These legal treatises are all free and most are downloadable to your local hard drive.  While many of them are older, the concepts described and most of the authorities are still pertinent.  They will save you many trips to the law library, which in many cases is out of reach to most people who do not live in or near larger cities.  All of the references in this section are offsite links.  We are not responsible for their content.  All of these titles are sequenced in alphabetical order to make them easier to navigate.

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  1. Citizenship, Domicile, and Nationality
  2. Commerce
  3. Common law
  4. Constitutional law
  5. Contracts, Agency, and Franchises
  6. Courts
  7. Criminal Law
  8. Discovery and Evidence
  9. Government
  10. History and Biography
  11. International Law
  12. Law
  13. Legal Reference
  14. Practice Resources
  15. Property Protection
  16. Sovereignty
  17. Spirituality
  18. Taxes
  19. Tort
  20. Travel
1 Citizenship, Domicile, and Nationality      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  1.01 A Course In Citizenship and Patriotism 1918 Ella Cabot  
  1.02 Addresses on Government and Citizenship 1916 Elihu Root  
  1.03 American Citizenship 1918 Charles Beard
  1.04 A Treatise On Citizenship by Birth And Naturalization 1881 Alexander Morse  
  1.05 A Treatise On The Law of Non-Residents and Foreign Corporations 1892 Conrad Reno  
  1.06 Citizenship of the United States 1904 Frederick Van Dyne  
  1.07 Citizenship of the United States, Expatriation, and Protection Abroad 1906 Letter from the Secretary of State  
  1.08 The Diplomatic Protection of Citizens Abroad 1915 Edwin Borchard  
  1.09 The Law of Domicil 1847 Robert Phillimore  
  1.10 The New Citizenship 1919 A.T. Robertson  
  1.11 The Privileges and Immunities of State Citizenship 1918 Roger Howell  
  1.12 The Rights and Duties of American Citizenship 1898 Westel Woodbury Willoughby  
  1.13 Treatise on American Citizenship 1906 John S. Wise  
  1.14 Treatise on the Law of Domicile 1887 M.W. Jacobs  
2 Commerce      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  2.01 A Manual for Notaries Public and Bankers 1864 Bernard Roelker  
  2.02 A Treatise of Deeds 1906 Robert Norton  
  2.03 A Treatise on Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditor's Bills 1884 Federick Wait  
  2.04 A Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations Fifth Edition Henry Taylor  
  2.05 A Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations 1877 George Field  
  2.06 Commentaries on the Law of Promissory Notes 1856, Fourth Edition Joseph Story  
  2.07 Commentaries on the Law of Bills of Exchange 1847 Joseph Story  
  2.08 Gano's Commercial Law 1921 Ralph Rogers  
  2.09 Handbook of Bankruptcy Law 1898 Henry Campbell Black  
  2.10 Handbook on the Law of Partnerships 1897 William George  
  2.11 Handbook on the Law of Bills and Notes 1914, Fourth Edition Charles Norton  
  2.12 Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It 1914 Louis Brandeis  
  2.13 Treatise of Law of Sale of Personal Property 1868 Judah Benjamin  
  2.14 Treatise on the Law Relating to Office and Duties of Notaries Public 1877 John Proffatt  
3 Common Law      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  3.01 A Manual of Useful Knowledge 1851 Edward Rogers  
  3.02 A Manual of Common Law 1864 Josiah Smith  
  3.03 A Manual of Common Law for Practitioners and Students 1880 Josiah Smith  
  3.04 An Elementary Treatise on Common Law Second Edition Henry Terry
  3.05 An Essay on Possession in the Common Law 1888 Sir Frederick Pollock
  3.06 Book of the Hundreds   Christ's Lawful Assembly  
  3.07 Brief Survey of Equity Jurisdiction 1908 C.C. Langdell  
  3.08 Civil Procedure at Common Law 1899 Alexander Martin  
  3.09 Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence 1875 Sir Thomas Taylor  
  3.10 Commentaries on the Common Law 1873 Herbert Broom  
  3.11 Common Law Pleading: Its History and Principles 1897 Ralph Perry  
  3.12 Principles of Natural Law 1763 J.J. Burlamaqui  
  3.13 Handbook of Common Law Pleading Second Edition Benjamin Shipman  
  3.14 Handbook of Common Law Pleading   Joseph Koeffler  
  3.15 Pleadings and Practice in Actions at Common Law   Martin Burks  
  3.16 Principles of Common Law Pleading   John McKelvey  
