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    1.1   Citizenship, Domicile, and Residency
    1.2   Legislative Intent
    1.3   Law
    1.4   Jurisdiction
    1.5   Enforcement Authority
    1.6   Money
    1.7   Franchises
    1.8   Corporatization and Privatization of the Government
    1.9   Taxation
    1.10 Discovery
    1.11 Government and Legal Profession Corruption, Secrecy, and Scams
    1.12 Scam Watch

This page contains a listing of all the evidence and exhibits available for use in crafting either State or Federal tax notice response letters.  In the right hand column, it also lists which items in our Member Bookstore that the exhibits are currently used in.  To view an exhibit, simply click on the Exhibit number.  You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system to view the exhibits.  If you don't heed our advice and upgrade to the latest Acrobat Reader, then you most certainly will get tons of weird errors when trying to open most but not all of the files listed below.  The Topical Index of Exhibits at the bottom of this page organizes the exhibit by subject, which will help you locate an exhibit that relates to a particular subject.

For additional evidence useful in preparing your response letter, consult the following:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  Some of the content on this page derives from third party sources. The "Offsite Source" column of the below table typically provides a link to the third party source, if available. The content of this page and our entire website is educational and non-commercial and is therefore covered by the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act found at 17 U.S.C. 107.

The copyright policies of some of the sources include:

  1. U.S. Government: 17 U.S.C. 105.
  2. A & E Networks Channel.
  3. C-SPAN.
  4. Copyright.gov.
  5. Creative Commons.
  6. Fox News.
  7. History Channel.
  8. Russian Television (RT).
  9. TED.
  10. Youtube.
  11. United States Copyright Office.



For more information on citizenship, please read:

  1. Citizenship Status v. Tax Status, Form #10.011
  2. Citizenship and Sovereignty, Form #12.001 -basics of citizenship and sovereignty.
  3. Citizenship Diagrams, Form #10.010
  4. Why You are a "national", "state national" and Constitutional but not Statutory "Citizen", Form #05.006
  5. Why Domicile and Becoming a "taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002

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(EX) #
Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
01.001 8 U.S.C. 1401 Immigration & Naturalization Act Definition of ‘United States Citizen’. Shows that Americans born in and living in states of the Union are not "U.S. citizens".   Details* 0003  
01.002 Article entitled "You're not a 'resident' under the Internal Revenue Code" Proves that one is not a "resident" under the Internal Revenue Code.  Therefore, you can't be a "resident" under any state tax law either as a natural person.  Family
Details* 1027  
01.003 Definition of the term "resident" from the Law of Nations Shows that all "residents" are "aliens".  This is consistent with 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(A).   Details* 1033  
01.004 1 Stat. 477 from the Statutes At Large. Proves that Congress calls persons domiciled in states of the Union "citizens of the United States OF AMERICA" or "American citizens" and NOT "U.S. citizens" or "citizens of the United States"   Details* 1048  
01.005 Letter from Dept. of State regarding Declaration of Intention to Divorce U.S. This is a response to sending in Legal Notice of Change in Domicile/Citizenship and Divorce from the U.S., Form #10.001.  Propaganda.   Details* 1073  
01.006 Article entitled "You're Not a STATUTORY "citizen" Under the Internal Revenue Code" A statutory "citizen" under federal law at 8 U.S.C. 1401 ain't what you think it is, folks.  Its a "person" domiciled on federal territory that is no part of the Union and is NOT the "Citizen" mentioned in the Constitution or the "citizen of the United States" mentioned in the Fourteenth Amendment. Family
01.007 Selective Service System Form 1M Look at who the Selective Service System thinks is a "U.S. citizen" in the notes at the bottom of p. 3.  It ain't what you think it is and it doesn't include anyone in a state of the Union.   Details*    
01.008 Convention Relating to the Settlement of the Conflicts Between the Law of Nationality and the Law of Domicile [Anno Domini 1955] This article from the Hague Convention is written ONLY in French. It is the only Hague Article that is not translated into English.  It describes the rules for arbitrating conflicts between NATIONALITY and DOMICILE.  The fact that it is the only Hague article not translated to English is proof that they want to hide information relating to the differences between NATIONALITY and DOMICILE from the English speaking world and Americans.   Details*    
01.009 Response from SSA about Information Returns filed against benefits This response indicates that no matter what citizenship status is reflected in the SSA NUMIDENT record, they will file information returns based on what you SAY you are.  If you say you are a non-resident non-person, that is what they will file based upon.   Details*    
01.010 Our Non-Citizen Nationals, Who Are They?; Cal Law Review, Vol. XIII, Sept. 1934, #6, p. 593-635 Describes the basis for being a "non-citizen national of the United States**"   Details*    
01.011 Social Security Admin. FOIA for CSP Code Values FOIA response from SSA saying that they aren't allowed to divulge the CSP citizenship codes for the Social Security NUMIDENT record.  This allows them to falsely presume you are a statutory citizen and you can NEVER find out.  SCAM!   Details*    
01.012 Social Security POMS Manual GN 03313.095, dated 4/27/2009 Section from the Social Security Program Operations Manual System (POMS) documenting that those who are NOT "U.S. citizens" have a CSP code value in their NUMIDENT record OTHER than "A".   Details*    
01.013 President Obama Recognizes separate POLITICAL and LEGAL components of citizenship. President Obama affirms that there are TWO separate components to citizenship: POLITICAL status/nationality and LEGAL status. This was his State of the Union Address given on 2/12/2013. Youtube Details*    
01.014 "Kingdom of Heaven" defined in scripture What is the "Kingdom of Heaven" and what does it mean to say that Christians are "citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven" and NOT Caesar's citizens? This video explains. Youtube Details*    
01.015 Constitutional Attorney Shayana Kadidal on Democracy Now proves Federal Government cannot take away CONSTITUTIONAL citizenship and that "nationals of the United States" described in 8 U.S.C. §1481 DOES NOT include constitutional citizens The provisions to expatriate are found in 8 U.S.C. §1481, and relate ONLY to STATUTORY "nationals of the United States". Hence, this status DOES NOT include CONSTITUTIONAL citizens and only includes people domiciled on federal territory. The attorney appeared on Democracy Now on 5/7/2010 on the Democracy Now Website. Democracy Now Details*    
01.016 Dyett v. Turner, 439 P.2d 266, 20 Utah.2d. 403 (1968) Proves that the Fourteenth Amendment was not lawfully ratified.   Details*    
01.017 Citizenship and Domicile as Verified by President Obama A commentary on statements about citizenship made in speeches by President Obama. Based mainly upon Obama's Weekly Address given on 7/26/2014. Click Here for the slides that go with this video presentation. Youtube Details*    
01.018 President Obama Admits in His Farewell Address that "citizen" is a public office He said this on January 10, 2017 in Chicago at his Farewell Address, Minutes 39 through 45. Youtube Details*    
01.019 Tucker Carlson Tonight 20181030 Birthright Citizenship Debate Concludes that the Fourtheenth Amendment does NOT grant citizenship to people born here if their parents are not ALREADY citizens Youtube Details*    
01.020 The Terrible Truth About Birthright Citizenship, Stefan Molyneux Stefan proves that there is no constitutional right to birthright citizenship to illegal aliens. Youtube Details*    
01.021 The Case Against Birthright Citizenship Law professors prove that birthright citizenship in the Fourteenth Amendment doesn't include foreigners born here Youtube Details*    
01.022 Privacy Impact Assessment-Passport Support System (PaSS) Describes the various systems that passport information is maintaned in.   Details*    
01.023 Request for Additional Passport Application Information One of several possible responses to those who apply for a passport who want their privacy protected.   Details*    
01.024 What the chat.openai.com Chatbot Says the Difference Between a STATUTORY "U.S. citizen" and a Common law "State National" Is in the Context of Taxation Very interesting.   Details*    
01.025 Cook v. Tait, 265 U.S. 47 (1924), Citizenship of George W. Cook Background on the most important tax case of the 20th century.   Details*    
01.026 Senate Debate of SB33, Changes to Utah Tax Code 59-10-136 Creating Irrebuttable Presumption of Domicile if You Register to Vote and subsequently ACTUALLY vote in Utah This establishes that the origin of domicile and obligation to pay income tax in Utah is registering to vote. In that sense, the income tax functions as a poll tax. Click here for details. "If you want a say, then register and play, and then you shall pay"   Details*    
01.027 Utah Tax Commission Domicile Survey This was sent out by the state of Utah in response to a nonresident state return. This is how they INVOLUNTARY impose a domicile without your consent. Identity theft!   Details*    


