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  1. Details about us
  2. Important information you should be aware of
  3. How to contact a representative for an interview
  4. History of past dealings with the press
  5. Should the FBI Arrest the U.S. Supreme Court?
  6. Approach Towards Violence and Terrorism
  7. Approach Towards "Hate Speech" and Hate Crime
"For the time will come when they [Americans] will not endure sound doctrine [or TRUTH], but according to their own [fleshly] desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers [of immorality, a corrupted media]; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables [PDF deception by lawyers using "words of art", political propaganda, and PDF FALSE PRESUMPTIONS that serve as the equivalent of religious faith].  But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry."
[2 Tim. 4:3-5, Bible, NKJV]

This page is intended for those in the press or media who would like:

  1. A simplified summary of our ministry, its goals, and its position on major issues.
  2. Information about how to arrange an interview with us.

The content of this page is also found in:  PDF SEDM Articles of Mission, Form #01.004, Chapter 5.

1.  Details about us

  1. PDF Ministry Introduction Course, Form #12.014-brief, simplified introduction to our ministry
  2. PDF SEDM Articles of Mission, Form #01.004-describes our ministry in detail.
  3. Kudos from our readers– Forum #9.1
  4. Testimonials
  5. About Us page
  6. Statement of Faith
  7. Government Corruption, Form #11.401 - corruption that we seek to eliminate
  8. Reforms we Seek -how we propose to eliminate the above corruption.
  9. Guide to Asking Questions, Form #09.017-important constraints on your contact with us
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about us, our information, and our services.
  11. Questions and Answers from Ministry Members to Ministry Staff-SEDM Forums
  12. Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments About Sovereignty, Form #08.018
  13. Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments Against This Website, Form #08.011-rebuts common false arguments about our ministry and our website.

2.  Important information you should be aware of

If you are contacting us in connection with the "sovereign citizen" movement, please carefully read or watch the following resources. 

  1. Interview with Robert Menard Director of the World Freeman Society (OFFSITE LINK) - he answers press questions the same way we would
  2. Subject Index, Section 67 on "Sovereign Citizens"
  3. Policy Document:  Answers to Press Questions About Sovereignty Advocacy, Form #08.019
  4. Policy Document: Problems with Atheistic Anarchism, Form #08.020 - addresses why we are NOT "anarchists" toward all law like most "sovereign citizens" and libertarians are.
  5. Sovereignty for Police Officers, Form #12.022- explains sovereignty concepts for law enforcement and government personnel
  6. Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments About Sovereignty, Form #08.018
  7. Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments Against This Website, Form #08.011, Sections 7, and 9.1 through 9.5
  8. Why are Conservatives So Mean? (OFFSITE LINK)
  9. The following are LIES and propaganda we oppose, which in many cases YOU, the CORRUPTED MEDIA, are helping spread because of your legal ignorance:
    9.1  Anti-Thought Control Dictionary (OFFSITE LINK) -abuse of language by media and politicans that we will NOT tolerate in any communication with the media
    9.2  Legal Deception, Propaganda, and Fraud, Form #05.014
    9.3  Foundations of Freedom, Video 4: Willful Government Deception and Propaganda, Form #12.021
  10. What is Anarchy? -Noam Chomsky


