5.  Informational Questions:

If your question is not answered in this section, please visit the following area in our forums for additional questions and answers:

Informational Questions


Question 5.01:  What does it take to go into business decoding IMF's for other people?  Do you have a training or mentorship program?

Answer 5.01:   We do not have a formal training or mentorship program to get people up to speed so they can decode IMF's for others.  Here is a course of action we suggest for those who want to take this route, in the sequence that is recommended.  Whether this will satisfy your requirements is for you to decide:

  1. Read and understand at least chapters 3 through 6 of the Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302.  Read more if you have time.
  2. Read and understand the Tax Fraud Prevention Manual, Form #06.008 in its entirety.
  3. Read and study all the materials in our Liberty University.
  4. Learn how to look up statutes, regulations, Supreme Court, and Federal District Court cases online.  Practice until you are good at it.  Use this page as a starting point to find reference websites to lookup.  You might want to start with a section in chapter 5 of the Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302 and look up all the information in the section to convince yourself that you can do it.  Click here (OFFSITE LINK)  for a reference tool you can use to look up statutes and regulations.
  5. Obtain our MF Decoder Professional Edition CD.
  6. Read the entire PDF MF Decoder manual.
  7. Order your own IMF and decode it yourself using the program.  Then print out an PDF MF Decoder report showing the results.
  8. Manually look up all the codes listed in your IMF using the MF Decoder report glossary at the end of the report as a guide along with all the electronic books on the CD-ROM.
  9. Write your own rebuttal letter correcting what you think is wrong and then send it in to the IRS.  Watch what comes back.
  10. Find someone who is already doing it and volunteer to work for them for three months.  Don't poach their customers, but offer free services to help you come up to speed.
  11. Find a network of freedom-minded people who need help.  Offer to do it for a very low price.  As you get better at it, raise your price.  If you do a good job, referrals will start coming in.

At this point, you are as ready as you can be.

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Question 5.02:  Section 8 of the About Us page of your website says you don't prepare or assist in the preparation of tax returns for anyone.  Are there any educational materials on other free websites which might help me to submit tax returns that won't jeopardize my status as a "nontaxpayer" and a "non-resident non-person" under federal law?

Answer 5.02:  The best resources we know of are the following.  Note that ALL of these resources are FREE and are NOT "factual speech" and therefore are not subject to censorship and may not lawfully become the subject of any lawsuit dealing with the "promotion" (selling) of factual speech relating to "tax shelters":

  1. SEDM Website:   See the SEDM Forms page and look at the following forms:

    1.1  PDF Federal Nonresident Nonstatutory Claim for Return of Funds Unlawfully Paid to the Government, Form #15.001:  Use to respond to federal tax collection notices or to get a refund of unlawfully withheld earnings.

  2. Family Guardian website:   Under the Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online, Form #10.004 area, Forms section.  There are three different templates available that might be helpful and relevant:

    2.1  Instructions 4.12: Request Income Tax Refunds for Current Year and Past Two Years (OFFSITE LINK)-background on requesting refund of monies wrongfully and involuntarily withheld 

    2.2  Form 7.1: Request for Refund Affidavit (OFFSITE LINK)-for people who had monies involuntarily withheld by their private employers and who want to get the money back that was wrongfully withheld without becoming a "taxpayer" for their remaining earnings.

    2.3  Form 7.16: Tax Statement in Lieu of Return (OFFSITE LINK)-for people who did not have anything withheld, don't want anything back from the government, and simply want to minimize the risk of a wrongful prosecution for Willful Failure to File under 26 U.S.C. 7203.