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(EX) #
Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
02.001 Legislative Intent of the 16th Amendment written by President William Taft, June 16, 1909.     Details* 0029 IRS-LTR3712 IRS-LTR2810
02.002 F. Morse Hubbard, legislative draftsman for the Treasury Department, admits in Congressional Testimony on March 27 , 1943, Volume 89, Part 2, page 2580 that "income tax" is an "excise tax" Shows that the income tax is an "excise tax", which is an indirect tax only on privileged corporations.   Details* 1018  
02.003 Congressman M. Reeves from New York, describes and defines the meaning of the phrase "direct tax" in the Congressional Record on June 2, 1870.  The context was a debate to end the income tax just before the first income tax was repealed in 1872 after the civil war. Establishes clearly the meaning of a "direct tax" and also establishes that Congress is willfully violating the Constitution.   Details* 1019  
02.004 President Taft Speech about 16th Amendment on Sept. 21, 1909 in Denver, Colorado.  13 Mbytes. Shows the legislative intent of the Sixteenth Amendment was to tax corporations, and not natural persons   Details* 1035  
02.005 Treasury Decision 6091, August 16, 1954 Stopgap regulations after the repeal of the 1939 Internal Revenue Code.  Subject is 26 U.S.C. 7851, which reflects that the I.R.C. is repealed.  This is also confirmed by Exhibit #05.027, which documents the repeal of ALL revenue laws.   Details* 1075  
02.006 Resolution Adopting the Sixteenth Amendment, 37 Stat. 1785, Feb. 25, 1913 Note that:
  1. The authority for adoption is Revised Statutes, Section 205 and NOT Article V of the U.S. Constitution
  2. It is a "Joint Resolution" rather than a Bill or a Public Law.
  3. It is in the Volume entitled "Private Acts", meaning that it only pertains to the District of Columbia and not the states of the Union.  It would be in the Public Laws volume, Volume 1 for that year otherwise.
Therefore, it only applies to the government and not private citizens.
  Details* 1079  
02.007 Sixteenth Amendment Congressional Debates Complete Congressional Record of the entire Sixteenth Amendment Debates.  Also includes an outline summary of the debates in chronological order.   Details* 1089  
02.008 President Obama Affirms ALL are equal President Obama admits during his inaugural speech that ALL are equal.  This means that HUMANS are equal to GOVERNMENT in every particular.   Details*    
02.009 President Obama Affirms that ALL legitimate government by CONSENT President Obama affirms that ALL legitimate government is by CONSENT.  This was at a speech in Cairo Egypt on June 4, 2009. White
02.010 President Obama explains the meaning of democracy and emphasizes that people have a right to a government that does not STEAL President Obama explains the meaning of democracy and emphasizes that people have a right to a government that does not STEAL.  This was at a speech in Cairo Egypt on June 4, 2009.  White
02.011 96 Stat. 1211. Congress declares the Bible to be the law of God U.S. government recognizes the Bible as a LAW BOOK! Click here for a movie on the subject by a pastor   Details*    
02.012 Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Admits "The People are sovereign" and that we have no kings Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Admits "The People are sovereign" and that we have no kings during his confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate   Details*    
02.013 Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Admits It is Important to Teach Civics to Everyone Teaching of civics and law are the main subject of this website. By doing what we are do, we are fulfilling the express intent of those working in government to teach civics and law. And our teaching is better attended than U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch's lectures on the same subject.   Details*    
02.014 President Biden Affirms Your Rights are Unalienable and that those rights come from God rather than Government Speech given at Joint Base Langley Eustis in Hampton Virginia, 5/28/2021. Biden affirms that we are based on the idea that government is created to protect your Constitutional rights, and that we are the only nation based on an idea rather than a religion or ethnicity or a location. He says in effect that the only enemy is People Who Give Up Their Rights!   Details*    
02.015 State Sovereignty, Background Paper 95-7 Declares that the United States government has deprived Nevada of state sovereignty in violation of the Tenth Amendment. Nevada Legislature Details*    