  1. We are NOT elitists, but instead insist on the equality, dignity, autonomy, and self-determination of ALL. The largest collection of men called government has no more rights under REAL law than a single human being if in fact we are ALL equal, as President Obama alleged in his first inauguration speech.
  2. We are NOT anti-government. If in fact THE PEOPLE are the SOVEREIGN and therefore the "State" as legally defined, its absolutely absurd to be against such a group because the Bible commands us to love our neighbor, and therefore indirectly, the People in their sovereign capacity as the "State".
  3. We do NOT advance or condone injurious, lawless, or violent actions of any kind by anyone. Furthermore, to not consent to become a "subject" of the civil statutory law, which is optional, is not "lawless". If it is, then the GOVERNMENT is lawless, because under the concept of sovereign immunity, GOVERNMENTS claim (in violation of the constitution and the equality of all, we might add) the right to NOT be the subject of any law they want. If in fact we are all equal as the Constitution requires, then we ALL have the SAME sovereign immunity as the government has. If in fact the government is one of delegated powers, it can have NO MORE AUTHORITY or rights than the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE, from whom that authority was delegated. Anyone who suggests otherwise is one or more of the following:
    3.1 An idiot.
    3.2 A lunatic.
    3.3 A selfish elitist who wants to benefit themself or their group as one of the elite at the involuntary expense of someone else's EQUAL rights..
    3.4 A state worshipping idolater who attributes "supernatural" or "superior" powers to a government that the people themselves do not also have. Hence, they are often unknowingly advocating a state-sponsored civil religion in violation of the First Amendment prohibition against government establishment of religion.
  4. We DO NOT claim to be "sovereign citizens".
  5. We think that anyone who claims the status of "sovereign citizen" or any other convenient label the de facto government uses to maliciously slander, control, or enslave people is a PRESUMPTUOUS FOOL. This includes "taxpayer", "citizen", "resident", "person", "individual", etc.  Click here for the reason.
  6. We think that those in the de facto government who use the term "sovereign citizens" or any other derogatory term are also MALICIOUS FOOLS because they can't and won't even define their terms and refuse to be accountable for the legal limitations imposed by any and every definition they publish.  They are presumptuous fools.
    "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence [and presumptions] than does knowledge."
    [Charles Darwin  (1809-1882) 1871]

    "Believing [PRESUMING without checking the facts and evidence] is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers."
    [Bruce Calvert]

    “What luck for rulers that men do not think“ 
    [Adolf Hitler]
  7. We believe that anyone that trusts any government to either tell them the truth or protect their freedom is a FOOL, or what the Soviets used to call a "USEFUL IDIOT" for socialist dictators.

    "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, or to trust civil rulers or government to do the right thing."

    "Confidence is everywhere the parent of despotism.  Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence."
    [Thomas Jefferson: Draft, Kentucky Resolutions, 1798;  SOURCE:]

  8. Anyone such as yourself who abuses slander, misinformation, propaganda, or fallacies to radicalize the public against us and bring unwarranted violence or "selective enforcement" against us are the REAL terrorists and threat to the public.
  9. By downloading, quoting, or using anything from this site, you automatically become consenting parties to our Member Agreement, Form #01.001Click here for the warning on this subject.  We do this because your use of the materials is usually intended to adversely affect their credibility or value or commercial value.  Hence, you are using copyrighted materials for a commercial purpose.
  10. If you don't like our tactics, then you have the PDF corrupted de facto government to thank.  All we have done is immitate their behavior.  They only talk to or help or "protect" those who are privileged franchisees called "taxpayers".  We only talk to or help "members" who are party to a covenant with us.  God does the same thing in the Bible:  He only protects those who are obedient to the covenant between Him and his followers, which in his case is the Bible. PDF Click here for details on the nature of the Bible as a private law franchise contract.

3.  How to contact a representative for an interview

The following procedure should be followed for those desiring an interview. 

  1. Read or view the following documents completely.  The interviewer will be required to know the content and will be quizzed on them:
    1.1  Interview with Robert Menard Director of the World Freeman Society (OFFSITE LINK) - he answers press questions the same way we would
    1.2  PDF Ministry Introduction Course, Form #12.014-brief, simplified introduction to our ministry
    1.3  Policy Document:  Answers to Press Questions About Sovereignty Advocacy, Form #08.019
    1.4  Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments Against This Website, Form #08.011.  Section 14 of this document deals specifically with rebutted media/press arguments against this ministry.
    1.5   Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments About Sovereignty, Form #08.018
    1.6  Member Agreement, Form #01.001
  2. The press interviewer or person contacting us should download and print and read the following, answer the questions, and sign the form:
    PDF Press Questionnaire, Form #01.015
  3. Download and print and read the following:
    Press Agreement, Form #01.013

  4. Provide the following documents to your corporate counsel (or to your supervisor if you don't have a corporate counsel) and have him answer the following under penalty of perjury with his real legal birthname and an address where he physically works and can be served with legal process. 