  3.17 Principles of the Common Law 1888 John Indermaur  
  3.18 Readings on the History and System of the Common Law Second Edition Roscoe Pound  
  3.19 The Common Law: Its origin, sources, nature, and development 1894 Charles Daly  
  3.20 The History of the Common Law of England 1739 Sir Mathhew Hale  
  3.21 The Common Law 1881 O.W. Holmes  
  3.22 The Common Law 1911 Robert Chambers  
  3.23 The Genius of the Common Law 1912 Sir Frederick Pollock  
  3.24 The Philosophy of the Common Law 1883 Herbert Broom  
  3.25 The Spirit of the Common Law 1921 Roscoe Pound  
  3.26 Treatise on Equity Jurisprudence 1907 John Norton Pomeroy  
4 Constitutional Law      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  4.01 A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution 1868 Joseph Story  
  4.02 A Memorial on Behalf of the Architect of the Federal Constitution 1908 Hannis Taylor  
  4.03 An Introduction to the Constitutional Law of the United States 1868 John Pomeroy  
  4.04 A Treatise on Rights and Privileges Guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States 1901 Henry Brannon  
  4.05 A View of the Constitution of the United States of America 1825 William Rawle  
  4.06 American Constitutional Law 1888 J.I. Clark Hare  
  4.07 Biographical Story of the Constitution 1910 Edward Elliott  
  4.08 Brief Exposition of the Constitution 1845 James Bayard  
  4.09 Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States 1895 Roger Foster  
  4.10 Constitutional Law 1910 James Parker  
  4.11 Due Process of Law Under the Federal Constitution 1906 Lucius McGehee  
  4.12 Federalist Papers Plus 2004 Mary Webster  
  4.13 Police Power, Public Policy, and Constitutional Rights 1904 Ernest Freund  
  4.14 The Adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment 1908 Horace Edgar Flack  
  4.15 The American Constitutional System 1904 Westel Woodbury Willoughby  
  4.16 The Debates in the State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution 1866 Jonathan Elliot  
  4.17 The Origin and Growth of the American Constitution, An Historical Treatise 1911 Hannis Taylor  
  4.18 The Rights of an American Citizen 1832 Benjamin Oliver  
  4.19 The Unwritten Constitution of the United States 1890 Christopher Tiedman  
  4.20 The United States and the States Under the Constitution 1888 Christopher Stuart Patterson  
  4.21 Writings of John Marshall Upon the Federal Constitution 1839 John Marshall  
5 Contracts, Agency, and Franchises      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  5.01 A Treatise on Franchises 1909 Joseph Asbury Joyce  
  5.02 A Treatise on the Law of Public Contracts 1922 James F. Donnelly  
  5.03 A Treatise on the Law of Agency in Contract and Tort 1902 George L. Reinhard  
  5.04 An Essay on the Constitutional Prohibition Against Legislation Impairing the Obligation of Contracts, and Against Retroactive and Ex Post Facto Laws 1887 Henry Campbell Black  
  5.05 Commentaries on the Law of Bailments 1832 Joseph Story  
  5.06 Handbook of the Law of Principal and Agent 1903 Francis B. Tiffany  
  5.07 Invisible Contracts   George Mercier  
  5.08 The Law of Agency 1901 Earnest Huffcut  
  5.09 The Law of Combinations, Monopolies, and Labor Unions 1909 Frederick H. Cook  
  5.09 The Law of Quasi Contracts 1913 Frederic Campbell Woodward  
  5.11 Treatise on the Law of Agency 1889 Floyd R. Mechem  
  5.12 Treatise on the Law of Quasi-Contracts   William Keener  
6 Courts      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  6.01 A Brief Survey of the Jurisdiction and Practice of the Courts of the United States 1921 Charles W. Bunn  
  6.02 A Dissertation on the Nature and Extent of the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States 1824 Thomas Sergeant  
  6.03 A Treatise on Appeals Matters Spiritual 1862 James Joyce  
  6.04 The Historical Development of the Jury System 1894 Maximus L. Lesser  
  6.05 The Jurisdiction of Federal Courts as Limited by the Citizenship and Residency of the Parties 1899 Howard Carter  
  6.06 Practical Treatise on Jurisdiction of Ecclesiastical Courts 1830 Robert Swan  
  6.07 The Supreme Court and Unconstitutional Legislation 1913 Blaine Free Moore  
7 Criminal Law      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  7.01 Handbook of Criminal Law, Third Edition 1915 William L. Clark  
  7.02 Treatise on the Law of Conversion 1917 Renzo D. Bowers  