Note that we aren't giving legal advice, and that whether the above forms are appropriate in your specific case is entirely at your discretion.  We assume no responsibility for the consequences of your decision to use or not use these forms.  However, we caution you that if you put anything but zero for the tax or liability owing or for "gross income" on any of the above tax forms, then you:

  1. Are a "taxpayer".
  2. Are abusing our materials as a "taxpayer".
  3. Are violating the Member Agreement, Form #01.001 and become a "Member in Bad Standing".
  4. Are cautioned that you may NOT avail yourself of any of the materials on this website for whatever reporting period you wish to do this for.
  5. May be unlawfully interfering with the proper administration of the revenue laws in violation of 26 U.S.C. 7212

There are no exceptions to our policy of not allowing "taxpayers" to use or read our materials.

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Question 5.03:  Do you have any info for setting up a corporation sole or any types of trusts?  I could not find anything directly.  If not, where would you recommend possibly looking?

Answer 5.03:   We don't create, assist in the creation of, or administer any kind of asset protection vehicles, including trusts or corporation soles.  We also don't get involved in any kind of commercial activity that is privileged or subject to government regulation.  Doing so is forbidden by section 3.6 of the PDF SEDM Articles of Mission, Form #01.004 and also by our About Us page, section 8, items 12, 15, 17, and 20.  The focus of this website is not money, commerce, or asset protection, but honoring and serving the Lord, putting him FIRST and above the government, and obeying PDF His sacred laws.  Eventually, we may offer educational materials on the subject, but not at this time.  We think that corporation soles and corporations are a bad idea.  Click here for an article on this subject and examine the upper left corner menu item entitled "Corporation Soles".  We also can't make recommendations about who you can or should entertain to do asset protection for you.  Good luck!

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Question 5.04:  I'm a busy businessperson and/or family person.  I don't have time to read ALL of your voluminous materials.  Can you boil it down to a few select important things so I can get the gist of your website?

Answer 5.04:   The basics, the kernel of what you need to know is summarized in the following sources:

  1. PDF Path to Freedom, Form #09.015.  Accomplishing the basic steps in section 2 up to step 14 is mandatory if you intend to use our materials, which we define as sending to any third party in the government, the courts, or the legal profession.
  2. Our Liberty University, which summarizes important information about law, government, freedom, and taxes.  Read as much of the materials here as you can.  If you want a basic introduction, read the powerpoint slides that begin each section, which condense thousands of pages of research into a few simple slides.

If you can master the above two items, then you will know most of what you need to know to feel effective on our website.    The more you can read, the better off you will be, because there is a lot of "deprogramming" that must be done to negate all the lies and propaganda the government and the public schools have fed you throughout your lifetime.

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Question 5.05:  Can you help people stop withholding or deal with their employers on their behalf?

Answer 5.05:   We are sorry, but our PDF Ministry Articles section 3.8 and our About Us page section 8 both say that we are not allowed to involve ourselves in directly assisting or advising others in the performance of anything directly related to tax returns or withholding or providing legal advice.  We are mainly a religious and educational ministry and we try hard not to get directly involved in commerce or business activities, including withholding.  We want people making their own choices based on their own reading of the law and to take full responsibility for those choices.  To do otherwise would make us into the equivalent of an insurance company for others, which is the last thing we want.

Free information is available elsewhere which deals very specifically with employment withholding.  May we recommend the free pamphlet entitled PDF Federal and State Tax Withholding Options for Private Employers, Form #09.001.  It has procedures, several very useful forms, and is jam packed with useful free information.  Because it is free, it will never be censored or attacked by the government.  This is a very popular publication that is used by thousands of new people every month to handle their often difficult withholding situation as "nontaxpayers" and "nonresident aliens".

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Question 5.06:  What can those do who live in the District of Columbia regarding federal tax liability? What is their recourse since the United States is domiciled within the District of Columbia-- ten square mile.