    4.1 PDF Test for Federal Tax Professionals, Form #03.009

    4.2 PDF The "Trade or Business" SCAM, Form #05.001 -answer the questions at the end and provide detailed authorities on anything inaccurate.  Absence of rebuttal shall constitute an admission of everything not rebutted per Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(b)(6).

    We will use your answers to prove that not only are we NOT violating any law, but that YOU are the law breakers in the interview and we will insist that this very violation of the law and your absolute refusal to expose or prosecute it, and especially in your workplace, is the origin and cause of ALL of the alleged violent behavior that you criticize and slander on the part of so-called "sovereign citizens", of which we are NOT one.  And as a condition of the interview, you must promise to post your answers on your website for everyone in your employ to discover the FRAUD that you are perpetuating upon them.
  5. Submit a request to interview us via our Contact Us page.  Make sure you read the BOTTOM of the Contact Us Page.  Include:
    5.1  A signed copy of the PDF Press Agreement, Form #01.013.
    5.2  A signed copy of the PDF Press Questionnaire, Form #01.015 completed by the media contact who will be conducting the interview and writing the story.
    5.3  A signed copy of documents in step 4, if it applies.
  6. We will spend at least a week reviewing your submissions.  We will call you and quiz you on the content of the documents listed in items 1 and 3 above.
  7. After we are satisfied that your intentions are honorable and that you will not abuse our credibility or victimize us with propaganda, fallacies, or false and prejudicial presumptions and biases, then we will sign the Press Agreement, Form #01.013, provide you with a copy, and arrange an interview.

Step 4 of the above is not required if a live debate is televised and each participant strictly gets EQUAL time. Steps 2 through 6 of the above procedure apply only if any one or more of the following apply.

  1. People OTHER than us will be included in the story.
  2. Any portion of the interview will  NOT be published, will be edited, or will be redacted.
  3. You work for a major network such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Associated Press, Reuters, etc.
  4. You work for a corporation or government or the story is sponsored by a corporation or government.
  5. The subject of your interview deals with alleged violent or illegal activity on our part or on the part of anyone else included in the published or televised result.

If you are from any of the organizations listed on the left at the following link under "Unbiased News" or "Unbiased Broacasts", then the only step you need to complete is step 1:

Media and Intelligence Page, Family Guardian Website (OFFSITE LINK)

4.  History of past dealings with the press

This ministry or its members have been approached in the past by such organizations as ABC News National Headquarters in New York.  That interchange:

  1. Is described in:
    Path to Freedom, Form #09.015, Section 6.15
  2. Caused us to be excluded from the final story, which was fortunate because the story:
    2.1 Was not favorable and biased.
    2.2 Related to violent, unlawful, injurious, or anti-government statements or activities that we are NOT involved in and never have been involved in and DON'T approve of or condone.
  3. Was what lead to the strict constraints above.
  4. Was what has made us leery of the credibility and intentions of mainstream corporate controlled and government censored media.

5.  Should the FBI Arrest the U.S. Supreme Court?

Click here to the answer to that question

Please DO NOT contact us to ask us to make an exception to the above policy in your specific case.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

6.  Approach Towards Violence and Terrorism

The legal education we provide to the public has the practical effect of empowering people to seek non-violent, legal and peaceful remedies to their problems RATHER than undertaking looting, killing, rioting, and even civil war to procure those remedies. Thus our teachings and advocacy PREVENT violence rather than advocate it.

