1. General Software Description
  2. Minimum System Requirements
  3. Full-service IMF decoding
  4. Software Support and Training
  5. Detailed Software Specifications
  6. Software Support and Training
  7. History of Changes

MF Decoder Manual

MF Decoder Pro CD

MF Decoder Pro CD
543 Mbytes;1,273 files

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History of changes

1.  General Software Description

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The Master File (MF) Decoder  software is a specialized Microsoft Access database intended to automate the decoding and analysis of your IRS electronic records.  It:

  • Is a law enforcement and self-defense tool
  • Provides an important new source of evidence to use against the government during the administrative and litigation phases of your tax case.  PDF Click here for an IMF Decoding training course which explains the great importance of IMF Decoding
  • Provides the FOIA forms needed to obtain your IRS electronic records.
  • Produces automated FOIA requests to obtain the records from the IRS
  • Accepts inputs of codes in IRS master file records provided in response to your Privacy Act requests.
  • Flags illegal, fraudulent, or time-barred transactions that need to be corrected in your record.
  • Reports the results of its analysis in an attractive report that you can send to the IRS in a Privacy Act request to have added to your IMF file
  • Contains a database catalog of all evidence upon which every determination it makes is based, and each piece of evidence comes right out of the IRS' own publications and laws
  • Is designed to be shared on a network for use by multiple users simultaneously
  • Can do decodes for multiple users or clients, or used by professional IMF decoders who have multiple clients.
  • Imports data from older versions when you upgrade so you don't have to reenter your data every time you upgrade
  • Algorithms for decoding are constantly being improved to increase effectiveness.
  • Comes in two versions:  Professional and Standard editions


Attribute Professional
MF Decoder Software
MF Decoder PDF User's Manual (200 pages, PDF format)
MF Decoder Video Tutorial  

Professional features

  • Automated email decode status reporting using Microsoft Outlook
  • IMF Specific report import (starting with version 1.96)
  • IRPTRN report import  (starting with version 1.96)

Automated Rebuttal Letter Template

Produces an automated rebuttal letter with your personal information entered.  Must be customized using the reports produced by the software.  Procedure for using the automated rebuttal letter found in Chapter 5 of the latest version of the MF Decoder User Manual.

CD-ROM Format

Bootable, browsable CD-ROM (350 Mbytes).  Advantages:

  • Available to people with slow dial-up lines
  • Can be copied to your hard drive and accessed from your browser at any time
  • Content small enough to fit on a USB flashdisk so you can take it on the road!
  • Copy your decoded IMF onto a CD and send the corrected version, rebuttal letter, and the MF Decoder software in with your Privacy Act Amendment request to be added to your administrative record!

PDF Click here to see the startup browser screen for the Professional version

Exhibit Catalog

Complete exhibit library proving the meaning of nearly every field or process or transaction decoded by the MF Decoder software:

  • Browsable PDF files with scanned images of IRS documents showing the meaning of each field or transaction or illegal technique
  • Tied to Exhibits form within MF Decoder software
  • Each exhibit is catalogued and organized for ready reference during court litigation against the IRS
IMF Decoding Manual Library

Complete electronic library of IRS IMF decoding manuals in PDF format.  Each manual has a navigation pane on the left consisting of the complete table of contents for easy navigation throughout the document.  Includes the following publications:

  • IRS Document 6209, 2003 Edition (665 pages)
  • IRS Document 6209, 1998 Edition (622 pages)
  • IRS Document 6209, 1997 Edition (317 pages)
  • IRS Document 6209, 1976 Edition (97 pages)
  • IRS Document 11734, Rev. 12-2001: Transaction Codes Pocket Guide
  • Substitute For Returns Program Handbook MT5480-4, dated 02-06-91 (130 pages)

  • Substitute For Returns Program Handbook MT5480-7, dated 09-04-93 (246 pages)

  • Service Center Collection Branch Procedures  MT5000-34, dated 03-27-89 (200 pages)

