1. General Software Description
  2. Minimum System Requirements
  3. Software Support and Training
  4. History of Changes

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History of changes

1.  General Software Description

FLA Video Demo Watch a Demo! (96 minutes, 131Mbytes).  Windows Media Player 9 format

The Family Legal Assistant (FLA) is a specialized Microsoft Access database designed specifically for use by FREEDOM FIGHTERS and small law offices to automate the management of both administrative interactions and litigation in defense of your rights or that of your clients. 

In the legal field, this software is referred to as Case Management (CM) Software and is VERY expensive, costing legal firms upwards of $10,000 per seat to buy, install, and support.  We developed FLA because we:

  1. Thought existing products were heavily overpriced.
  2. Thought we could do a much better job than what is commercially available.
  3. Wanted the small guy to be on a level playing field with the big players with deep pockets in government and at large corporations.

Our book entitled Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Manual, Form #10.005, sections and recommends using this tool as a good way to organize yourself to deal effectively with corruption in a de facto government. 

Those who buy this software get a FREE installation directly from SEDM.  To get your free installation, simply submit your order number and request for free installation to our Contact Us Page in the About->Contact menu above.


Key features of the software:

  1. Extensive free PDF User Manual.  Check it out!
  2. Prints case document listings and indexes of your case.
  3. Very useful for:
    • Tracking billable hours to clients.  Has a built in client timer useful for attorneys and paralegals to keep track time spent on each case they are managing.  This allows you to precisely compute how how much to sue the other side for when you pursue legal fees against them for their incompetence
    • Maintaining your case journal and phone log (has a place to write your journal).
    • Simplifying compliance with local court rules and legal process.
    • Tracking and annotating the court docket.
    • Managing legal discovery such as admissions, requests for the production of documents (RFPD), and interrogatories.
    • Tracking witnesses, evidence, and exhibits.
    • Organizing and maintaining your client and legal records.
    • Maintaining your document log, where you serialize all correspondence with the Opposing Party.
    • Producing labels for and organizing legal folders.
    • Finding internet legal resources
    • Maintaining an archive of legal forms you are using to litigate against the other side, so you can reuse the forms again later.
  4. Very easy to use.  Designed for the layman with few computer skills. 
  5. Low in cost.  Similar software programs cost MUCH more and are not useful for administrative or litigation management.
  6. Certified virus and copy protection and spyware free.  No adds or banners to harass you and the software doesn't snoop on you or reveal your private information to third parties or force you to give up your privacy to register it.
  7. Complete error-handling with copious feedback if you make a mistake.
  8. Imports data from older versions when you upgrade so you don't have to reenter your data every time you upgrade.  Your investment in using the software and your information are safe.
  9. Extensive security system for control of confidential and privileged client information:
    • Access to specific screens can be controlled on a per user or per group basis.
    • Access log records all database accesses.
    • Each screen has up to five levels of security access, and each type of access can be assigned per user or group.
    • Database transactions log records all changes to information in the database in order to pinpoint people performing unauthorized changes to specific data.
  10. Designed for multi-user shared network use
    • This allows a whole law office to standardize on the use of FLA and to centralize all client and case information, and yet protect it so that only attorneys working on a specific case can see case or client information.
    • Supports multiple sites and database replication between sites.
    • Automatically handles record locking and conflicts.
  11. Some of the screens included in this software are:
    • Jurisdictions- the data appearing in our PDF SEDM Jurisdictions Database, Litigation Tool #09.003, is included in this tool to make finding law and research sources on any subject a snap.
    • Clients
    • Client summary
    • Court cases
    • Points and authorities
    • Points of contact
    • Legal forms and templates
    • Glossary
    • Acronyms
    • MSA clauses (Marital Settlement Agreement clauses, which are clauses that Family Law attorneys use to prepare Marital Settlement Agreements)
    • Legal Information sources
    • Lawyers
    • Firm information (information about the law firm or individual using the database)
    • Internet Yellow Pages
    • Caseload summary (lists all active cases, if you are fighting several entities within the government)
    • Quotations
    • Glossary
    • Acronyms
  12. Encrypted database.  Even if the government or your opponent get a copy of the software, they won't be able to extract ANY data without knowing your password.