1.3  LAW

Please visit the Law and Government Page (OFFSITE LINK)

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
03.001 Legislative Intent of a Statute from the Florida Statutes.     Details* 0010  
03.002 How Our Laws Are Made, Congressional publication, XIX. Publication, page 44.     Details* 0011  
03.003 Index page from United States Code.     Details* 0012  
03.004 Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly, Mr. 8, 1957 Documents the illegal ratification of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments   Details*    
03.005 Justice Scalia on Law This interview with Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court talks about law in the context of heaven, hell, and its affect of PRIVATE institutions.  He says the law DESTROYS EVERY PRIVATE institution it comes in contact with and that in hell, there is nothing BUT law.  The interview occurred on the Legally Speaking show on March 17, 2011. Calvin Massey was the interviewer and the interview occurred at Hastings College.  Click here to watch the full interview.   Details*    
03.006 Judge Andrew Napoilitano says the Declaration of Independence is LAW enacted by Congress This is a four minute excerpt from a speech given by Andrew Napolitano to Mises.org on November 8, 2014 in Costa Mesa, California about Natural Law. In it, Napolitano says the Declaration if LAW and and a STATUTE and not some vague policy subject to the whims of anyone in government. He cites the very first enactment of congress in the Statutes at Large as his authority. Click here for his full speech.   Details*    


Please read:

  1. Federal Jurisdiction, Form #05.018
  2. Federal Enforcement Authority Within States of the Union, Form #05.032

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
04.001 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(9) and (a)(10) Definition of ‘United States & State’ to mean Federal Zone. Shows that Americans born in and living in states of the Union do not live in the "United States" within the meaning of the I.R.C.   Details* 0001  
04.002 26 U.S.C. 4612 Definition of ‘United States’. Shows a definition of the "United States" that includes the 50 states.  This is NOT the definition used in the I.R.C. Subtitle A income tax and it only pertains to matters relating to importations, which the Congress is given authority over under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.   Details* 0002  
04.003 Congressman Zoe Lofgren Letter. Congressman admits two legislative jurisdictions of the national and federal government.  Admits that there is no requirement in federal law to distinguish which that a particular law applies to.   Details* 0007  
04.004 Federal Zone defined by 63rd Congress Session 1 Chapter 16, 1913, page 177, Section 2.     Details* 0009  
04.005 2001 Federal District Court, San Diego, Federal District Courts Lack Subject Matter Jurisdiction.     Details* 0038  
04.006 26 U.S.C. 3121 Definitions of Employer, United States, and State, & American Employer. Most American in the states don't live in the "United States" defined in the I.R.C.   Details* 0043  
04.007 Flowchart: Federal Income Tax Parties & Jurisdiction.     Details* 0045  
04.008 Flowchart: Congressional Geographical Jurisdiction for Federal Income Tax Laws. Shows that the federal government has no legislative or taxing power over people in the states.   Details* 0048  
04.009 Congressional Research Service – Limited Jurisdiction of Congressional Power to Legislate – letter dated September 22, 1995. Congress doesn't have legislative jurisdiction for taxation inside the states.  It only has this jurisdiction in the federal zone.   Details* 0050  
04.010 28 U.S.C. 255 Three-judge trials; Court of International Trade civil actions raised on issues of the Constitutionality of an Act of Congress.     Details* 0054  
04.011 26 U.S.C. 6091(b) Tax returns required only if legal residence or principal place of business within internal revenue district     Details* 1005 IRS LTR555(SC)
04.012 Federal District Court in New York admits the meaning of "State" and "state" under federal law.  "State" means a territory of the United States only Establishes that most Americans don't live in a "State" under the Internal Revenue Code.   Details* 1020  
04.013 U.S. DOJ Tax Division Attorney Admits in the Federal Register, 37 F.R. 20690-20964, on Sept. 27, 1972 that the federal government can only tax foreign commerce Federal taxing power outside of the federal zone and inside states of the Union can ONLY relate to foreign commerce, by the IRS' own admission.  This means "duties and imposts" on imported goods only.   Details* 1021  
04.014 Treasury Order 150-02 The only remaining Internal Revenue District is in Washington D.C.  See EX0006 for accompanying evidence. This TO has been eliminated, leaving the IRS NO evidence upon which to prove they are operating within Internal Revenue Districts as required by 26 U.S.C. §7601   Details* 1025  
04.015 IRS Publication 521: Moving Expenses Shows on p. 7 that the term "United States" is limited to the possessions   Details* 1034  
04.016 Response from Congressman E. Clay Shaw, Jr. about the illegal use of the IRS Notice of Levy,  form 668-A(c)(DO) IRS form 668-A(c)(DO) omits paragraph (a) of 26 U.S.C. 6331.  This congressman says that is a misleading tactic by the IRS.   Details* 1036  
04.017 Treasury Order 150-10 Delegation of authority to enforce revenue laws from Secretary of the Treasury to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.   Details* 1038  
04.018 26 C.F.R. 301.7701-9 Secretary or His Delegate     Details* 1039  
04.019 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) FOIA for federal territory within a state Quite revealing.   Details* 1050  
04.020 Chrysler v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281 (1979) Proves that interpretive regulations do not have the "force and effect of law".  Among interpretive regulations are those that implement all tax levies under 26 U.S.C. 6331, as indicated in the previous exhibit, EX05.045.   Details* 1083  
04.021 Jurisdiction of Federal Court Illustrates the jurisdiction of a federal court in Oklahoma.   Details* 0059  
04.022 31 C.F.R. Parts 51 and 52 Definitions Illustrates the separation between the de jure government and de facto government by comparing words of art in statutory definitions.   Details*    
04.023 FLETC Seminar on Territorial Jurisdiction on Federal Property Describes the various types of federal property and the jurisdiction within each type. Downloaded from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) on 7/19/2011.   Details*    
04.024 Justice Scalia on purpose of the Supreme Court, which is JUSTICE! This interview with Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court talks about the purpose of the U.S. Supreme Court, which he says is JUSTICE.  The interview occurred on the Legally Speaking show on March 17, 2011. Calvin Massey was the interviewer and the interview occured at Hastings College.  Click here to watch the full interview.  Click here for a definition of "justice", which is the "right to be left alone".  The U.S. Supreme Court in turn defined "justice" in relation to government as follows:
"The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness. They recognized the significance of man's spiritual nature, of his feelings and of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against the Government, the right to be let alone - the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."
[Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 478 (1928) (Brandeis, J., dissenting); see also Washington v. Harper, 494 U.S. 210 (1990)]
04.025 State Action and the Public/Private Distinction, Harvard Law Review, Volume 123, pp. 1248-1314 This excellent memorandum of law by Harvard Law Review clarifies the following important facts: 1. Statutes only pertain to state actors; 2. Private conduct can't be protected by statutes and has to be protected by the common law and the constitution. We mention the State Action Doctrine and this exhibit several places on this site. The most important place is Proof That There Is A "Straw Man", Form #05.042.   Details*    


