Our Members frequently send us feedback and letters.  We though you might want to hear what they are saying about us.  Below are a few of the emails we have received, and note that we have never had a member contact us to complain about the value they received from our educational materials.

  1. "We cannot thank you wonderful folks enough for all the hard work and diligence in providing good and lawful peoples this resource. You truly are the apple of Our Lords eye. Blessings and Divine protection to You and Yours. Thanks so very much... We were waiting patiently for many years for you to arrive...
    Ambassador J. Dawson. In His Majesty Our Lord and King Jesus' service."
    [J. Dawson, 10/18/2007]
  2. "I'd like to say that I absolutely love the amazing resource of this amazing website. Wow. I have been living in the truth for over ten years now and I've made some mistakes by going with a few of the misguided arguments, but I have always utilized enough of the arguments with real teeth that I have never been persecuted beyond the annual letter from the IRS that serves as my "reminder" that I owe. Right.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I'll be looking into what I can do to support this awesome ministry. Yes, I am a believer. Ye shall know the truth ... !"
    [J. Aitkins, 1/11/2007]
  3. "In the words of old Casey Stengel, you guys are amazin!! Since August, I have been engrossed in 'What Happened to Justice?'-the book and large CD which I made into 4 books.  Now I had to set that aside and study 'Tax Fraud Prevention Manual.'  You do good thorough work and I am like an old hungry bear devouring the stuff.  Thanks!"
    [C. Judd, 1/17/2007]
  4. "Let me just take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for  all the work that you have done to make this information available to us.  I  know that you spent years in researching it and it will take me years to digest it."
    [D. Johnson, 2/10/2007]
  5. "You have an absolutely awesome site.  I have been studying it for about a year now and I have ordered some of your offerings.. . .Thanks for an extremely helpful source of information."
    [R. Pinnock, 2/21/2007]
  6. "I am impressed with your information on quitting social security.  [. . .] Even though your information is quite extensive the strongest legal argument for withdrawal lies in the fact that this program does not force physicians, members of congress, state or local government employees, or members of some religious groups from fiscal enslavement.  This absolutely violates federal laws on discrimination and the equal protection clause of the constitution."
    [M. Hornsby, 3/5/2007]
  7. . . ."thank you... you are fabulous, I can't imagine how blessed and brilliant you are thank you, I love you....."
    [Robin, 3/16/2007]
  8. "Praise YHVH for finding you!  [. . .] Thank you for being there and declaring TRUTH!"
    [B. Byrum, 4/2/2007]
  9. "I have studied the issues from time to time, but have never found a site with such a good collection as yours.  I must have wasted hundreds of hours over the years to get a small portion of what you have collected. Again! Thanks!!  You have a wonderful site.  I will come back again and again, as well as refer it to any one with any questions."
    [R. Miller, 4/6/2007]
  10. "I have enjoyed your brilliant work [. . .] on "What Happened to Justice" and although I could not afford the 100 dollar disk version at the time, I was simply blown away by the book material nonetheless.. . .Thank You for your tremendous contributions to spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the many other truths that continue to wake people up." 
    [P. Ferguson, 9/26/2006]
  11. I just wanted to express my thanks for your ministry. I love the way God's law is brought out in all of your materials. I have always had a need to make those practical connections. I have read the verses since childhood but never was able to make them apply to real life situations. They seemed to be only part of a long dead nation of Israel, when in fact the New Testament tells us we are the real and living Israel if we are God's followers. Please keep up the good work."
    [J. Archer, 11/11/2006]
  12. "I would gleefully support your ministry and website in any capacity. I am very impressed by all of it thus far. I am a devoted Christian and a researcher and I believe your ministry and website is of the best I have come across yet. I don't say this to brag on you, just to give my complements. I applaud you all and all your efforts! With Respect" 
    [Brian H., 12/11/2006]
  13. "I've really enjoyed the Philosophy of Liberty flash file you stream from your site. . . .  Great site with impressive amounts of accessible and cross-referenced research.  Would be very interested in what, if any, web frameworks you used to build your site or whether you built it all yourself from scratch."
