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Legal Research DVD

2.75 Gbytes;4,713 files; 276 directories

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The Legal Research DVD contains hundreds of thousands of pages of legal reference and research materials essential to the freedom fighters and tax honesty advocates.  This educational resource is intended for the following audiences and purposes:
  • Ideal for people with slow dial-up lines or with no Internet access
  • Useful for assembling exhibits and evidence used in response letters
  • Portable legal reference-take it with you on your laptop everywhere you go!
  • Supplements contemporary references with much historical data not readily available anywhere else

Specifications for this offering:

  • Over 200,000 pages of information!
  • Electronically searchable (within each file but not globally)
  • Most documents provided in Adobe Acrobat format
  • Many documents include internal hyperlinks to simplify jumping to related references.
  • Several man-weeks to assemble and organize
  • Organized functionally to make it quick and easy to find just the right information
  • Several off-disk links to additional online resources, if you are online
  • Titles of U.S. code that are not positive law are identified

Legal Research DVD
(Last updated 11JAN07)

The Legal Research DVD includes the following documents and MUCH more:

  1. Reference and research materials
    • Legal research sources
    • State legal resources
    • Precedence of law
    • Summary of U.S. Laws and their Corresponding U.S. Codes
    • Bouvier's Law Dictionary
    • Bouvier's Maxims of Law
    • Cites by Topic
    • Legal Abbreviations listing
    • 1933 Law Dictionary
    • Great IRS Hoax-book off this website
    • The Law-by Frederick Bastiat
    • What to Do When the IRS Comes Knocking-booklet for those expecting an IRS visit
    • Federal and State Withholding Options for Private Employers-booklet used to stop withholding
    • Social Security: Mark of the Beast-book
    • Legal Basis for the term Nonresident alien-pamphlet
    • Cooperative Federalism-pamphlet
    • Federal Usurpation-book
    • Our Enemy the State-book
    • Liberty University documents
    • Military Government and Martial Law-book
  2. Organic law
    • Blackstone's Commentaries on the Constitution
    • Magna Carta, 1287
    • The Spirit of Laws, 1752-document which the founders based our Republican Form of Government
    • The Law of Nations-document used to write the Constitution and mentioned in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 10 of the Constitution
    • The Wealth of Nations-by Adam Smith
    • Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson
    • Quotes from Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Articles of Confederation
    • Debates in Federal Convention, 1787-debates over the ratification of the Constitution
    • Federalist Papers-all 85 papers
    • Annotated Constitution of the United States
    • Constitution Analytical Index
    • How Our Laws are Made
    • Treaties
  3. Federal References
    • All 50 titles of the U.S. Code in Acrobat format
    • Most titles of the Code of Federal Regulations in Acrobat format
    • Historical Tax Regulations 1913 to 1940
    • Historical versions of the Internal Revenue Code, including:
      • IRC of 1939
      • IRC of 1954
      • IRC of 1986
    • All historical Revenue Acts from 1862 to the present
    • Work and Jurisdiction of the Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • Federal Rules of Evidence
    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
    • Parallel Table of Authorities
    • Selected acts from the Statutes at Large
    • Complete Internal Revenue Manual
    • Complete U.S. Attorney Manual
    • Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges, Fourth Edition
    • Glossary of Frequently Used Terms in the Federal District Court System
    • IRS Document 7130: Published Products Catalog
    • IRS Document 676: Catalog of Federal Tax Forms, Form Letters, and Notices
    • U.S. Government Manual
    • Department of Justice, Tax Division, Criminal Tax Manual
    • Department of Justice, Judgment Collection Manual
    • Department of Justice, Tax Division, Tax Settlement Reference Manual
  4. State References
  5. Admiralty Law
  6. Commercial Law
    • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
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