Please read:

  1. Federal Enforcement Authority Within States of the Union, Form #05.032
  2. Requirement for Consent, Form #05.003

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
05.001 Cheryl Kordick Letter explaining the three (3) types of regulations.     Details* 0013  
05.002 26 C.F.R. 1.0-1  -  Implementing Regulation on the Enactment Date of 26 U.S.C..     Details* 0015  
05.003 26 C.F.R. 601.702 (a)(1)(iv) Requirement upon IRS to publish obligation in Federal Register.     Details* 0019 IRS-LTR3712
05.004 26 C.F.R. 601.702 (a)(2)(ii) Effect of Failure to Publish Obligation in Federal Register.     Details* 0020 IRS-LTR3712
05.005 Michael White, Attorney, Legal Opinion Letter, Office of the Federal Register. Federal government admits that no requirement to file an income tax return has ever been published in the Federal Register.   Details* 0021 IRS-LTR3712
05.006 Commissioner Rossotti Delegated Response Letter “Law not require individuals to file”.     Details* 0023  
05.007 Carroll Field Letter:  IRS bound by Administrative Procedures Act.     Details* 0025  
05.008 Administrative Procedures Act "Administrative Procedures Act"  – 5 U.S.C. 556 (d):  Burden of Proof upon IRS.     Details* 0026  
05.009 26 U.S.C. 6331(a) Levy authority only upon select parties of the federal government     Details* 0028  
05.010 Organizational Chart of the United States Treasury – IRS not listed under Enforcement. Shows why the IRS has no enforcement powers.  Click here for similar evidence.   Details* 0031  
05.011 Dwight Avis Sworn Testimony before House Ways & Means Committee. IRS chief admits under oath that the income tax is entirely voluntary, and therefore cannot be enforced.   Details* 0036  
05.012 26 U.S.C. 7851(a)(6)(A)  Applicability of Revenue Laws – Subtitle F Enforcement Date.     Details* 0037  
05.013 IRS Letter 112C To Claim A Refund. Letter from IRS that shows how to file a "no liability" return.   Details* 0057  
05.014 IRS Releases Levy article.     Details* 0058  
05.015 18 U.S.C. 1589 Forced labor     Details* 1001 IRS-LTR2810
05.016 18 U.S.C. 1593 Mandatory restitution     Details* 1002 IRS-LTR2810
05.017 1 C.F.R. 21.21(c ): Federal agencies cannot use the regulations of other agencies     Details* 1003 IRS 2039 Summons
05.018 IRC 7601 IRS only authorized to canvass internal revenue districts in search of taxable persons and objects IRS may only search for taxable persons or objects within "Internal Revenue Districts".  Treasury Order 150-02 establishes that the only remaining Internal Revenue District is Washington, D.C.   Details* 1006 IRS LTR 555(SC)
05.019 IRC 6702-Only a Statute-There are no Regulations Behind Enforcement IRS is not allowed to enforce any part of Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code   Details* 1008 IRS LTR 1058 1040 & CIV PEN
05.020 IRC 6651-Enforcement Regs only for 27 C.F.R. Parts 24, 25, 70, 194     Details* 1009 IRS LTR 1058 1040 & CIV PEN
05.021 IRC 6601-Enforcement Regs only for 27 C.F.R. Parts 70, 170, 194, 296     Details* 1010 IRS LTR 1058 1040 & CIV PEN
05.022 Letter from Joseph Cloonan of IRS IRS says individuals are not required to file returns.   Details* 1012 IRS-CP71D
05.023 General Accounting Office Report #GAO/GGD-00-60R IRS' Substitute for Returns (SFR)     Details* 1013 IRS-CP71D
05.024 Congressman Dennis Hertel admits on Congressional Stationary that the IRS can only levy federal "employees" IRS can only levy elected or appointed officers of the United States government, as required by 26 U.S.C. 6331(a).   Details* 1015  
05.025 Dwight Avis, Head of the IRS, admits to Congress under oath that payment of Internal Revenue Taxes is 100% voluntary Income tax is voluntary, and payment cannot be compelled   Details* 1016  
05.026 IRS Admits on its own stationary that there is no law that requires a person to file a tax return Americans aren't required to file a "return" with the IRS, according to the IRS.   Details* 1017  
05.027 Revenue Act of 1939, Section 4, 53 Stat. 1 Shows that Internal Revenue Code was "repealed" and now stands only as a repealed "code" or "title", but not "law" or "positive law".  See legislative notes under 1 U.S.C. 204 for confirmation of this astounding fact   Details* 1023  
05.028 IRS Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) Section Authority Shows the delegated authority of IRS agents to perform Substitute for Returns (SFRs).  Note that the form 1040 is NOT listed.  This is based on 26 U.S.C. 6020(b)   Details* 1024  
05.029 Authorities on SFR Demonstrates lack of authority to do Substitute For Returns on 1040 filers   Details* 1026  
05.030 Nara General Records Schedules Paragraph 18 shows that IRS Levy Form 668A only applies to federal "employees", rather than private contractors or private citizens.  This is entirely consistent with I.R.C. 6331(a), which permits levy to be made only on federal "employees".   Details* 1029  
05.031 26 C.F.R. 301.6020-1T Returns Prepared or Executed by the Commissioner or Other Internal Revenue Officers Authority of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to Prepare "Substitute For Returns" (SFRs)   Details* 1040  
05.032 Ja Nean Ellis, IRS Disclosure Officer letter dated June 15, 2004 Describes authority to prepare "dummy returns"   Details* 1041  
05.033 Jay Hammer, IRS Disclosure Officer Letter dated November 2, 1993 Letter from IRS which admits that IRS has no delegation orders to prepare "Substitute For Returns" (SFRs)   Details* 1042  
05.034 Delegation Order 182 (Rev3 & Rev 7) Delegation Order which describes authority of IRS Agents.  Notice that Substitute For Return Authority on 1040 returns is ABSENT.   Details* 1043  