Answer 5.06:   First of all, neither our Member Agreement, Form #01.001 nor our PDF Articles of Mission, Form #01.004 allow us to assist "citizens", or "residents" of the United States, who are "U.S. persons" and most of whom are domiciled where you claim to be.  Therefore, we can't answer the question directly in the context of the District of Columbia.  Consequently, we will answer it in generic terms in the context of let's say "Timbuktu", because the same concept applies everywhere in the world.  We also can't give legal advice, and we aren't suggesting any course of action.  All we can do is point you to the relevant sources of positive law and let you reach your own independent conclusion based on the evidence.  The article entitled "Why 'domicile' and income taxes are voluntary" clearly shows that it is entirely voluntary:


Because domicile is voluntary, a person can physically be present in Timbuktu or anywhere for that matter as a "transient foreigner" and not have a domicile there, because they have a domicile elsewhere. That other place could be another state, country, or even no place on earth like Heaven.  According to the article, those who are physically there but are domiciled elsewhere cannot be either a "resident" under 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(A) or a "U.S. citizen" under 8 U.S.C. 1401, because both of these entities have in common a domicile in the federal zone.  Therefore, if they still have not forfeited their American nationality under 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(21), then they become "nationals" but not "citizens", "nonresident aliens" under 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(B), and "transient foreigners" with respect to the I.R.C and federal jurisdiction.  Provided that they do not engage in any taxable activities or commerce or contract with the government by filling out any government form, then they would then come under 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(31) and be considered a "foreign estate" and a "nontaxpayer".  They would also be a foreign sovereign immune from federal jurisdiction under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.  See also the pamphlet PDF Why you are a 'national' or 'state national' and not a 'U.S. citizen', Form #05.006 for further details on domicile and the affect it has on one's citizenship.  Lastly, we emphasize that it is morally wrong to try to demand services from any government that you are not willing to pay for through taxation, and so we discourage you from using what you learn here to "free load".

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Question 5.07:  I have several questions about the concept of sovereignty.  Can you answer them?  I have listed them below:

  1. How does one earn their living while also being free if all the land and etc is controlled or 'owned' by them?  Move to the middle of nowhere literally, live off the land, and hope no one bothers me?  This doesn't seem like the only solution, although it's appearing more like it every day.  :( (IF I can afford to even GET TO the middle of nowhere, wherever that may be, and which will probably be barely habitable)
  2. What about education?  The state of Nazifornia [California] is bugging me to put my 6 year old in school, and I refuse, and I also refuse to homeschool him with THEIR approved curriculum.  I teach him what I want, not what they want.  Can you point me to some information about telling them NO or anything that might be useful in cases involving education.
  3. When one is done completing the process of returning to sovereignty, instead of being a slave, how can you travel freely throughout the world without their nonsense passports and etc?  Do other countries recognize sovereignty in men?
  4. If one got caught up in their system from an early age, and is stuck in it now, like someone on disability as their only source of income and livelihood, with no job skills or training to work for others, how does one move from a state of slavery into one of sovereignty? (See 1 above)
  5. Are there places one can move to start a new life sovereign, to live free without all the nonsense?  If so, can you point me to where I can find out more about them?
  6. How does one become sovereign literally, worldwide, and not just in the USA?  Are sovereigns recognized or denied by most countries?

Answer 5.07:  Below are our answers, organized using the same numbers as those above:

  1. You must select a trade and go into business for yourself.  If the people you work with or offer your services to try to fill out information returns on you, then you must promptly correct them so as not to become privileged or commercially connected to "the Beast" (government).  PDF Click here for details on information returns and how to correct them.  If you need to own land, then you should consider putting it into a land trust instead of having it in your name.
  2. The Family Guardian Education page (OFFSITE LINK) has a lot of information about home schooling.  See "Home Schooling" green subheading on the left.  You may wish to consult the Home School Legal Defense Association.
  3. You can get either a "World Passport" issued by an independent organization, or you can start your own "state" and issue your own.  Click here for details.  Click here for the World Service Authority to get a "World Passport".
  4. As a sovereign, your new emphasis has to be church, friends, and family, because all of the things you depend on government for will have to be replaced by these "support network" sources.  If you were mean to any of these groups, then you better go back an sincerely repent.  If you don't want to apologize and work hard to develop lasting relationships with real people instead of perpetually sucking on the government tit and paying your bills using stolen money and the proceeds of extortion, then prepare yourself for a contented and dignified and sovereign life of poverty.  The only legitimate reason you would find this lifestyle objectionable is because you are a prisoner and a slave to your own unrealistic and covetous expectations.