    [T.C. Bowen, 12/15/2006]
  14. "Thank you for your website and obvious hard work. I have made several donations for several publications and have been well pleased with the value received. . . .Again thank you for your work. You have given me hope where there had been complete despair before. I have recommended your site to everyone I know. May God Bless and Keep You Well." 
    [M. Branch, 3/10/2005]
  15. "We appreciate your ministry and your kind attention."
    [Tom, 11/19/2004]
  16. "...love your website!" 
    [M. B., Social Security Administration, 10/29/2004]
  17. "This MFDecoder is the Bomb (the greatest)!  I haven't received my IMF response yet, but I have an old 1994 IMF that I tried out and what it showed me was fantastic.  This rang up so many illegals that there are to many to list. Thanks so much for your efforts.  Too bad there is not a similar decoder for use with the California Franchise Tax Board.  Once again thanks so much."
    [L. Hodgson, 9/21/2004]
  18. "Thank you for your extensive work on this site, I find it of great service and help. God bless you in your endeavors."
    [D. Faris, 8/20/2004]
  19. "Thank you so much for the help. Your web site is such a blessing."
    [D. Goodin, 8/6/2004]
  20. "I just feel that that what you guys are doing is the right thing for freedom loving people of this nation.  God bless you as well...thanks" 
    [J. Panarelli, 7/26/2004]
  21. "May God bless you richly for all your work in spreading the truth about the IRS!" 
    [B. McCurdy, 7/16/2004]
  22. "I wanted to thank you for the wonderful information you folks are making available."
    [P. Johnson, 7/15/2004]
  23. "Thank you for the information.  I am greatly enjoying the book."
    [A. Lacey, 5/23/2004]
  24. "You do great work...  I can't wait to have some "free time" to delve into all your information on the web sites."
    [L. Sroufe, 5/1/2004]
  25. "I just want to thank you for all the hours of study and research that you have done for the tax honesty movement.  I have been reading the GREAT IRS TAX HOAX and the TAX FRAUD PREVENTION MANUAL. Also, I received the MASTER FILE DECODER program and will be using it to decode my IMF and AMDISA files.[..text omitted..]  On the 861 web site (http://theft-by-deception.com/participate.asp) all of these arguments are referred to as "If the law itself does not support some theory about what the law means, then that theory is worthless. (Click here for more information about various incorrect "tax protestor" theories and arguments.)"  After reading your arguments and checking the actual wording of the Code I have to agree with you on these subjects. I don't know how you have time to write and research and maintain your web site because I can't even find the time to read everything that you have available.  I was sorry to see these positions labeled as incorrect by Larken Rose and I believe that his statements are rebuttable with the material that you have published. [..text omitted..] I don't think we should be fighting with each other and that every one can bring something of value to the table. I like the way you present your positions and don't criticize anyone. Keep up the good work. Thanks and may God bless you."
    [L. Swartz, 4/19/2004]
  26. "Thanks for your freedom fighting. You guys are the best I have yet seen"
    [Martin, 4/11/2004]
  27. "God Bless you for what you are able to do and we have to thank Him for giving the people the talent to create the Internet. If it wasn't for the Internet this information would not be getting out. And to think how completely we were fooled and used to believe in our government, and how many still are, what a con they're running-control, power and greed." 
    [D. Griggs, 3/4/2004]
  28. "I really appreciate your web site. I'm  going to send others to it. Thank you so much."
    [Blake, 3/4/2004]
  29. "I would like you to know your books have been an answer to pray[er]. It's  wonderful hearing all the references to the Lord. Also they are so interesting and keep your interest that it's hard to skip pages. Thank you so much and God Bless."
    [D. Goodin, 2/20/2004]
  30. "Fantastic website!!  God does work in strange ways." 
    [T. Westlake, 2/17/2004]

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