FLA was developed over a period of two years after reviewing the features of several similar commercial and professional products, including the following in order to gather requirements for how it should function:

  1. Smart Attorney
  2. Quicken Family Lawyer
  3. ProLAW
  4. PC Law

The software has been beta tested and used professionally by members of this ministry as well as at least two family law attorney's offices, so it is relatively bullet proof.  It was developed originally to automate the management of a pro per divorce case but it eventually was used professionally by several attorneys and they said they liked it.  Much of what we learned about law and the operation of small law offices we owe to the development of this software as we tried to tailor it to meet the needs expressed to us directly by family law attorneys.  Using this software to handle the paralegal aspects of your case by yourself, in tandem with the Association of Counsel (OFFSITE LINK) form, can save individuals who have to litigate against the government  TONS of money because it empowers them to handle most paralegal aspects of their case themselves instead of paying an expensive attorney to handle every minute detail. 

Not even most attorneys, it turns out, handle the vast majority of their case.  They rely heavily on the services of a resident paralegal person, who doesn't even need a license or any professional training, it turns out.  This software allows you to fill the role of a paralegal much more effectively, it turns out, than even most paralegals!  FLA instead keeps you very engaged with your case and handling most of the administrative and paralegal matters easily yourself.  If you hire an attorney as co-counsel or coach, it also allows the attorney to stay focused on what you pay him to worry about: strategy and tactics and presentation to the court, instead of getting wrapped up in mechanics, legal research, and the day to day "administrivia" (as we call it) of your case.  You can rest assured that even most small law offices, based on actual first hand experience watching them operate ourself, aren't as effective and organized as this software program can make you, so you will have a BIG advantage over the Dept. of Justice of both the United States and your state!

Below are some screen shots from the software:



Complete user manual available for FREE as follows:

Download Free
Family Legal Assistant (FLA) User Manual

Version 1.02 (4.5 Mbytes,  Last updated 1-12-12)
(Right-click and select "Save-As" to save to your local hard drive)

You can obtain the software by clicking on the link below.  This website is the ONLY outlet for this software.  If you obtained this software any other way, you were SCAMMED and we want to hear about WHO scammed you.  Please submit a message through our Contact Us Page identifying the scamster so we can black list him/her/it:

Family Legal Assistant (FLA)

Version 1.02 (Last updated 1-12-12)

Click here for a detailed history of changes since the first release of this software

2.  Minimum System Requirements:

  1. Compatible Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2012.
  2. Microsoft Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or Office365 versioninstalled-mandatoryMicrosoft Access is part of Microsoft Office Professional or Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium.

    NOTE: Microsoft Access 97 or earlier WILL NOT work so please don't contact us to complain about this fact or ask us to help you to get it to work.

  3. Personal Computer or compatible

    • Note:  Does not work on the Macintosh except in Windows Emulation mode with Microsoft Access installed.    Microsoft Access is NOT available under MacOSX so it will only run within an emulated virtual machine such as VMWare Fusion.
  4. 128MB RAM
  5. 60 MB available disk space

3.  Software Support and Training:

  1. Visit our Support area, Section 11 for answers to frequently asked questions and video tutorials demonstrating how to do selected tasks with this software.
  2. Visit our Family Legal Assistant (FLA) Support Forums, Forum #5.2 to view questions and answers relating to use of the software by our Members.  Note that you MUST register to access this forum and that you must consent unconditionally to our Member Agreement in order to register.
  3. To report bugs or problems with this software, use the Family Legal Assistant (FLA) Support Forums, Forum 5.2.  Please read the user manual first before you submit a bug report, because your problem may be operator error and we don't want to clutter the forum with frivolous questions.
  4. The software is large (60 Mbytes) and may require a decompression utility to unzip once downloaded.  Most versions of Windows includes such a utility free.

4.  History of Changes:

Click here for a revision history for the software.  This information is most useful to those who obtained earlier versions of the software and who want to see what new features have been introduced since them so that they will know whether they should upgrade.

Family Legal Assistant (FLA) is provided without warranty of any kind.  Users agree to use the software at their own risk and to hold the developer harmless and not liable for any and all consequences arising from using or lack of ability to use the software.

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
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