    "Better is a little with righteousness, than vast revenues without justice." 
    [Prov. 16:8, Bible, NKVJ]

    "Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin."
    [John 8:34, Bible, NKJV]

    If Jesus can walk around his whole life with nothing but sandals and the clothes on his back, then you ought to be just as willing to do the same if the only other alternative is idolatry towards government.  You may also wish to convince these sources of support that they shouldn't support the government with their Social Security and tax "tithes" to the state-sponsored church and that they should temporarily divert some of these squandered resources to a noble cause of a relative to free him or herself.  See answer to question #1 above.

  5. See the Escape Artist website.
  6. Some answers:

    6.1  A sovereign is an educated person who is "stateless" and who is described in this article.

    6.2  Procedures for restoring sovereignty are described in:

    PDF Path to Freedom, Form #09.015 - basic initial baby steps

    Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Manual, Form #10.005 (OFFSITE LINK)

    Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online, Form #10.004 (OFFSITE LINK)

    Sovereignty and Freedom page (OFFSITE LINK)

In addition to the above answers, you can also form your own government and state and issue your own passports and drivers licenses.  Instructions and tools for starting your own de jure constitutional government are indicated below:

PDF Self Government Federation: Articles of Confederation, Form #13.002

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Question 5.08:  How do your offerings compare with ____________?

Answer 5.08:  We have taken the time to compare the philosophies of various freedom personalities with ours in our the Policy Documents contained in Section 1.8 of our Forms page.  Some of the documents appearing there also derive from third party sources and we are not responsible for these sources but agree with their analysis.  Among these document that may interest you, include:

  1. PDF Policy Document:  UCC Redemption, Form #08.002
  2. PDF Policy Document:  Pete Hendrickson "Trade or Business" Approach, Form #08.003
  3. PDF Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid, Form #08.004-addresses government's view of this website and flawed arguments of both the government and the freedom community
  4. PDF Rebutted Version of the IRS "The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments", Form #08.005
  5. PDF Rebutted Version of the Congressional Research Service Report 97-59A:  Frequently Asked Questions  Concerning the Federal Income Tax, Form #08.006
  6. PDF Rebutted Version of "Tax Resister Frequently Asked Questions" by Dan Evans, Form #08.007
  7. Rebutted Version of "Tax Resister Frequently Asked Questions"
  8. PDF Who's Who in the Freedom Community, Form #08.009
  9. PDF Policy Document:  Peter Kershaw's Tax Approach, Form #08.010 -how our offerings compare with Peter Kershaw.
  10. PDF Policy Document:  Rebutted False Arguments Against This Website, Form #08.011 - rebutted arguments against our website made by mostly ignorant and bigoted criminal public servants
  11. PDF Policy Document: Corruption Within Modern Christianity, Form #08.012 -how our view of christianity differs from mainstream american christian churches.
  12. PDF Policy Document: Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) Violations By the IRS - how our offerings compare with Lindsey Springer.
  13. PDF Why the Fourteenth Amendment is Not a Threat to Your Freedom, Form #08.015 - how our offerings compare with what we calle "Fourteenth Amendment Conspiracy Theorists".
  14. PDF Policy Document: Unlawful Ways of Protecting Your Rights that Should Be Avoided, Form #08.016 - unlawful activities engaged in by many misguided freedom advocates who discredit the freedom community with their legal ignorance
  15. PDF Path to Freedom, Form #09.015, Section 7.2-identifies where to find comparisons of philosophies of other freedom advocates not listed above.

