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Defending Your Right to Travel

283 pages;11 chapters

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History of Changes

Defending Your Right To Travel is a detailed study into how to drive a vehicle safely and responsibly in modern society without using any kind of government-issued license. 

This book contains detailed administrative procedures, instructions, and forms intended to:

  1. Accelerate your study and learning about your right to travel.
  2. Provide simple and effective guidelines on how to deal with traffic stops for those who have no license.
  3. Give you ideas and resources for getting insurance or proof of financial responsibility without having a Social Security Number or license.
  4. Show you how to challenge policemen and judges when they wrongfully and illegally assert authority.
  5. Provide strategies useful in traffic court.
  6. Provide links to resources on the web that may be useful for specific situations you may find yourself in.

It comes with editable versions of the forms contained in Chapter 10 that you may reuse.

Defending Your Right to Travel draws on works from several prominent sources and authors, such as:

  1. The U.S. Constitution.
  2. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
  3. State traffic codes.
  4. State traffic court cases.
  5. The United States Code (U.S.C.), Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code), both the current version and amended past versions.
  6. U.S. Supreme Court Cases.
  7. Several websites.

The book is made available in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later format.  It is electronically searchable, and you can navigate to any section using the bookmarks organized as a table of contents on the left of the screen.  If you want a printed copy, simply download it and then follow the instructions on the front cover which describe how to make a printed copy at any Kinkos or other duplicating store.

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Below is a complete outline of the content of this very extensive work. 


Revision History

Table or Contents

Table of Authorities




Other Authorities



1.1 Purpose of this document

1.2  Intended Audience

1.3  Tools and techniques for researching state laws


2.1 Rights Defined and Explained

2.2  Fundamental Rights: Granted by God and Cannot be Regulated by the Government

2.3  What is the Difference Between a "Right" and a "Privilege"?

2.4  A right cannot be converted into either a privilege or a crime by the state

2.5  Why you shouldn't cite federal statutes as authority for protecting your rights


3.1 The Right to Travel

3.2 Origin of the authority to license drivers

3.3 Rights Given Up by Getting a Driver's License

3.4 Legal Requirement for Driver's License

3.5 Social Security Numbers and Driver's Licenses

3.5.1 Background

3.5.2 State of California Driver's License SSN requirements

3.5.3 Do I have to give the State my SSN to get a driver's license?

3.5.4  State Driver's License Laws Relating to SSNs

3.5.5 Penalties for providing false Social Security Numbers

3.5.6 Quitting Social Security and Gifting your Driver's License to the Social Security Administration

3.6  Suspension of Driver's License

3.7  Risks and Penalties of Driving Without a License

3.8  Strategies and techniques for driving without a license

3.8.1  Group or Associational Driver's Licenses

3.8.2  Letters of Disqualification

3.8.3  Canceling your Driver's License the Right Way

3.8.4  Getting a foreign driver's license

3.8.5  Certificates of Competency from Driving Schools

3.8.6  Ways to avoid being "barcoded" by the state with a Slave Surveillance Number (SSN) and still get a Driver's License

3.8.7 International Driving Permit (IDP)


4.1  Registering vehicles in foreign states

4.2  Protecting your license plate number from automated photography systems


5.1  Requirement for "credible and reliable identification" when stopped 

5.2  How the government kidnaps your identity and your domicile and moves it to the fedaral zone or interferes with your choice of domicile

5.2.1  Domicile on government forms
5.2.2  How the tax code compels choice of domicile
5.2.3  How the government compels choice of domicile: Government ID
5.2.4  How private employers and financial institutions compel choice of domicile

5.3 State identification

5.4 Government Passports

5.5  Private Passports

5.6  Military ID cards

5.7  Private IDs


6.1  Background

6.2  The three types of police contact

6.3  Authorities on police search, seizure, arrest, and detention

6.4  Preparation before you get pulled over

6.5  Presumptions of the police officer you should anticipate and challenge

6.6  Defensive tactics when you are being pulled over

6.7  Providing License, Registration, and Insurance

6.8  Initial statement and questions for the officer at the commencement of the stop

6.9  Answering common questions of the police officer

6.10  Consenting to search of you or your vehicle

6.11  Responding to a police officer who stops you for driving without a license

6.12  Techniques to avoid giving officers probable cause to stop you to begin with

6.13  Handling tickets


7.1  Not a true court

7.2  Legal authority for franchise courts such as a traffic court

7.3  Presumptions in criminal and traffic cases

7.4  Background on "due process of law"

7.5  General procedures for litigating traffic tickets

7.6  Penalties generally

7.7  Standing requirement of state to sue in traffic cases

7.8  Successful traffic court tactics

7.8.1  No injured party or "corpus delecti"

7.8.2  Witness did not show up

7.8.3  No jury or jury box

7.8.4  Defenses for driving without a license

7.9  Resources for further study


8.1  Introduction

8.2  The Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

8.3  Permissive Use of a Vehicle by Temporary Visitors

8.4  Exclusion Notice

8.5 Getting Insurance or Proof of financial responsibility WITHOT a driver's license and/or SSN


9.1  "automobile" v. "motor vehicle"

9.2 "business"

9.3  "commercial driver's license"

9.4 "commercial motor vehicle"

9.5 "commercial vehicle"

9.6  "conversion of a right to a crime"

9.7  "county"

9.8  "dealer"

9.9  "driver"

9.10  "driver's license"

9.11 "foreign jurisdiction"

9.12  "foreign vehicle"

9.13  "franchise"

9.14  "franchisee"

9.15  "franchisor"

9.16  "highway"

9.17  "legal owner"

9.18  "license"

9.19  "motor carrier"

9.20  "motor vehicle"

9.21  "new vehicle"

9.22  "nonresident"

9.23  "operator"

9.24  "passenger vehicle"

9.25  "person"

9.26  "police power"

9.27  "registered owner"

9.28  "regulation"

9.29  "resident"

9.30  "road"

9.31  "State"

9.32  "street"

9.33  "traffic"

9.34  "travel"

9.35  "vehicle"


10.1 Websites

10.2 Books and Publications


11.1 Attachment to Driver's License Application/Renewal

11.2 Attachment to Government form which asks for Social Security Number

11.3 Request DMV Legal Department to Modify/Rescind Driver's License

12. APPENDIX A: Right to Travel Authorities

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