  7.03 Police Power, Public Policy, and Constitutional Rights 1904 Ernst Freund  
8 Discovery and Evidence      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  8.01 A Pocket Code of the Rules of Evidence 1910 John Henry Wigmore  
9 Government      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  9.01 Analysis of Civil Government 1869 Calvin Townsend  
  9.02 A Treatise on the Law of Public Offices and Officers 1890 Floyd R. Mechem  
  9.03 A Treatise on State and Federal Control of Persons and Property 1900 Christopher Tiedman  
  9.04 Civil Rico Manual for U.S. Attorneys   U.S. Dept of Justice  
  9.05 Democracy v. Socialism 1901 Max Hirsch  
  9.06 Notes on Historical Evidence in Reference to Adverse Origins of the Government of the USA 1871 John Dillon  
  9.07 Principles of Government: A Treatise on Free Institutions 1833 Nathaniel Chipman  
  9.08 The American Diplomatic Code 1834 Jonathan Elliott  
  9.09 The Law   Frederick Bastiat  
  9.10 The Law Relating to Corrupt Practices At Elections 1883 Miles Madison  
  9.11 The Principles of the Administrative Law of the United States 1905 Frank Goodnow  
  9.12 The Republic of Republics Fourth Edition, 1881 Bernard Sage  
  9.13 They Must or God and the Social Democracy 1908 Hermann Kutter  
  9.14 Treatise on the Law of Public Contracts 1922 James F. Donelly  
  9.15 Treatise on Government 1867 Joel Tiffany  
  9.16 Treatise on the Law of Eminent Domain 1879 Henry Mills  
  9.17 War Cyclopedia 1918 Edeward Corwin  
10 History and Biography      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  10.01 A Defense of of the Measures of the Administration of Thomas Jefferson 1804 John Taylor  
  10.02 A History of Roman Law 1912 Andrew Stevenson  
  10.03 Addresses and Orations of Rufus Choate 1878 Rufus Choate  
  10.04 The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire   Edward Gibbon  
  10.05 Orators of the American Revolution 1848 E.L. Magoon  
11 International Law      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  11.01 Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, Foreign and Domestic in Regard to Contracts, Rights, and Remedies 1865 Joseph Story  
  11.02 Conflict of Laws, or Private International Law 1901 Raleigh C. Minor  
  11.03 International Law: Private and Criminal 1883 Dr. L. Bar  
  11.04 Principles of Natural and Politic Law 1748 J.J. Burlamaqui Often quoted by the U.S. Supreme Court
  11.05 The Law of Nations   Monsieur De Vattel Used by the Founding Fathers to write the Constitution
  11.06 The Wealth of Nations   Adam Smith Used by the Founding Fathers to write the Constitution
  11.07 Treatise on the Conflict of Laws or Private International Law 1881  Francis Wharton  
  11.08 Treatise on the Law of Nonresidents and Foreign Corporations 1892 Conrad Reno  
12 Law      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  12.01 The Civil War and the Constitution 1901 John Burgess  
  12.02 The Elements of Jurisprudence 1886 Thomas Erskine Holland  
  12.03 The Nature and Sources of Law 1909 John Gray  
  12.04 The Nature of Positive Law 1883 John Lightwood  
  12.05 The Science of Jurisprudence 1908 Hannis Taylor  
  12.06 The Spirit of Laws 1900 Baron De Montesquieu  
  12.07 War Powers Under the Constitution 1864 William Whiting  
13 Legal Reference      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  13.01 A Collection of Legal Maxims in Law and Equity 1880 S.S. Peloubet  
  13.02 A Concise Law Dictionary 1876 Herbert Mozeley  
  13.03 A New Law Dictionary and Institute of the Whole Law 1874 Archibald Brown  
  13.04 A New Law Dictionary 1792 Richard Burn  
  13.05 A New Law Dictionary 1850 Alexander Burrill  
  13.06 A Selection of Legal Maxims 1852 Herbert Broom  
  13.07 Black's Law Dictionary   Henry Black  
  13.08 Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Third Edition 1914 Francis Rawle  
  13.09 Popular Law Library 1908 Albert Putney  
  13.10 Principia Legis Et Aequitatis 1824 Thomas Branch  
14 Practice Resources      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  14.01 A Manual of Equity Jurisprudence 1880 Josiah W. Smith  
  14.02 A Popular and Practical Introduction to Law Studies 1835 Samuel Warren  
  14.03 A Treatise on the Construction and Effect of Statute Law 1892 Henry Hardcastle  