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Question 5.09:  I'm a foreigner who has been in this country for over __years.  Can I become a "national" and a "non-resident non-person"?

Answer 5.09:  A person born in another country is a foreign national, not a domestic national.  Only domestic nationals may be "nationals" as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(21).  The only way you can become a domestic "national" is to either be born in one of the 50 states or the federal zone or being naturalized by the Dept. of State.  However:

  1. You can be a "permanent resident" with a green card without being a "resident" within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code at 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(A).
  2. You do not need to be naturalized in order to be a "nonresident alien" as defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(B).  A human being who maintains a domicile in any state of the Union on other than federal territory is a nonresident alien but not an alien or "individual", whether they started out as a foreign national or a domestic national.  States of the Union are on an equal footing to foreign countries for the purposes of I.R.C. Subtitle A income taxes.  Like foreign countries, they are "foreign states" with respect to federal jurisdiction.
  3. A person with a green card is called a "permanent resident" by the Dept. of State, but that person is NOT a "resident alien" for the purposes of the I.R.C. Subtitle A income tax unless his domicile is on federal territory.

Your questions are more thoroughly covered in our PDF Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020 memorandum of law.  In particular, section 23.1.2 talks about deception in IRS publications intended to confuse you about the truth found in item 3 above.

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Question 5.10:  I am almost through reading the Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302 and I am not clear on how to approach getting my sovereignty back. I am in a bit of a mental meltdown. I am a licensed real estate broker in the state of _______. In _______ you have to have a license to sell real estate, I have been doing this for almost ___ years now will soon be eligible to be a sole practitioner, (no principal broker to supervise me, one must be under a principal for 3 years before you can go on your own which).  I set up a LLC about a year ago and got the dreaded TIN# (not knowing what I now know, wish I had not done that!) anyway my question is in your opinion, knowing that it is not legal advice, would it be better for me to dissolve the LLC and can I get rid of the TIN# and just use my name for my business or can I keep the LLC and get rid of the TIN#. As I see it being a nontaxpayer consists in not partaking of any privilege, not having a domicile in the federal zone, and not being a statutory "US citizen" working for the government. I now know I am a "nontaxpayer", but I've been mislead and misinformed in the past by the Real Estate agency and they require a SS#, so how do I extricate myself from this mess and in what order should I do this as far as filing the right paperwork with the right agencies. Will this prevent me from doing my job? I am working on my IMF decoder program but have not decoded my file yet. Tax time is just around the corner and I want to file the 1040NR as that is what I understand I should do. Do I need to correct the MF first and correct my domicile and divorce the US gov before I file the 1040NR? Will my correcting my citizenship status affect my state real estate license? How can I work around this problem, I just want to get this right the first time. Any insight and clarification will be greatly appreciated, thank you and blessing on you all!

Answer 5.10:  First of all, if you or any business entity you have has a government issued number or license, then you are a "taxpayer" in the context of that numbered or licensed entity, you may NOT use or apply our materials in the context of that entity until the license or number or application that caused the issue of the license or number is rescinded.  We remind our readers that "taxpayers" may be Members, but they are are NOT AUTHORIZED to "use", meaning send our materials to any third party in the legal profession or the government in connection with their activities, until they follow our Path to Freedom, Form #09.015 and restore their status as "nontaxpayers".

"And here a thought suggests itself. As the Meadors, subsequently to the passage of this act of July 20, 1868, applied for and obtained from the government a license or permit to deal in manufactured tobacco, snuff and cigars, I am inclined to be of the opinion that they are, by this their own voluntary act, precluded from assailing the constitutionality of this law, or otherwise controverting it. For the granting of a license or permit-the yielding of a particular privilege-and its acceptance by the Meadors, was a contract, in which it was implied that the provisions of the statute which governed, or in any way affected their business, and all other statutes previously passed, which were in pari materia with those provisions, should be recognized and obeyed by them. When the Meadors sought and accepted the privilege, the law was before them. And can they now impugn its constitutionality or refuse to obey its provisions and stipulations, and so exempt themselves from the consequences of their own acts?