05.035 Letter from IRS About Requirement to File Income Tax Returns     Details* 1044  
05.036 Letter from IRS admitting that 26 U.S.C. 6702 has no implementing regulations     Details* 1045  
05.037 IRS Office of Chief Counsel Notice CC-2007-005: Litigation Position for Returns Prepared for Section 6020(b) Requires filing of 6020(b) certification in order to sustain penalties against nonfilers.   Details* 1064  
05.038 IRS Office of Chief Counsel Notice 200127045: Altered jurats Background on what constitutes a valid "return".   Details* 1066  
05.039 IRS Office of Chief Counsel Notice 200127045: Frivolous returns Background on what constitutes a valid "return".   Details* 1067  
05.040 IRS Office of Chief Counsel Notice 200127045:  Altered Tax Forms Background on what constitutes a valid "return".   Details* 1068  
05.041 25 FR 11402, 11420, 12108-12113 (November 26, 1960;  26 C.F.R. 1.6012-1 Publication in Federal Register of requirement file federal tax return under 26 C.F.R. 1.6012-1.  See also Current 26 C.F.R. 1.6012-1.   Details* 1070  
05.042 IRS Doc. 6209 Activity Codes Relating to Requirement to File Tax Returns Proves IRS 1040 is ONLY for government employees and that there is no MFR code which requires filing.  Derived from IRS Document 6209 (OFFSITE LINK), Chapters 12. Family
Details* 1078  
05.043 IRM (09-30-2004). Indicates that private employers are not required to enter into payroll withholding agreements.  After prominently posting this section on our website for over two years, the IRS conveniently removed it on 9-26-2008 as well as any mention at all of "private employers" from their IRM. Covering up the truth!   Details* 1080  
05.044 26 C.F.R. 31.6011(a)-7(a) Requires IRS agents executing Substitute For Returns (SFRs) to have a power of attorney to do so.   Details* 1081  
05.045 48 F.R. 10060 Proves that 26 U.S.C. 6331 regulations are interpretive rather than legislative, such that they can only be enforced against the government.  Interpretive regulations carry no force and effect of law.  See Chrysler v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281, (1979) in exhibit EX04.020 below.   Details* 1082  
05.046 44 U.S.C. 1507 This statute establishes that no law is valid or enforceable against anyone that is required to be published in the Federal Register and is not so published.  This exhibit goes with EX05.005 and 26 U.S.C. 7805 and proves that the I.R.C. is only enforceable against the government and not private persons.   Details* 1085  
05.047 5 U.S.C. 552(a) Establishes the requirement to publish "substantive" rules, meaning legislative regulations for the enforcement and that they are not enforceable until published.  Almost none of the provisions of the I.R.C. have such regulations as revealed here.   Details* 1086  
05.048 Letter from Congressman Tom Feeney describing  IRS levy authority under 26 U.S.C. 6331(a). Establishes that the IRS has no levy authority over private sector workers.   Details*    
05.049 Letter from Texas Secretary of State proving the "Internal Revenue Service" has no authority to operate in Texas Admits they have no record of a domestic corporation, professional association, limited partnership, foreign corporation, professional corporation, professional association, limited partnership, out of state financial institution by the name "Internal Revenue Service" registered in Texas.   Details*    
05.050 Treasury Bulletin 07-37 and 26  C.F.R. §301.6215-1 26 C.F.R. §301.6215-1 says that after the Tax Court rules, the District Director or Director of the Regional Service Center must do the assessment.  Treasury Bulletin 07-37 says that both the District Director and Regional Service Center Director positions were ABOLISHED.  Hence, there is NO WAY to perform a lawful assessment per 26 US.C. §6020(b) for cases that go through U.S. Tax Court.   Details*    
05.051 Former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and Congressman Beccera both admit that the income tax is "voluntary" Former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and Congressman Beccera both admit that the income tax is "voluntary". Testimony given on 5/17/2013. C-SPAN Details*    
05.052 President Obama Says Everyone, including SEDM, has freedom of speech He says people have a right to be honest and to think and speak free of hypocrisy. He admits that young people become discouraged when they can't access opposing views such as ours. Whitehouse Details*    
05.053 President Obama Says He will NOT Impose His Political or Economic System upon Anyone Those who refuse an economic or political relationship with the U.S. government are called "non-resident non-persons", and basically, he has just admitted in this video that they have a RIGHT to be left alone. Whitehouse Details*    
05.054 Revenue Officer Training Unit 2: Module K Referrals-IMF Returns Training that revenue officers receive on how to to Substitute For Returns (SFRs)   Details*    
05.055 Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty Downloaded from the U.S. Department of Justice website.   Details*    
05.056 Court Authorities proving that state may not prohibit commercial distribution of religious tracts Extracted from Lexis+   Details*    
05.057 Court Authorities proving that spreading religious beliefs is a protected First Amendment activity Extracted from Lexis+   Details*    
05.058 Court Authorities proving that state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of constitutional rights Extracted from Lexis+   Details*    