  • AIMS Processing Handbook, dated 02-08-99 (91 pages)
  • IRS Law Enforcement manual (LEM) III, 3(27)(68), LEM III-386, dated 01-01-90 (292 pages)
  • Individual Master File (IMF) Operations Manual, 3(55)(0), MT 3000-353, dated 01-01-96 (37 pages)
  • Business Master File (BMF) Operations Manual, 3(52)0, MT 3000-346, dated 01-01-95 (27 pages)
  • Automated Non Master File (ANMF), 3(17)(46), MT 3(17)00-271, dated 01-01-96 (216 pages)
  • Transcripts Manual, 3(65)0, MT 35-00-219, dated 01-01-96 (168 pages)
  • IRS Federal Tax Lien Handbook, dated 02-02-2000 (42 pages)
  • IRS Collection Manager's Handbook, dated 02-2000 (90 pages)
  • Department of Justice Criminal Tax Manual, dated 05-28-1998 (1298 pages)
  • Federal Rules of Evidence, last updated 05-12-2003 (181 pages)
Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Documents Library

Complete electronic library of Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Reference Documents, including:

  • Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552 (link)
  • Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a (link)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Systems of Records, Federal Register Vol. 66, pp. 66784-63875 (93 pages)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Systems of Records, Internal Revenue Manual Exhibit [1.3] 15-2 dated 08-19-98 (13 pages)
  • Dept. of the Treasury, Systems of Records, Federal Register Vol. 66, pp. 44205 thru 44213 (10 pages)
  • Citizens Guide to Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act (74 pages)
  • IRS Disclosure Litigation Reference Book, dated 4-2000 (314 pages)
IMF Decoding Training Curriculum

IMF decoding and tax training materials:

  • IMF Decoding presentation by SEDM (40 slides)
  • Richard Standring's audio IMF training (MP3 audio)
  • Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don't Owe Income Tax (latest edition)
  • Assumption of Liability book (latest edition)
  • How to Keep 100% of Your Earnings movie (1.5 hours)
Anti-Propaganda Materials

Rebutted versions of the government's two most popular propaganda publications:

  • IRS "The Truth about Frivolous Arguments"
  • Congressional Research Service report 97-59A: "Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Federal Income Tax"

Complete user manual available for FREE as follows:

Download Free
MF Decoder User Manual

Version 1.76 (3.31 Mbytes,  Last updated 11-30-09)
(Right-click and select "Save-As" to save to your local hard drive)

You can obtain the software by clicking on one of the two options below.  This website is the ONLY outlet for this software.  If you obtained this software any other way, you were SCAMMED and we want to hear about WHO scammed you.  Please submit a message through our Contact Us Page identifying the scamster so we can black list him/her/it:


Version 1.99
(Shipped as CD,
Last updated 7-24-15)


Version 1.99
(27 Mbytes download,
Last updated 7-24-15)

Click here for a detailed history of changes since the first release of this software

Click here to read what people are saying about this software

2.  Minimum System Requirements:

  1. Compatible Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  2. Microsoft Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or Office365 installed-mandatoryMicrosoft Access is part of Microsoft Office Professional.

    NOTE: Microsoft Access 97 or earlier WILL NOT work so please don't contact us to complain about this fact or ask us to help you to get it to work.

  3. Personal Computer or compatible.

    • Note:  Does not work on the Macintosh except in Windows Emulation mode with Microsoft Access installed.  Microsoft Access is NOT available under MacOSX so it will only run within the emulated virtual machine.
  4. 128MB RAM.
  5. 60 MB available disk space.

3.  Full Service IMF Decoding:

If you do not have the time to obtain, learn, and use this software because you are under the gun and have a restrictive time schedule or if you would rather have a professional obtain and decode your Individual Master File (IMF), SEDM offers full-service IMF decoding based on the Master File Decoder software.  Your decoded IMF is delivered to you in CD-ROM format for the period of years you specified.  The CD also contains a full version of the Master File Decoder Professional software that you can use in the future to do your own IMF decode or to update the decoded data  provided by SEDM.

Click here for more information about full-service, professional IMF Decoding Services offered by the Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM).