These internal revenue or tax laws were characterized as being not only repugnant to the constitution, but also unreasonably burdensome. With the most minute attention I examined those portions of the acts of July 13, 1866, and July 20, 1868, presented for my consideration; and carefully sought to ascertain *1300 whether they were in conflict with any of the provisions of the constitution. My conclusion on that question has been expressed. I do not concur with counsel, that these laws are unreasonably burdensome. But even if they are, nay, even if they are oppressive, and unjust modes are employed for their enforcement, the remedy lies with congress, and not with the judiciary. By enacting these laws congress has exercised the constitutional power of taxation, and the courts have no power to interfere. Providence Bank v. Billings, 4 Pet. [29 U. S.] 514; Extension of Hancock Street, 18 Pa. St. 26; Kirby v. Shaw, 19 Pa. St. 258; Livingston v. Mayor, etc., of New York, 8 Wend. 85; In re Opening Furman Street, 17 Wend. 649; Herrick v. Randolph, 13 Vt. 525. In McCulloch v. State of Maryland, 4 Wheat. [17 U. S.] 316, 430, Chief Justice Marshall said, that it was unfit for the judicial department to ‘inquire what degree of taxation is the legitimate use, and what degree may amount to the abuse of the power.’
[PDF In re Meador, 1 Abb.U.S. 317, 16 F.Cas. 1294, D.C.Ga. (1869)]

Second, please don't send us any questions about anything on Family Guardian such as the Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302, because we are not responsible for their offerings and are a separate religious ministry.

Third, you AREN'T a "nontaxpayer" until you ACT like a "nontaxpayer"!  How you ACT is what determines what you are, not what you may mistakenly THINK or CLAIM that you are.  As long as you are partaking of any government privilege, license, or identifying number and the government has evidence you signed showing that you  CONSENSUALLY are partaking of said privileges, you are a "taxpayer" rather than a "nontaxpayer".  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, then its a DUCK.  If you walk into a court under those circumstances, declare yourself a "nontaxpayer", and demand your "rights", they will laugh you out of the courtroom and railroad you!  Talk is cheap, but DOING all the things it takes to have all the evidence you need to PROVE that you are a "nontaxpayer" and don't fit any of the circumstances of a "taxpayer" is where the rubber REALLY meets the road.  Achieving that point can only come by concerted effort at education and we can't help you achieve that point because until you do achieve that point, you can't become a Member in good standing worthy of our help.

As far as your circumstances, we can't and won't give legal advice, and especially in the case of a "taxpayer" such as yourself.  That appears to be what you are asking for and our Member Agreement, Form #01.001 and PDF Articles of Mission, Form #01.004 specifically prohibit the giving of legal advice. Therefore, we can only describe what we and others have done under similar circumstances and leave it up to you do decide whether that is appropriate for you or fits your circumstances.  The procedure we used to become sovereign is exhaustively documented in the following:

We can't suggest a specific course of action for you, but that process worked for us.  For details on professional licensing, see Question #1.15 above:

In our experience, it takes a lot of work to "reinvent" oneself to function without any government numbers, privileges, assistance, or licenses.  It takes a lot of creative work and we simply don't have all the answers.  The basic steps in our own case have been:

  1. Spent at least a year reading and learning extensively BEFORE we took our first step.  Education is key to escaping Ignorance Related Slavery (IRS).  This also prevents mistakes early on that might make us easy targets.  We read all the following:

    1.1  We read chapters 3 through 5 of the FREE Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302 (OFFSITE LINK).

    1.2  We went through all the materials in the SEDM Liberty University.

    1.3  We read the FREE PDF Federal and State Tax Withholding Options for Private Employers, Form #09.001 book.

    1.4  We got an account on an online legal research source and taught ourself how to look up federal and state statutes, regulations, and caselaw.  VersusLaw is good for this because it is only $19.95/month, if you are on a budget.  Click here (OFFSITE LINK) to start your own journey into doing legal research.