1.6  MONEY

Please read The Money Scam, Form #05.041

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
06.001 Federal Reserve Board admits that there is NO DEFINITION for what a "dollar" is. This letter is HUGELY important, because NOWHERE in the law is a Federal Reserve Note defined as a "dollar".   Details* 1047  
06.002 House Joint Resolution 192 Abandonment of gold-backed currency.   Details* 1049  
06.003 Congressman Dean Heller Admits the Only remaining money is silver dollars Quite revealing.   Details* 1051  
06.004 Letter from Assistant General Counsel for the Department of the Treasury, Russell Munk dated Feb. 18, 1977 admitting that Federal Reserve Notes are not "dollars" Next time the IRS asks you to pay a tax bill, ask them if they want it in "dollars".  If they say yes, then ask them where you can find them.  They aren't available!   Details* 1054  
06.005 Senator Bennett of Utah Talks about money Defines what is "money".   Details* 1062  
06.006 Senator Ensign of Nevada describes the definition of a "dollar" There is no definition!   Details* 1063  
06.007 Congressman Beers of the Nevada State Assembly comments on the definition of a "dollar" Excellent!   Details* 1065  
06.008 Congressman Dean Heller talks about money     Details* 1069  
06.009 Gold Commission Report, March 1982 Commissioned prior to the passage of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. Contains an extensive history of the gold standard in the USA. Also describes the flaws in the Federal Reserve fiat currency system we suffer under presently.   Details*    


Please read:

  1. Government Franchises Course, Form #12.012
  2. Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance   Date of
Last Revision
Used in
07.001 Phillip Douglass - Social Security Administration Definition of ‘U.S. Citizen’. Shows that Americans born in and living in states of the Union are not "U.S. citizens".   Details* 0005  
07.002 Form SS-5  Application for Social Security Number. Shows that only "U.S. citizens" born in and living in the federal zone qualify for Social Security.   Details* 0006  
07.003 Privacy Act of 1974 Statement – Unlawful to deny rights for refusal to disclose SSN. Shows that the federal government cannot force a person to disclose an SSN on any tax form.   Details* 0055  
07.004 Letter from the Social Security Administration Social Security Administration admits that Social Security Numbers are not mandatory and are voluntary.   Details* 1014  
07.005 Social Security Earnings Statement Proves that Social Security is a contract and that it makes you into a federal "employee".   Details* 1037  
07.006 Letter from IRS admitting that Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code, is not positive law, but special law     Details* 1046  
07.007 Affidavit of Eligibility Shows who the requirements for obtaining a license from the state.  Proves that the only people who can obtain licenses are those domiciled in the Corporate State on federal territory within their state and born there, or aliens, but not American Nationals born in and domiciled in the Republic State.   Details* 1055  
07.008 Response from Social Security Administration to the Bureau of Public Debt FOIA, Form #03.007 Very interesting   Details* 1056  
07.009 Letter from Social Security Administration about the Voluntary Nature of Social Security participation Proves that SS participation is voluntary, and details about SSN usage.   Details* 1058  
07.010 Social Security Card, Circa 1955 Notice it says "Not for Identification"   Details* 1060  
07.011 Fillable Social Security Card, Circa 1955 Notice it says "Not for Identification"   Details* 1061  
07.012 Letter from Social Security Administration Regarding Right to Quit Social Security This is a response to sending in Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee, Form #06.002.  Propaganda   Details* 1072  
07.013 Religions Which are Exempt from Taxes FOIA response from Social Security Administration   Details* 1077  
07.014 Consumer Financial Protection Agency Page About SSNs to Open Bank Accounts U.S. government agency says consumers don't need SSNs to open bank accounts. Click here for source page.   Details*    
07.015 NCVHS Report on Vital Records Proves that the states are profiting commercially from you name and identity without your consent or even knowledge. This is the heart of the UCC Redemption scam.   Details*    


Please read Corporatization and Privatization of the Government, Form #05.024

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
08.001 Title 31 of the United States Code "United States Code"  Index Page – IRS is not listed as Agency of US Treasury.     Details* 0030  
08.002 Diversified Metal Products v. IRS Case – US District Court of Idaho Established that the IRS is NOT agency of the federal government.   Details* 0032  
08.003 28 U.S.C. 1349 Corporation Organized Under Federal Law As Party.     Details* 0033  
08.004 IRS Counsel admits under oath that the IRS is not "an agency of the federal government"     Details* 1022  
08.005 FOIA Response from Federal Court regarding EIN Proves that the federal court is in the Executive and not Judicial Branch.   Details* 1057  
08.006 Incorporation Document for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Proves that the IRS is a private, for-profit corporation, and not a government agency or instrumentality.   Details* 1059  
08.007 Incorporation of "United States of America" Fascinating   Details* 1071  
08.008 16 Stat. 419-429:  District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 Organized the District of Columbia into a municipal corporation.   Details* 1087  
08.009 20 Stat. 102-108:  District of Columbia Organic Act of 1878 Place the District of Columbia under the President and made the appointees who managed it into officers of the corporation.   Details* 1088  
08.010 Certified Copy of the Original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution This was the amendment that caused a loss of nationality if anyone accepted a title of nobility.   Details* 1090  
08.011 2 Stat. 115-116: An Act Concerning the District of Columbia, 1801 Describes the organization of the District of Columbia.  Dated. March 3, 1801.   Details*    
08.012 Senate Report 443, May 15, 1916 Important background on the history of the District of Columbia   Details*    
08.013   U.S. Corporation Company Articles of Incorporation   Details*    


For additional information on taxation, please read:

  1. The "Trade or Business" Scam, Form #05.001
  2. Why Domicile and Becoming a "taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002
  3. The Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302 (OFFSITE LINK)
  4. Taxation Topic Page (OFFSITE LINK) - Family Guardian Website