This website was established to prevent terrorism, not promote it.  We define any attempt to deprive anyone of life, liberty or property without their express consent manifested in a way that only they define as an act of terrorism.  We believe that there are only two types of governments: 

  1. PDF Government by consent.
  2. PDF Terrorist government.

Any attempt by any government to civilly govern or enforce, whether by civil law or franchise/contract law without the express and continuing consent of those governed is an act of terrorism.

terrorism.JPG (8549 bytes)
Original (pre-Orwellian) Definition of
the Word "Terrorism"
Funk and Wagnalls New
Practical Standard Dictionary (1946)

We don't object to the enforcement of the CRIMINAL statutory laws or the common law mandated in the Constitution, because these may be enforced WITHOUT consent in some form. We are NOT anarchists against all statutory law, as revealed in the following presentation:

Problems with Atheistic Anarchism, Form #08.020

If you are investigating us because you think we are terrorists, be prepared to talk EQUALLY and give EQUAL TIME in your story to the subject of GOVERNMENT terrorism as described in the following references. Otherwise, you are the same type of elitist that you are likely to accuse us of being and a HYPOCRITE:

  1. PDF Policy Document: Rebutted False Arguments About Sovereignty, Form #08.018, Sections 5 and 7
  2. PDF De Facto Government Scam, Form #05.043
  3. Terrorism Playlist (OFFSITE LINK) - Youtube
  4. Government Corruption
  5. Government Terror - Brasscheck TV
  6. I Want To Be A Spy (OFFSITE LINK)
  7. The REAL Matrix (OFFSITE LINK)
  8. Media Player Devil's Advocate: Lawyers. What We Are Up Against - a corrupted legal profession the runs an even more corrupted government is the real terrorist.
  9. We Bomb for Cash
  10. Media Player How the World Works
  11. Media Player Pirates and Emperors
  12. Media Player Government Mafia
  13. Flash If I Were The Devil -Paul Harvey
  14. Flash Terrorstorm (OFFSITE LINK) -Alex Jones
  15. Flash We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant (OFFSITE LINK)
  16. Flash Is the United States of America a leading terrorist state? (OFFSITE LINK)-Noam Chomsky
  17. Flash Statism and Terrorism - your government is terrorist
  18. Flash Securiotic-how governments have created a fictional war on terror to themselves become terrorists
  19. Flash Amazing Speech by War Veteran-he identifies the REAL terrorists.
  20. Flash Ken O'Keefe Dares To Say What Others Do Not
  21. Flash Party in the CIA

For a list of specific government terrorist activities we oppose, see:

PDF Ministry Introduction, Form #12.014, pp. 11-13


This website is in full compliance with H.R. 1955 , and  Section 318, 319  of the Criminal Code of Canada and as such condemns and does not retain any information, plans, support, of a  terrorist or violent  propaganda, and or radicalization nature, and does not conduct, plan, or retain any forms of violent thoughts, feelings, impulses, moods, subconscious thought, primal urges, sexual cravings, hunger pains, restless leg twitches, rapid eye flutters, and or skin tone blemishes which may be mistook for a pre-anger flush.  All fonts, typesets, font colors of a red nature are not - *NOT* to be mistaken for a angry tone or mistakenly linked to a violent radicalization agenda. Source files of interviews or MP3 files are strictly those of the authors and do NOT reflect the intent, mood or thoughts of the author(s) of this website.

6.  Approach Towards "Hate Speech" and Hate Crime

This website does not engage in, condone, or support hate speech or hate crimes,  violent thoughts, deeds or actions against any particular person(s), group, entity, government, mob, paramilitary force, intelligence agency, overpaid politician, head of state, queen, dignitary, ambassador, spy, spook, soldier, bowl cook, security flunky, contractor, dog, cat or mouse, Wal-Mart employee, amphibian, reptile, and or deceased entity without a  PB (Physical Body). By "hate speech" and "hate crime", we mean in the context of religious members of this site trying to practice their faith:

  1. Compelling members to violate any aspect of the Laws of the Bible, Form #13.001. This includes commanding them to do things God forbids or preventing or punishing them from doing God commands.
  2. Persecution or "selective enforcement" directed against those whose religious beliefs forbid them from contracting with, doing business with, or acquiring any civil status in relation to any and all governments. These people must be "left alone" by law and are protected in doing so by the First Amendment and the right to NOT contract protected by the Constitution. The group they refuse to associate with is civil statutory "persons". We call these people "non-resident non-persons" on this site as described in Form #05.020. See Proof That There Is a "Straw Man", Form #05.042 for a description of the civil "person" scam.
  3. Engaging in legal “injustice” (Form #05.050). By "justice" we mean absolutely owned private property (Form #10.002), and equality of TREATMENT and OPPORTUNITY (Form #05.033) under REAL LAW (Form #05.048). "Justice" is defined here as God defines it in Form #05.050.
  4. Any attempt to treat anyone unequally under REAL "law". This includes punishing or preventing actions by members to enforce against governments under their own franchise (Form #06.027) the same way governments enforce against them. See What is "law"?, Form #05.048.
  5. Offering, implementing, or enforcing any civil franchise (Form #05.030).  This enforces superior powers on the part of the government as a form of inequality, results in religious idolatry, and violates the First Commandment of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).  This includes:
    5.1 Making justice (Form #05.050) into a civil public privilege
    5.2 Turning  CONSTITUTIONAL PRIVATE citizens into STATUTORY PUBLIC citizens engaged in a public office and a franchise.
    5.3 Any attempt to impose equality of OUTCOME by law, such as by abusing taxing powers to redistribute wealth.  See Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302.
    Franchises are the main method of introducing UNEQUAL treatment by the government. See Why You Are a "national", "state national", and Constitutional but not Statutory Citizen, Form #05.006.
  6. Any attempt to outlaw or refuse to recognize or enforce absolutely owned private property (Form #12.025). This makes everyone into slaves of the government, which then ultimately owns ALL property and can place unlimited conditions upon the use of their property. It also violates the last six commandments of the Ten Commandments, which are the main religious laws that protect PRIVATE property and prevent it from being shared with any government. This includes:
    6.1 Refusing to provide civil statuses on government forms that recognize those who are exclusively private and their right to be left alone.
    6.2 Refusing to provide government forms that recognize those who are exclusively private such as "nontaxpayers" or "non-resident non-persons" and their right to be left alone.
    The result of the above forms of omission are hate, discrimination, and selective enforcement against those who refuse to become "customers" or franchisees (Form #05.030) of government. See Avoiding Traps in Government Forms, Form #12.023.
  7. Any attempt by government to use judicial process or administrative enforcement to enforce any civil obligation derived from any source OTHER than express written consent or to an injury against the equal rights of others demonstrated with court admissible evidence.  See Lawfully Avoiding Government Obligations, Form #12.040.

There is no practical difference between discriminating against or targeting people because of the groups they claim membership in and punishing them for refusing to consent to join a group subject to legal disability, such as those participating in government franchises. Members of such DISABILITY groups include civil statutory "persons", "taxpayers", "individuals" (under the tax code), "drivers" (under the vehicle code), "spouses" (under the family code). Both approaches lead to the same result: discrimination and selective enforcement. The government claims an exemption from being a statutory "person", and since it is a government of delegated powers, the people who gave it that power must ALSO be similarly exempt:

"The sovereignty of a state does not reside in the persons who fill the different departments of its government, but in the People, from whom the government emanated; and they may change it at their discretion. Sovereignty, then in this country, abides with the constituency, and not with the agent; and this remark is true, both in reference to the federal and state government."
[Spooner v. McConnell, 22 F. 939 @ 943]

"In common usage, the term 'person' does not include the sovereign, and statutes employing the word are ordinarily construed to exclude it."
[Wilson v. Omaha Indian Tribe 442 U.S. 653, 667 (1979)]

"Since in common usage the term `person' does not include the sovereign, statutes employing that term are ordinarily construed to exclude it."
[U.S. v. Cooper, 312 U.S. 600,604, 61 S.Ct. 742 (1941)]

"In common usage, the term `person' does not include the sovereign and statutes employing it will ordinarily not be construed to do so."
[U.S. v. Cooper, 312 U.S. 600,604, 61 S.Ct. 742 (1941)]