  2. Quit social security using the PDF Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee Document, Form 06.002.
  3. Sent in the Zip Legal Notice of Change in Citizenship/Domicile Records and Divorce from the United States, Form 10.001.
  4. Closed all financial accounts and reopened them all without numbers using the W-8BEN or an affidavit.  Click here for details.
  5. Dissolved all entities that have numbers identified with them and recreate them without numbers using accounts that aren't numbered.
  6. Paid off and cancel all credit cards.
  7. Paid off all debts as much as humanly possible.
  8. Contact any remaining creditors you associate with and notify them that you terminated social security participation and to remove any identifying numbers from your credit accounts.  Warn them to stop filing all information returns against you because they will be false since you are not engaged in a "trade or business".  Click here for an article on this subject.
  9. Correct all information returns in the past but don't ask for refunds for those years.  It's a gift.  See:
    Correcting Erroneous Information Returns, Form #04.001
    Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1042's, Form #04.003
    Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1098's, Form #04.004
    Correcting Erroneous IRS Form 1099's, Form #04.005
    Correcting Erroneous IRS Form W-2's, Form #04.006
  10. Sent in either a Tax Statement or 1040NR with corrected information returns attached to change one's status to a non-resident non-person not engaged in a "PDF trade or business".
  11. Revoked all licenses that attach oneself to a government number.  All these licenses only apply to activities on federal territory.  They don't apply outside the government.  All privileges, numbers, and government benefits are only available to people who work for the government as "public officials".  Nearly all law except the criminal law is law for government.  Click here and read section 2 for details.

The only reason you have to work for a broker is because he has access to the client base generated by the MLS.  There is nothing stopping you from making your own competing unprivileged MLS service or working with private clients, or advertising in the newspaper, or approaching persons who are selling on their own and giving them a great deal.  Being free requires you to be more creative to survive, but it's not impossible.  Old fashioned capitalism works.  If you can sell a house for half of the 6% commission that most realtors charge or less, then you will get more business if you are creative in how you promote it.  Professional licensing does nothing but create government-sanctioned monopolies and a government welfare state for lazy people who don't want to complete.  You are going to have to stop thinking inside the same box that all the other lemmings in your privileged profession live in.

Whether the approach we used for ourself is appropriate for you is for you to decide.  Our Member Agreement, Form #01.001 and PDF Articles of Mission, Form #01.004 both prohibit us from engaging in factual speech or making any promises or guarantees.  What we have just told you is therefore a belief, not a fact, and it is inadmissible as evidence pursuant to F.R.E. 610.  It only becomes a fact after you have studied and read the law for yourself and have a personal knowledge that it is true.  If you want to be sovereign, you will have to make ALL your own decisions based on reading the law with your own two eyes.  If you don't feel equipped to do that, then learn to bend over and be a good taxpayer and government whore.  Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide individualized assistance.  If you want to be sovereign, it is going to take a lifetime of education and learning and only YOU can do it.  You can't pay anyone else to do it because no licensed professional is going to destroy his livelihood by showing you how to make his services and his government-issued licenses and franchises essentially "irrelevant and unnecessary".

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Question 5.11:  How do I open a checking account or bank account without a "Taxpayer Identification Number"?

Answer 5.11:  The following procedure is ONLY intended for persons who meet ALL of the requirements of our Member Agreement, Form #01.001.  If you do NOT meet all of the requirements, this procedure is not recommended and in many cases will NOT work:

  1. Complete all the requirements of becoming a Member:

    1.1  Submit the PDF Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee, Form #06.002.

    1.2  Submit the ZIP Legal Notice of Change in Domicile/Citizenship Records and Divorce from the United States, Form #10.001.