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
09.001 26 C.F.R. 301.6109-1   Identifying Numbers:  Social Security Number.     Details* 0004  
09.002 Flowchart: American Citizen & Federal Income Tax Imposition.     Details* 0008  
09.003 IRS letter on the enactment date of 26 U.S.C..     Details* 0014  
09.004 26 U.S.C. 6001, 6011, 6012 – When Required by Regulations Liability for Subtitle A Income Tax.     Details* 0016  
09.005 26 U.S.C. 7851(a)(1)(A) Applicability of Revenue Laws for Subtitle A Income Tax.     Details* 0017  
09.006 26 U.S.C. 7851(a)(4) Subtitle D & 7851 (a)(5) Subtitle E - Effective dates of enactment.     Details* 0018  
09.007 IRS statement that Individual Determines Form to File and Tax They Owe.     Details* 0022  
09.008 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(14) & 26 U.S.C. 1313 (b) Definition of the word ‘Taxpayer’.     Details* 0027  
09.009 IRS Taxpayer Advocate Response Letter – Washington, DC.     Details* 0034  
09.010 26 C.F.R. 1.861-8 (f)(1) Determination of Taxable Sources within the United States. Shows that most Americans do not have any income from a taxable "source" within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code.   Details* 0035  
09.011 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 12 (b)(1) & 12 (h)(3).     Details* 0039  
09.012 Scheuer v. Rhodes Case.     Details* 0040  
09.013 26 C.F.R. 31.3402(p)-1 Employment Taxes and Collection of Income Tax At Source. Shows that tax withholding on earnings from labor are entirely voluntary and cannot be coerced.   Details* 0041  
09.014 26 U.S.C. 3402 Income Tax Collected At Source – Subtitle C     Details* 0042  
09.015 IRS letter: “Your income ‘appears’ to create a taxable liability”     Details* 0044  
09.016 Form 23C & Supporting Documents from a RACS report with IRM instructions.     Details* 0046  
09.017 Flowchart: Four problems for IRS making income tax claims of American Citizens.     Details* 0047  
09.018 “Dear Taxpayer’ Response Letter to IRS     Details* 0049  
09.019 Sample Withholding Exemption Certificate     Details* 0051  
09.020 26 U.S.C. 7851 Applicability of Revenue Laws – Subtitles A, B, C, D, E, & F.     Details* 0052  
09.021 26 U.S.C. 7214 (a)(2) & (a)(7) Offenses by Officers and Employees of the United States.     Details* 0053  
09.022 26 U.S.C. 6065(b) Oath regarding income taxes by individuals [Congress doesn’t delete laws].     Details* 0056  
09.023 Cynthia Mills Letter , IRS Disclosure Officer Hoverale Letter     Details* 1000 IRS-LTR3172
09.024 IRC 7651 Applicability of Revenue Laws-Subtitle A income tax at (a)(1)(A)—ONLY for 27 C.F.R. Part 24 for WINE PRODUCTION     Details* 1007 IRS LTR 555(SC)
09.025 Noted Tax Historian's Book Declares U.S. Income Tax as Direct Tax is a Violation of Long-established U.S. Supreme Court Mandates     Details* 1011  
09.026 Tax Treatment of Thrift Savings Plan Payments to Nonresident Aliens and Their Beneficiaries Shows that only people who are either "U.S. citizens", "residents" (aliens), and nonresident aliens who worked for the U.S. government are liable for income tax.  Specifically says that those who never worked for the U.S. government in the United States are not liable.   Details* 1030  
09.027 Excerpt from IRS Publication 519, Year 2000, on taxability of earnings by Nonresident aliens Shows that only income from "U.S. sources" is taxable to nonresident aliens, which under 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(9) and (a)(10) means the District of Columbia.   Details* 1032  
09.028 IRS Cumulative Bulletin #1, April to Dec. 1919 First mention of nonresident aliens we are aware of in IRS publications.   Details*    
09.029 Copyright Office Policy on "Pseudonames" Use this as a basis for using pseudonames in administering your tax affairs, and copyright everything you submit   Details*    
09.030 Analysis of the Financial Impact of Ending Income Taxes Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing the fiscal effect of ending federal income taxes upon the national government.  Play with the numbers.  Experiment!   Details*    
09.031 Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, 240 U.S. 1 (1916) The most famous case quoted by the IRS and also by those advancing the Non-Resident Non-Person Position.  This is the COMPLETE U.S. Supreme Court transcript of the case.   Details*    
09.032 Washington Post, 8-27-2010 report on the complexity of the tax code Proves that the I.R.C. can't be law, because it is unknowable by the Average American   Details*    
09.033 President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board Report entitled "The Report on Tax Reform Options:  Simplification,  Compliance, and Corporate Taxation Proves that the I.R.C. is so complex, that it is unknowable by the Average American   Details*    
09.034 Frank R. Brushaber Geneological Records Frank Brushaber was the Plaintiff in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, 240 U.S. 1 (1916).  He was born in America and the records show he was a "U.S. citizen" but he is listed as a nonresident alien in Treasury Decision 2313.  This proves our position in our Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020 memorandum of law.   Details*    
09.035 Testimony of the Staff of the JCT Concerning a Study of the Overall State of the Federal Tax System and Recommendations for Simplification, April 26, 2001 Proves that the federal income tax is too complicated to be understood by the average person.  Good for use as a reliance defense.   Details*    
09.036 Tax Return Evolution How you and your legal identity were ILLEGALLY, CRIMINALLY, and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY kidnapped and transported to the federal zone as a privileged alien by obfuscating tax return forms.   Details*    
09.037 GAO Letter on Substitute for Returns (SFRs) Letter to Finance Committee from GAO office about illegality of IRS Substitute For Returns (SFRs)   Details*    
09.038 Treasury Decision 8734 62 F.R. 53391 within this document says U.S. persons are exempt from BOTH withholding AND reporting. More in Form #05.053   Details*    
09.039 Public Salary Tax Act of 1939 Congressional Hearings History of the Public Salary Tax Act   Details*    
09.040 Constitutionally Exempt Income Regulations In earlier versions of the statutes, they recognized PRIVATE property protected by the Constitution. Now they just unconstitutionally PRESUME that everything is PUBLIC property owned by the government   Details*    
09.041 Senate Report 112, 76th Congress, 1st Session on Public Salary Tax Act Establishes the legislative intent of the Public Salary Tax Act   Details*    
09.042 Office of Chief Counsel Memorandum Number 200634001 Establishes that income tax only applies within federal territory. Downloaded from https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-wd/0634001.pdf on 6/17/2019   Details*    
09.043 Constitutionally Exempt Income List of Treasury Regulations acknowledging income that is "exempt by fundamental law".   Details*    
09.044 Request and response for NRA Change Form Relating to SSN FOIA Request and response for IRS form needed under 26 C.F.R. §301.6109-1(g)(1) to change from U.S. Person to Nonresident Alien   Details*    