"There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States .... In this country sovereignty resides in the people, and Congress can exercise no power which they have not, by their Constitution entrusted to it: All else is withheld."
[Julliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 (1884)]

The foundation of the religious beliefs and practices underlying this website is a refusal to:

  1. Civilly or legally associate with any specific secular (pagan) government (Form #05.002) under their statutory franchises or "social compacts".
  2. Acquire any "civil status" under any civil statutory enactment, including but not limited to "person", "indivdiual", "taxpayer", "U.S. person", etc. See: Your Exclusive Right to Declare or Establish Your Civil Status, Form #13.008.
  3. Approach any government as a Buyer of their services or programs (Form #05.001) under U.C.C. §2-103(1)(a).
  4. Be anything OTHER than a Merchant selling absolutely owned, constitutionally protected private property under U.C.C. §2-104(1) under terms that only WE specify. The terms of the sale are specified in the Injury Defense Franchise and Agreement, Form #06.027.

    "For the Lord your God will bless you just as He promised you; you shall lend to many nations [governments and their officers], but you shall not borrow; you shall reign [civilly] over many nations, but they shall not reign [civilly] over you."
    [Deut. 15:6, Bible, NKJV]

The ability to do the above is protected by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment. In theological terms, it is called "sanctification", meaning "set apart for a purpose", and that purpose is to worship and serve ONLY God, rather than His competitor, which is Government. We describe and define people who obey Biblical limitations giving rise to the above as "Non-Resident Non-Persons", "stateless" (in relation to the national but not state government), "foreign", or "sovereign" as described in Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020. Black's Law Dictionary defines "commerce" as "intercourse".

Commerce.  …Intercourse by way of trade and traffic [money instead of semen] between different peoples or states and the citizens or inhabitants thereof, including not only the purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities, but also the instrumentalities [governments] and agencies by which it is promoted and the means and appliances by which it is carried on…” 
[Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 269]

Hence this website advocates a religious refusal to engage in sex or intercourse or commerce with any government as a Buyer waiving any Constitutionally protected or natural right (Form #10.002) or exchanging any such right for a statutory privilege (Form #05.037). In fact, the Bible even describes people who VIOLATE this prohibition as "playing the harlot" (Ezekiel 16:41) and personifies that harlot as "Babylon the Great Harlot" (Rev. 17:5), which is fornicating with the Beast, which it defines as governments (Rev. 19:19).

I [God] brought you up from Egypt [slavery] and brought you to the land of which I swore to your fathers; and I said, 'I will never break My covenant with you. And you shall make no covenant [contract or franchise or agreement of ANY kind] with the inhabitants of this [corrupt pagan] land; you shall tear down their [man/government worshipping socialist] altars.' But you have not obeyed Me.  Why have you done this?  

 "Therefore I also said, 'I will not drive them out before you; but they will become as thorns [terrorists and persecutors] in your side and their gods will be a snare [slavery!] to you.'"  

So it was, when the Angel of the LORD spoke these words to all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voices and wept.
[Judges 2:1-4, Bible, NKJV]


“The king establishes the land by justice, But he who receives bribes [socialist or franchise handouts] overthrows it.”
[Prov. 29:4, Bible, NKJV]

“Many seek the ruler’s favor [franchises and privileges, Form #05.030], But justice for man comes from the Lord.”
[Prov. 29:26, Bible, NKJV]

"Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Whoever therefore wants to be a friend [“citizen”, “resident”, “taxpayer”, “inhabitant”, or "subject" under a king or political ruler] of the world [or any man-made kingdom other than God's Kingdom] makes himself an enemy of God. "
[James 4:4, Bible, NKJV]

You shall make no covenant [contract or franchise] with them [foreigners, pagans], nor with their [pagan government] gods [laws or judges]. They shall not dwell in your land [and you shall not dwell in theirs by becoming a “resident” in the process of contracting with them], lest they make you sin against Me [God].   For if you serve their gods [under contract or agreement or franchise], it will surely be a snare to you.”
[Exodus 23:32-33, Bible, NKJV]

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world [the obligations and concerns of the world]. "
[James 1:27, Bible, NKJV]

"You shall have no other gods [including political rulers, governments, or Earthly laws] before Me [or My commandments]."
[Exodus 20:3, Bible, NKJV]


“Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel [the priest in a Theocracy] at Ramah, and said to him, ‘Look, you [the priest within a theocracy] are old, and your sons do not walk in your ways.  Now make us a king [or political ruler] to judge us like all the nations [and be OVER them]’.