4.  Software Support and Training:

  1. Visit our Support area, Section 7 for answers to frequently asked questions and video tutorials demonstrating how to do selected tasks with this software.
  2. Visit our MF Decoder Support Forums, Forum #5.1 to view questions and answers relating to use of the software by our Members.  Note that you MUST register to access this forum and that you must consent unconditionally to our Member Agreement in order to register.
  3. Click here for a video demo of the software. 68 Minutes.  Requires Microsoft Media Player 9.
  4. Click here for a video tutorial on how to enter IMF data on the IMF Decoding Screen.  81 Minutes.  Requires Microsoft Media Player 9.
  5. For more information about why we had to write this software, click here.
  6. You can obtain more information about how to decode your IMF from step 0.8 of the Sovereignty Forms and Instructions, Form #10.004.
  7. You can use this software to automatically generate your FOIA requests.  Alternatively, you can do it manually by clicking here if you don't have the software.
  8. If you don't want to use or can't use the MF Decoder software, you can also have your file decoded professionally by clicking here.
  9. To get your questions answered about how to decode your master file, consult other users at our Member Forums, but please read the user manual for the software first so you don't burden people with needless questions.  You must consent unconditionally to our Member Agreement in order to join our support forums.
  10. To report bugs or problems with this software, use the MF Decoder Support Forums, Forum #5.1.  Please read the user manual first before you submit a bug report, because your problem may be operator error and we don't want to clutter the forum with frivolous questions.
  11. The software is large (28 Mbytes) and requires Winzip ( to unzip once downloaded.
  12. Please follow the instructions starting in section 2.2 of the PDF free user manual to install the software after you download and unzip it.
  13. The software includes activation for one user and one computer. We do not allow members to split the cost and install on multiple computers.

5.  Detailed Software Specifications:

  1. This is the tool that the IRS is most afraid of because it puts their fraud right in front of your face and explains every minute detail of it using their own laws and publications so you can prove it yourself in court and in front of a jury!  The government is going to crap their pants when they see this thing working folks!
  2. Low in cost.  We want to bust up the IRS monopoly and racketeering ring on a massive scale and subject individual IRS agents to personal criminal liability for their violations of IRS laws and procedures in the illegal collection of income taxes. This software along with the Great IRS Hoax book are a very important part of doing that.
  3. Very easy to use.  Designed for the layman with few computer skills.  We want EVERYONE to be getting copies of their IMF under the Freedom of Information Act, and especially those who are in hot water with the IRS!
  4. Developed using input from and beta tested by the best minds in the IRS decoding business and the top three decoding companies, including the following and more we can't list:
    • in Tacoma, Washington.
    • My many very talented and dedicated readers and users, who have sent and continue to send valuable feedback based on their extensive experience obtaining and decoding their own Individual Master File.
  5. No other software like it is offered ANYWHERE.  One of only two softwares of its kind available to the general public and the the best software.  Several companies offer IMF decoding services, some charging as much as $10,000! This software will save you MEGABUCKS folks!
  6. Based on the content of the IRS' own publications, references, and laws, including:
  7. Comes with a short PDF MF Decoder User Manual in Acrobat format showing in detail how to install and operate it.
  8. Certified virus and copy protection and spyware free.  No adds or banners to harass you and the software doesn't snoop on you or reveal your private information to third parties or force you to give up your privacy to register it.
  9. Detailed reports showing the meaning of each field or term and the authorities from which the meaning was derived.  This makes the reports useful as legal evidence in court.
  10. Help on each field by simply double-clicking on it to see detailed background.
  11. Integrated online help system
  12. User screens for:
    • Definitions of IRS terms and acronyms.   Approx. 700 terms and definitions so far.  Each definition shows the IRS publication that it was derived from.
    • Decode status reporting:  Allows automated decode status emails to be sent out to all active clients if you are decoding professionally.
    • Fields listing for Individual Master File (IMF), Business Master File (BMF), and Employee Plans Master File (EPMF) records.  240 fields so far with complete listing of field values and meanings and the authorities from which they are derived.
    • IRS forms and publications.  Complete database of all IRS forms and publications.  740 IRS forms listed so far.
    • Systems of records.  Records available from the Treasury and IRS through the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act.
    • User accounts.  Allows IMF's of multiple users to be decoded.  Great for businesses that are servicing multiple "nontaxpayers" who have been defrauded by the IRS.
    • Exhibits.  Lists all exhibits that form the basis for the interpretation of every field and transaction decoded by the software.
    • FOIA contacts.  All offices where you can send your FOIA requests.  Maintained up to date.
    • FOIA templates.  Predefined FOIA requests that can be automatically customized and generated for each user.  13 so far.  Please send us others.
    • FOIA request generator.  Automatically fills in a FOIA template with the information specific to a person and prints it out with all exhibits ready for mailing.
    • AMDISA decoding.  Decodes your IRS audit information.
    • Individual Master File (IMF) decoding.  Deciphers all codes in your IRS files regarding the returns that you have filed or which were filed by the IRS in you behalf.
    • IRS History.  Documents the chronological history of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    • Illegal practices:  Various illegal techniques used by unscrupulous IRS agents for falsifying your IRS electronic record.  5 illegal practices so far.
    • Database change history.  History of revisions to the database design.
    • Transaction codes.  Identifies all transaction codes that are used in the transaction portion of your IMF and BMF file.
  13. Flags in red all IMF records that are suspected of being illegal or fraudulent, tells you why they are illegal, and tells you what to ask for to get further evidence of illegal activity.  Illegal activity detection includes (but is not limited to):
    • Suspicious freezes on account, putting it in manual mode.
    • Illegal Substitute for Returns (SFRs) (from TXMOD transactions report).
    • Invalid blocking codes, which indicates an illegal manipulation of the IMF.
    • Illegal Transaction Code 370 importations from NMF and BMF.
    • Time-barred assessments outside the Assessment Statute Expiration Date (ASED).
    • Illegal extension of Assessment Statute Expiration Date (ASED) by lying to the computer that you submitted an IRS form 872.
    • Time-barred collection activity outside the Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED).
    • Illegal notices sent to "taxpayer", such as CP-501, CP-502, CP-503, CP-504.
  14. Automatically looks up most codes contained in the IMF file and explains what they mean.
  15. Source for definitions of all terms and fields is clearly shown so you can verify the information yourself.  This makes the software outputs useful in a court of law when litigating against the IRS and the DOJ.  We even give you a web hotlink for the definition or field so you can look it up online automatically!
  16. Sample "IMF MCC-SPECIFIC" reports from the IRS included with highlighted fields showing what each definition means.
  17. Complete error-handling with copious feedback if you make a mistake.
  18. Prints completed FOIA requests appropriate for your situation, so you don't have to worry about the minutia.

