, then the legal profession will treat you as a nobody who has no rights.  Only the educated can be free, and the most important aspect of that education is history.  This is the only educational resource we know of that puts it all together so you can see all of the court-admissible REAL evidence for yourself proving how our system of government has been corrupted over the years.

We have worked very hard to organize the historical data so that it can be viewed many different ways, depending on your immediate requirement.  We provide the following views of the extensive data and extensive hyper-linking to make finding just the right legal evidence very easy:

  1. Chronological index
  2. Subject Index
  3. Major Themes

As an added bonus, we include a copy of the famous Great IRS Hoax (OFFSITE LINK) book in electronic form.

Highlights of American
Legal and Political History

(Version 8/1/2004, CD-ROM)

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2.  Detailed Item Specifications:

  1. The most extensive historical study of freedom, sovereignty, government corruption, law, taxes, and politics available anywhere.  This educational resource is literally the Encyclopedia Brittanica of the freedom and sovereignty and government reform community.
  2. Comes in CD-ROM form only.
  3. Extensive hyper-linking and cross-referencing by chronology, theme, and subject so that finding the evidence you need can be done effortlessly.
  4. Based on three years of very detailed historical research at the law library.
  5. Browsable HTML format
  6. Bootable CD-ROM.  Put it in your drive and your browser pops open automatically with the opening page loaded.
  7. Certified virus and spyware free.
  8. 640 Mbytes of material
  9. 2,200 man-hours of research done by a highly skilled paralegal used to assemble this resource
  10. 600 Acrobat PDFs
  11. 2,528 files
  12. Subject Areas
    • Separation of Powers and Government Accountability
    • Banking
    • Citizenship
    • Commerce
    • Credit and Debt
    • Emergency Powers
    • Gun Control
    • Judiciary
    • Federal Jurisdiction
    • Licensing/Privileges
    • Money
    • Privacy and Freedom of Information
    • Individual Rights, Sovereignty, and Due Process
    • Slavery
    • Socialism
    • Taxes
    • War
  13. Major Theme Areas
    • Breakdown of Separation of Powers
    • Ever Increasing Taxation
    • Corruption of the Federal Judiciary and Compromise of its Independence
    • Government->Corporation
    • Ever expanding debt and slavery to debt
    • Ever-increasing government deception, tyranny, and cover-up
    • Republic->Democracy
    • Capitalism->Socialism
    • Disarming the people
    • Rights->Privileges
    • "State citizen"->"U.S. citizen"
    • Gold Money->Paper Money
    • State Sovereignty->Federal territories
    • Natural Persons->Legal Fictions
    • Individual Bill of Rights->Collective Totalitarianism
    • Lawyers->Attorneys Licensed by the States
    • Destruction of Personal Privacy
    • Globalization of Government/New World Order and centralization of all power
    • Dissolution of Public Morals and Breakdown of the Family
    • Control of Banks Transferred to Government to Facilitate Illegal Enforcement of Tax Laws
  14. Intended for the following audience:
    • History teachers
    • Home schoolers
    • Freedom researchers
    • Paralegals
    • Constitutional attorneys
    • Pro per litigants, for use as evidence in civil litigation against the government.
    • For use as exhibits in administrative proceedings against government.
    • History buffs
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