“But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, ‘Give us a king [or political ruler] to judge us.’ So Samuel prayed to the Lord.  And the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have rejected Me [God], that I should not reign over them.  According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt, even to this day—with which they have forsaken Me [God as their ONLY King, Lawgiver, and Judge] and served other gods—so they are doing to you also [government or political rulers becoming the object of idolatry].”
[1 Sam. 8:4-8, Bible, NKJV]


"Do not walk in the statutes of your fathers [the heathens], nor observe their judgments, nor defile yourselves with their [pagan government] idols. I am the LORD your God: Walk in My statutes, keep My judgments, and do them; hallow My Sabbaths, and they will be a sign between Me and you, that you may know that I am the LORD your God."
[Ezekial 20:10-20, Bible, NKJV]

Where is "separation of church and state" when you REALLY need it, keeping in mind that Christians AS INDIVIDUALS are "the church" and secular society is the "state" as legally defined? The John Birch Society agrees with us on the subject of not contracting with anyone in the following video:

Trading Away Your Freedom by Foreign Entanglements

Pastor David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries also agrees with us on this subject:

The Church in Satan's City, March 20, 2016

President Obama also said that it is the right of EVERYONE to economically AND politically disassociate with the government so why don't the agencies of the government recognize this fact on EVERY form you use to interact with them?.

President Obama Says US Will NOT Impose Its Political or Economic System on Anyone, Exhibit #05.053

We wrote an entire book on how to economically and politically disassociate in fulfillment of Obama's promise above, and yet the government hypocritically actively interferes with economically and politically disassociating, in defiance of President Obama's assurances and promises. HYPOCRITES!

PDF Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020

Government's tendency to compel everyone into a commercial or civil legal relationship (Form #05.002) with them is defined by the Bible as the ESSENCE of Satan himself! The personification of that evil is dramatized in the following video:

Devil's Advocate: Lawyers

Therefore, the religious practice and sexual orientation of avoiding commerce and civil legal relationships (Form #05.002) with governments is the essence of our religious faith:

"I [God] brought you up from Egypt [government slavery] and brought you to the land of which I swore to your fathers; and I said, 'I will never break My covenant [Bible contract] with you. And you shall make no covenant [contract, franchise, "social compact", or agreement of ANY kind] with the inhabitants of this [corrupt pagan] land; you shall tear down their [man/government worshipping socialist] altars.' But you have not obeyed Me.  Why have you done this?

"Therefore I also said, 'I will not drive them out before you; but they will become as thorns [terrorists and persecutors] in your side and their gods will be a snare [slavery!] to you.'"

So it was, when the Angel of the LORD spoke these words to all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voices and wept.
[Judges 2:1-4, Bible, NKJV]

“By the abundance of your [Satan's] trading You became filled with violence within, And you sinned; Therefore I cast you as a profane thing Out of the mountain of God; And I destroyed you, O covering cherub, From the midst of the fiery stones."
[Ezekial 28:16, Bible, NKJV]

“As religion towards God is a branch of universal righteousness (he is not an honest man that is not devout), so righteousness towards men is a branch of true religion, for he is not a godly man that is not honest, nor can he expect that his devotion should be accepted; for,

1. Nothing is more offensive to God than deceit in commerce. A false balance is here put for all manner of unjust and fraudulent practices [of our public dis-servants] in dealing with any person [within the public], which are all an abomination to the Lord, and render those abominable [hated] to him that allow themselves in the use of such accursed arts of thriving. It is an affront to justice, which God is the patron of, as well as a wrong to our neighbour, whom God is the protector of. Men [in government] make light of such frauds, and think there is no sin in that which there is money to be got by, and, while it passes undiscovered, they cannot blame themselves for it; a blot is no blot till it is hit, Hos. 12:7, 8. But they are not the less an abomination to God, who will be the avenger of those that are defrauded by their brethren.