  14.04 A Treatise on the Rules Which Govern Interpretation and Application of Statutory and Constitutional Law 1857 Theodore Sedgwick  
  14.05 Cardinal Rules of Legal Interpretation 1908 Edward Beal  
  14.06 Forms of Federal Procedure in the Courts of the United States 1894    
  14.07 Handbook on the Construction and Interpretation of Laws Second Edition, 1911 Henry Black  
  14.08 On Legislative Expression or the Language of the Written Law 1845 George Coode  
  14.09 On The Interpretation of Statutes 1875 Peter Maxwell  
  14.10 Principles and Maxims of Jurisprudence 1856 George Phillimore  
  14.11 Statutes and Statutory Construction Second Edition, 1904 J.G. Sutherland  
15 Property Protection      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  15.01 A Practical Treatise on Abstracts and Examinations of Title to Real Property 1883 George W. Warvelle  
  15.02 A Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees Sixth Edition, 1911 Jairus Ware Perry  
  15.03 A Trustees Handbook 1907 Augustus Loring  
  15.04 American Law on Real Property 1906 Christopher Tiedeman  
  15.05 Concise Treatise on Morgages, Pledges, and Liens 1897 Walter Ashburner  
  15.06 Contract and Statutory Liens in California and Their Enforcement 1903 Charles M. Bufford  
  15.07 Handbook of the Law of Trusts 1921 George Bogert  
  15.08 The Law of Trusts and Trustees 1890 James H. Flint  
  15.09 The Law Relating to Private Trusts and Trustees 1896 Arthur Underhill  
  15.10 A Practical and Concise Manual of the Law Relating to Private Trusts Second Edition, 1884 Arthur Underhill  
  15.11 Principles of the Law of Personal Property, Chattels, and Choses 1914 Frank Childs
  15.12 The Law of Trusts and Trustees 1890 James Flint
  15.13 Treatise on Deeds 1906 Robert Norton  
  15.14 Treatise on the Law of Liens Second Edition, 1894 Leonard A. Jones  
  15.15 A Treatise on Mechanics Liens 1909 William M. Rockel  
  15.16 Treatise on Secret Liens and Reputed Ownership 1910 Abram I. Elkus  
  15.17 Treatise on the Law of Replevin 1880 H.W. Wells
  15.18 A Treatise on the Law of Trusts 1911 Jairus Perry  
  15.19 Trust Estates as Business Companies Second Edition, 1921  John H. Sears
  15.20 Trust Indenture Act of 1939      
  15.21 Trusts for Business Purposes 1922 William C. Dunn  
16 Sovereignty      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  16.01 History and Theory of Sovereignty 1900 C.E. Merriam  
  16.02 On Civil Liberty and Self Government 1853 Francis Lieber  
  16.03 The History of the Theory of Sovereignty 1895 Ferdinand Bullowa  
17 Spirituality      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  17.01 A Theological Dictionary 1830 Charles Buck  
  17.02 American Ecclesiastical Law: The Law Of Religious Societies 1866 R.H. Tyler  
  17.03 Religion and the State: Protection or Alliance? 1874 Alvah Hovey  
  17.04 Religion and the State 1876 Samuel Spear  
18 Taxes      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  18.01 A Practical Treatise on the Power to Sell Land for Non-Payment of Taxes 1869 Robert Blackwell  
  18.02 A Treatise of Law of Income Taxation 1913 Henry Campbell Black  
  18.03 A Treatise of Law on Taxation 1877 W.H. Burroughs  
  18.04 The Law of Taxation 1875 Francis Hilliard  
  18.05 Treatise of Law on Taxation 1886 Thomas Cooley  
19 Tort      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  19.01 Doctrine of Unconstitutional Conditions   Ronald Standler Proves that government may NOT force you to give up any constitutional right in exchange for any public benefit or franchise
  19.02 Private Prosecutions   Alfred Adask, Antishyster  
  19.03 The Law of Libel and Slander in Civil and Criminal Cases 1898 Martin L. Newell  
  19.04 Treatise on the Law of Conversion 1917 Renzo Bowers  
  19.05 Treatise on the Law of Malicious Prosecution, False Imprisonment, and Abuse of Legal Process 1892 Martin Newell  
  19.06 Treatise on Legal Remedies of Mandamus and Prohibition, Habeas Corpus, Certiorari, and Quo Warranto 1891 Horace G. Wood  
  19.07 Treatise on the Law of Negligence 1888 Thomas Gaskell  
20 Travel      
Item # Title Revision Author Comments
  20.01 The Law Applied to Motor Vehicles   Francis Hurtubis History of the development of the motor vehicle code and regulation of the public roadways.
  20.02 The Law of Automobiles   C.P. Berry History of the development of the motor vehicle code and regulation of the public roadways.