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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
10.001 Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Systems of Records, Federal Register Vol. 66, pp. 63784 through 63875 A listing of all the records maintained by the IRS that you can obtain under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act   Details* 1052  
10.002 Department of the Treasury, Systems of Records, Federal Register Vol. 66, pp. 44204 through 44213 A listing of all the records maintained by the Treasury that you can obtain under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act   Details* 1053  
10.003 Privacy Act Issuances:  Dept of the Treasury.  Office of the Federal Register These are the records you can request through the Freedom of Information Act.  Federal
10.004 IRS FOIA Disclosure Relating to Sharing of Notice of Federal Tax Lien information Proves that the IRS can't share tax lien information.   Details* 1076  
10.005 IRS Investigative Materials, IRS Publication 1421 IRS Investigative Materials: A Guide to Internal Revenue Service Material Available to Other Federal Agencies.” It doesn’t appear to be otherwise online. Printed and sent to Federal Depository Libraries in 1988, it’s the kind of publication that the IRS no longer makes available to the public.   Details*    


Please visit:

  1. Government Corruption, Form #11.401
  2. Forms and Publications, Section 1.11.4: Corruption
  3. Corruption, Scams, and Frauds Page (OFFSITE LINK) -Family Guardian Fellowship
  4. Activism Page,  Section: Investigating Government Corruption (OFFSITE LINK)
  5. Family Guardian Forums:  Government and legal profession secrecy, corruption, and propaganda (OFFSITE LINK)

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
11.001 Testimony of B. John Williams, former IRS Chief Counsel before the Senate Finance Committee on October 22, 2003 Admits:
". . . the mission of the Service is to apply the law fairly
and impartially, not to apply the law in a manner that is biased toward a result the government wants."
  Details* 1074  
11.002 IRM Indicates that the IRS classifies all information that would reduce one's liability or cause a change in filing status to the CORRECT status (!)as "For Official Use Only" that is protected from disclosure.  Do a FOIA or legal discovery (Request for Production of Documents) for THIS information, and especially if you have been indicted for a tax crime!  This is how you to obtain evidence to prove that you are not required to file or pay.   Details* 1084  
11.003 Biography of William Howard Taft Shows that Taft was an Internal Revenue Collector for the Bureau of Internal Revenue in 1882 before he became president.  He was the President who proposed the Sixteenth Amendment and got it fraudulently ratified, who got the Certiorari Act of 1925 passed to deny appeals on tax abuses, and who as a Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme court spread the income tax to apply to all Americans abroad in Cook v. Tait, 265 U.S. 47 (1924).  The Cook v. Tait scam is discussed in Federal Jurisdiction, Form #05.018, Section 5.   Details*    
11.004 Interview of Former IRS Commissioner Shelton Cohen by Aaron Russo This interview by Aaron Russo of former IRS Commissioner Shelton Cohen reveals that IRS personnel are dis-ingenuine and that all they want to do is play what he calls "word games". Russo also incorrectly says that "income" is NOT defined, but in fact it is. Click here for the definition. Youtube Details*    
11.005 Interview of Peter Schiff about the conviction of his father, Irwin Schiff This interview by Doug Casey of Casey Research of Peter Schiff concerns the fraudulent and malicious prosecution of his father Irwin Schiff. Irwin is probably the most famous tax honesty advocate in American history. Irwin's website can be visited by clicking here. Youtube Details*    
11.006 Interview with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia about his book Reading Law. Describes how judges become corrupted U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia describes the main distinguishing characteristic of bad judges, which is that they abuse language and the rules of statutory interpretation to illegally and unconstitutionally expand their power beyond what the law allows. C-SPAN Details*    
11.007 Congressman Traficant admits in the House or Repersentatives on March 17, 1993 that the United States is bankrupt See p. 5321 Congress.gov Details*    
11.008 Colorado House Joint Resolution 94-1035 Declares that the United States Government has Essentially Unconstitutionally Invaded the State of Colorado Colorado.edu law collection Details*    


This section provides samples of SCAMS that we have criticized on this website from other websites and vendors. For more details on both GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE scams, see:

  1. Hot Issues: Freedom Advocate Report Card* -opening page of our site.
  2. Government Corruption, Form #11.401-bottom of the opening page of our website (devil symbol)
  3. Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid, Form #08.004-Family Guardian Fellowship
  4. Liberty University, Section 8: Resources to Rebut Government, Legal, and Tax Profession Deception and False Propaganda
  5. Liberty University, Section 9: Resources to Rebut Private Sector Deception and False Propaganda
  6. Corruption, Scams, and Frauds Page (OFFSITE LINK) -Family Guardian Fellowship

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Exhibit (EX) # Title Significance Offsite
Date of
Last Revision
Used in
12.001 Revocation of Election-Weiss and Associates We mention this as a scam in Form #11.302, Cover page, Form #08.004 Section 9.32, and Form #05.020, Section 6.10.   Details*    
  1. Exhibit numbers 0001 through 0064 were extracted from the PDF Galileo Paradigm Book, Form #11.008 (OFFSITE LINK).
  2. To cite an exhibit, cite it with "EX" in front of the number, and put leading zeros so the resulting number of the exhibit has five numeric digits.  This makes the exhibits compatible with computer sorting and searching tools that we are in the process of developing.  For instance, to cite Exhibit 01.001 in a response letter, refer to it simply as "EX01.001".



People born in states of the Union are not "U.S. citizens": EX01.001, EX07.001

Not a "resident" under the I.R.C.:  EX01.002

Enforcement authority

Enactment of I.R.C.:  EX05.019

Internal Revenue Code was repealed in 1939: EX05.027

No enforcement powers:  EX05.019


Not an agency of the federal government: EX08.002

No enforcement powers:  EX05.019


Applicability of revenue laws: EX04.006

Definition of "State": EX04.012

Definition of "United States": EX04.001, EX04.002, EX04.006

Limited jurisdiction of Congress: EX04.009


Income tax is voluntary:  EX05.025

No liability returns (how to file):  EX05.013

No requirement to file:  EX05.005, EX05.026

Nonresidents who never worked for U.S. government in the "United States" are NOT liable:  EX09.026

Not a "taxpayer": EX09.008, EX05.029

Social Security Numbers:

Appear on returns only for "aliens": EX05.029

Applying for:  EX07.002

Cannot punish for failure to disclose: EX04.006

Not required: EX07.004

Substitute for Returns

Not authorized for 1040, 1040NR, 1040A forms: EX05.028

IRS talks about authority to do "dummy returns": EX05.032

IRS admits it has no delegated authority to perform: EX05.033

IRS talks about requirement to file returns: EX05.035