Conditions on the copyright for those who use the software:

A very important goal of this software is to democratize the FOIA and IMF discovery process so that anyone can do it with very little expertise.  This will hopefully reduce the cost of getting it done if you decide to pay someone to do it.  Because of this, we insist that all companies that are decoding IMF's for clients using this software MUST:

  • Tell their clients that they are using this software.

  • Tell them where on the internet they can download their own version of the software and offer a place to download it if this website is not accessible.

That way, everyone who is paying for decoding of their IMF will know what they are paying for and can investigate learning to use the tool themselves.  Likewise, every private individual who uses this software is required to tell at least three others about it, including the web address where they can download it.

Users agree not to resell, reverse engineer, modify, rename, or redistribute a renamed software without the express written consent of SEDM.

 PDF Click here to see a sample report.

Below are some screen shots from the software:


MFDecoder 1


MF Decoder 2


MF Decoder 3

We welcome your suggestions for enhancing the software.  In particular, we invite you to submit the following:

  • The meaning of codes in IMF, BMF, or EPMF files that are not currently decoded by the software and the reference document (e.g. Internal Revenue Manual or 6209 Manual) which describes the meaning of the code.
  • Documentation of new illegal practices you have discovered that are not already identified by the software.  Please accompany the documentation of your new fraud technique with an actual scanned image of an IMF file and the IRS manual showing how the technique is used and a detailed explanation of why you think it is a bogus transaction, including references to the Internal Revenue Manual or 6209 Manual section that explains your analysis.

6.  History of Changes:

Click here for a revision history for the software.  This information is most useful to those who obtained earlier versions of the software and who want to see what new features have been introduced since them so that they will know whether they should upgrade.

MF Decoder is provided without warranty of any kind.  Users agree to use the software at their own risk and to hold the developer harmless and not liable for any and all consequences arising from using or lack of ability to use the software. It is not intended or authorized to be used as a "tax shelter" or way to reduce the lawfully assessed liability of a "taxpayer"

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
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