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"If it can't be found on SEDM, then it DOESN'T EXIST!"

"Velcome to Amerika, Comrade:  Land of the [franchise] fee and home of the [debt] slave."

WMV The U.S. Supreme Court says the GOVERNMENT has to LEAVE US ALONE- Judge Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court admits that the law DESTROYS churches and families, which are the ONLY thing covered or protected by this website.  He also admits that the government's proper role is to leave these institutions, and by implication this ministry, alone.  SEDM Exhibit #03.005.  The RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE is the very definition of JUSTICE, and he says (SEDM Exhibit #04.024) that the court's main purpose is "justice".

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To get more involved with SEDM activities and members in YOUR area, please click on the map below:

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Welcome to our religious fellowship and ministry. We are a First Amendment, not-for-profit, unincorporated, unregistered, non-privileged, non-denominational religious fellowship and ministry. Our Mission is to honor, to love, and to obey our Lord and God by teaching, reading, learning, and obeying His Holy Law and Word, putting Him first, and loving our neighbor by keeping the government as our servant and His steward for truth and justice. 

See the following for authorities on why we, and especially Christians, must learn law:

Authorites on why we must PERSONALLY learn, follow, and enforce man's law and God's law

Our goal is to inspire and motivate and educate mainly those born or naturalized in the USA (and NOT "U.S.") and who are Members in how to love, honor, obey, glorify, and lift up our Sovereign Lord above every king, ruler, government, and earthly law at a personal and very practical level and in every area of our lives.  This is the essence of our religious worship and the essence, according to the Bible, of how we love our God. Our ministry accomplishes the above goals by emphasizing:

  1. Legal education focused on both God's law and man's law.
  2. Religious liberty, faith and worship.
  3. Law enforcement and legal activism.
  4. Self government:  Internal rather than external government.
  5. Personal responsibility, good citizenship, individual sovereignty.
  6. Nonviolent, lawful exercise of non-partisan activism in pursuit of ONLY religious goals.
  7. A return of a lawful, limited, accountable, and Constitutional government which is God's servant, rather than His enemy or His competitor for the affections and worship of the Sovereign People, "We the People"
  8. Exposing, publicizing, and opposing socialism, corruption, and violations of the Constitution and the law by government employees and officials.
  9. Exercising our First Amendment right of self-government exclusively under the civil laws of our God.
  10. Protecting and expanding the separation of powers doctrine, and especially the separation of church, which is believers, from state, which is the unbelieving people and governments around them.

All of our worship, educational materials, and classes focus on the above goals. This is a fulfillment of the commandments of the Lord governing the relationship of believers to the world available below:

Commandments About Relationship of Believers to the World


If you would like to know more about our Ministry, you are invited to read:

  1. PDF Ministry Introduction Course, Form #12.014-brief, simplified introduction to our ministry
  2. Testimonials
  3. Kudos from our readers- Forum #9.1
  4.  Policy Document:  Answers to Press Questions About Sovereignty Advocacy, Form #08.019
  5. Sovereignty For Police Officers, Form #12.022 - This presentation is designed to rebut political propaganda against Sovereignty Advocates directed at police officers, police departments and government personnel. It gives all government personnel and police officers a clear understanding of sovereignty as a just, lawful, and peaceful pursuit. It is also useful as training in how to deal with police officers who are oppressing nonresidents in the free exercise of their right to travel.
    icon Video
  6.  Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments About Sovereignty, Form #08.018- rebuttal to common false arguments about sovereignty advocates.
  7. icon Why are Conservatives So Mean? (OFFSITE LINK)
  8. Government Corruption - illegal and unconstitutional government corruption that this ministry seeks legal and political remedies for in fulfillment of our biblical calling to love and protect our neighbor as God commands.
  9. About Us page in the menu above.
  10. PDF SEDM Articles of Mission, Form #01.004-describes our ministry in detail.
  11. Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments Against This Website, Form #08.011-rebuts common false arguments about our ministry and our website.
  12. Policy Document: Problems with Atheistic Anarchism, Form #08.020 - why we are not "lawless" or anarchists toward all law and how this makes us different from libertarians and atheistic anarchists such as Stefan Molyneux..
    icon Video
  13. Vistor Statistics (OFFSITE LINK)-the numbers of visitors is nowhere near accurate, but the demographics may be useful to our audience.  These are INDEPENDENT third party statistics that we are NOT responsible for and do no condone in any way.

For past questions and answers to or about us, and how to make new inquiries, see:

  1. Guide to Asking Questions, Form #09.017-important constraints on your contact with us
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about us, our information, and our services.
  3. Questions and Answers from Ministry Members to Ministry Staff-SEDM Forums

The links appearing in the "LEGAL RESEARCH LINKS" and "REFERENCE LINKS" listed in the menu above are offered by independent third parties. Note that we are not responsible for the content of these third party materials and cannot and will not respond to questions about them.

"Humble obedience to the Constitution by public servants is
the paramount 'compelling state interest'."


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