2. Nothing is more pleasing to God than fair and honest dealing, nor more necessary to make us and our devotions acceptable to him: A just weight is his delight. He himself goes by a just weight, and holds the scale of judgment with an even hand, and therefore is pleased with those that are herein followers of him.

A [false] balance, [whether it be in the federal courtroom or in the government or in the marketplace,] cheats, under pretence of doing right most exactly, and therefore is the greater abomination to God.”
[Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible; Henry, M., 1996, c1991, under Prov. 11:1]

If one of your brethren becomes poor [desperate], and falls into poverty among you, then you shall help him, like a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with you.
Take no usury or interest from him; but fear your God, that your brother may live with you.
You shall not lend him your money for usury, nor lend him your food at a profit.
I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan and to be your God.
And if one of your brethren who dwells by you becomes poor, and sells himself to you, you shall not compel him to serve as a slave.
As a hired servant and a sojourner he shall be with you, and shall serve you until the Year of Jubilee.
And then he shall depart from you—he and his children with him—and shall return to his own family. He shall return to the possession of his fathers.
For they are My servants, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt; they shall not be sold as slaves.
You shall not rule over him with rigor, but you shall fear your God.
[Lev. 25:35-43, Bible, NKJV]

Any individual, group, or especially government worker that makes us the target of discrimination, violence, "selective enforcement", or hate because of this form of religious practice or "sexual orientation" or abstinence is practicing HATE SPEECH and possibly HATE CRIME based BOTH on our religious beliefs AND our sexual orientation as legally defined. Furthermore, all readers and governments are given reasonable timely notice that the terms of use for the information and services available through this website mandate that any attempt to compel us into a commercial, legal, civil, or tax relationship with any government OTHER than on the terms dictated herein shall constitute:

  1. "purposeful availment" in satisfaction of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, 28 U.S.C. Chapter 97.
  2. A waiver of official, judicial, and sovereign immunity.
  3. A commercial invasion within the meaning of Article 4, section 4 of the United States Constitution.
  4. A tort cognizable as a Fifth Amendment taking without compensation.
  5. A criminal attempt at identity theft by wrongfully associating us with a civil status of "citizen", "resident", "taxpayer", etc.
  6. Duress as legally defined. See Affidavit of Duress: Illegal Tax Enforcement by De Facto Officers, Form #02.005.
  7. Express consent to the terms of this disclaimer.

The result of the waivers of immunity above is to restore EQUALITY under REAL LAW between members and corrupt governments intent on destroying that equality by offering or enforcing civil franchises. All freedom derives from equality between you and the govenrment in the eyes of REAL law in court. See Requirement for Equal Protection and Equal Treatment, Form #05.033.

The GOVERNMENT crimes documented on this website fall within the ambit of 18 U.S.C. 2381: Treason.  The penalty mandated by law for these crimes is DEATH.  We demand that actors in the Department of Justice for both the states and the federal government responsible for prosecuting these crimes of Treason do so as required by law.  A FAILURE to do so is ALSO  an act of Treason punishable by death.  Since murder is not only a crime, but a violent crime, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1111, then the government itself can also be classified as terrorist.  It is also ludicrous to call people who demand the enforcement of the death penalty for the crimes documented as terrorists.  If that were true, every jurist who sat on a murder trial in which the death penalty applied would also have to be classified as and prosecuted as a terrorist.  Hypocrites.

For those members seeking to prosecute government actors practicing hate speech or hate crime against them as documented here, see the following resource:

Discrimination and Racism page, Section 5: Hate Speech and Hate Crime;
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