The information, materials, and services offered by this ministry or on this website are copyrighted, privileged, and licensed.  All of the Ministry educational services and information offered on this website and through interacting with members or officers of the ministry are subject to the following:

  1. SEDM Member Agreement, Form #01.001.
  2. pdf Terms of Use and Service, Form #01.016.

1.  How you become a member

We encourage anyone to do any of the following, and by doing so, they implicitly consent to become a Member and are subject to the terms of the Member Agreement.

  1. Contact us for help with their problems or questions either via email or using our Contact Us Page.
  2. Request our services through the ministry bookstore, such as IMF Decoding, paralegal help, etc.
  3. Obtain ministry materials or services offered through the Ministry Bookstore.
  4. Participate in the Ministry as a volunteer or agent.
  5. Sign our Member Agreement and faxing or mailing it to the Ministry.
  6. Join our Member Subscriptions service or avail yourself of any of its benefits.
  7. Download any of the free materials or information available on the SEDM website at
  8. Make a donation to the ministry.
  9. Join our Member Forums
  10. Submit or send any of the materials appearing on this website to any third party in any administrative or legal matter, and especially one involving any Member or Officer of this ministry.
  11. Use any of the materials or output of services available through this website as evidence in any legal or administrative enforcement proceeding.
  12. Make any commercial use whatsoever of the materials or services available through this ministry so as to benefit anyone OTHER than the ministry. This includes: 1. Trying to enjoin the materials; 2. Slandering the authors as a way to maximize revenues to a corrupted de facto government from ILLEGAL enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code; 3. Selling the materials available through this website in violation of the copyright.
  13. Sign up for a Basic Membership.

2.  Constraints on "use" of our "tax information and services"

HOWEVER, those who do not consent unconditionally or perpetually, and comply completely with our Member Agreement for the tax years they seek assistance with may not:

  1. "Use" any of our "tax information and services".  "Use" includes the following:

    1.1  Attaching to correspondence sent to the government.

    1.2  Attaching to legal pleadings sent to any government.

    1.3  Attaching or incorporating within any tax return or tax collection correspondence sent to the federal or state
           taxing authorities.

    1.4  Incorporating our materials by reference or providing a hyperlink to our website in correspondence or legal
           pleadings sent to any government.

    1.5  Mentioning anything or anyone connected with our ministry website or any member of our ministry as an
           authority or a basis for your beliefs about your responsibilities under the law.

  2. Attend any of our meetings or educational events.
  3. Contact Us or any member of our ministry seeking help with a tax problem.
  4. Post any tax questions about your situation in our Member Forums.

3.  Definition of "tax information and services"

For the purposes of this entire website, the term "tax information or services" includes and is limited ONLY to the following, which are also listed in Member Agreement, Section 2:

  1. Federal response letters.
  2. State response letters.
  3. All forms or publications relating to taxation on our Forums Page. This includes ONLY:
    3.1  Sections 1.4, 1.7, 1.11.3, 1.15, and 5 of the Forms Page.
    3.2  Section 1.5 of the Forms Page: Forms 05.001, 05.002, 05.005-05.013, 05.020, 05.026, 05.028, 05.031, 05.035-05.036, 05.039.
  4. All documents, pleadings, or books available on the Litigation Tools page relating to taxation.
  5. Any of the tax related materials within our Member Subscription Library.
  6. Paralegal services such as document, research, or pleading preparation relating to taxation.
  7. Individual Master File (IMF) decoding services.
  8. The Master File Decoder software.

We warn users of this website that our Member Agreement also forbids any Member from:

  1. Sharing materials they obtained through our Ministry Bookstore or Member Subscriptions with anyone, including family members, who did not already personally obtain said item from our Bookstore.
  2. Sharing their username and/or password to the Member Forums, Member Subscriptions, or Ministry Bookstore with anyone.
  3. Conducting legal discovery against any member of this ministry.
  4. Engaging in litigation against any officer or member of this ministry.

4.  Conclusion

The terms of our Copyright/Software/User License Agreement and Member Agreement are subject to change without notice to Members.  All Members and users of our materials, by using our privileged services and materials, implicitly consent unconditionally to all present and future versions of these agreements.  Caveat emptor.

The main reason for these policies is to:

  1. Prevent abuse of our materials or services.
  2. Prevent violations of law by those using our materials or services.
  3. Avoid bringing reproach on this ministry or the God we serve.
  4. Avoid becoming the target of law enforcement activity.
  5. Protect governments and the legal profession from ignorant and needless abuse by people who don't know what they are doing and refuse to read or obey the law.
  6. Prevent you from blaming us for any of your choices or actions or transfer any responsibility to us for any aspect of those choices or actions.  You can't be sovereign if you have anyone to blame for your own choices or actions.

For additional reasons behind this policy, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, Questions 0.9 and 0.11. 

Please DO NOT contact us to ask us to make an exception to this policy in your specific case.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)
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