    1.3  Apply for a passport as a "non-citizen national" and a "nonresident alien" and WITHOUT an government identifying number.  You should use NOTHING for ID that will link you to a government number AFTER you terminate Social Security Participation. (OFFSITE LINK)

    If you want to understand why the above three steps are necessary, read:

      PDF Developing Evidence of Citizenship and Sovereignty, Form #12.002
     PDF Why You Are a "national" or a "state national" and not a "U.S. citizen", Form #05.006

      PDF Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020

  2. Read and thoroughly understand either one of the following two articles:

    2.1  About SSNs and TINs on Government Correspondence, Form #07.004

    2.2  PDF About SSNs and TINs on Government Correspondence, Form #05.012

  3. Complete and submit the PDF  Affidavit of Citizenship, Domicile, and Tax Status, Form #02.001 to the institution and explain that it satisfies the requirements found in 26 C.F.R. 1.1441-6(c)(1) and constitutes a "certificate of residence" in lieu of a W-8BEN form, which is only for use by "taxpayers" and "beneficial owners" and you are neither.
  4. If they do not accept the above, use the PDF AMENDED IRS Form W-8BEN with the PDF Affidavit of Citizenship, Domicile and Tax Status, Form #02.001.
  5. If the Above does not work, use the PDF STANDARD IRS form W-8BEN prepared according to the instructions in our article About IRS Form W-8BEN, Form #04.202 and attach the PDF Tax Form Attachment, Form 04.201

The above has consistently worked for many of our readers. Maker sure you follow the About IRS Form W-8BEN, Form #04.202, Section 8 faithfully and read this article several times and thoroughly understand everything it says so you can think on your feet and forcefully defend what the law requires in front of the sharpest bank clerk or bank manager.  If you don't do your homework and are not able to quickly respond to any questions or concerns they have by showing them the law that authorizes what you are doing, then the legal ignorance of the average bank teller or financial institution may cause them to falsely suspect you are a tax evader and they may decide later to refuse to do business with you, even though you are doing nothing wrong or unlawful.  THE LAW IS YOUR FRIEND.  KNOW IT, FOLLOW IT, AND USE IT IN YOUR DEFENSE OR LOSE YOUR LIBERTY.

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Question 5.12:  Is it possible to quit Social Security and still be a "taxpayer"?

Answer 5.12:  Social Security insurance premiums are deducted separately from income taxes and therefore they are separate, as far as we understand.  A person who does not participate in Social Security but who still has a federal identifying number such as a TIN which they applied for using an IRS form W-9 can be a "taxpayer" and still not have an SSN or participate in Social Security.  However, the only way they can lawfully qualify for a TIN is to be an alien with a domicile or residence in the "United States" (District of Columbia) or to lawfully represent a public office that has such a domicile pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 17(b).  In addition, they must make the necessary "elections" even with a TIN in order to have "gross income" or taxable income.  These voluntary "elections" include but are not limited to:

  1. They must elect to treat their earnings as "effectively connected with a trade or business".  This is done by filling out a 1040 and associating the earnings with "wages, tips, and other compensation" on the form itself.  PDF Click here for details.
  2. They must fail to rebut the usually false information returns filed against them by ignorant others.  PDF Click here for details.
  3. They must fill out an IRS form W-4, which is the wrong form for people who are not "public officers" of the U.S. government and do not want to be.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for details.
  4. They must complete and submit an income tax return and falsely impute "trade or business" earnings to themselves even though they do not have any in most cases.

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Question 5.13:  I'm a pastor who mistakenly and without knowledge applied for I.R.C. 501(c)(3) status.  Can this be undone?  Thank you for being the light.

Answer 5.13 I.R.C. 501(c)(3) status can be undone.  We are not experts in this and refer you to the following organization for help:

Heal Our Land Ministry, Peter Kershaw

If you are able to perfect the process for removing I.R.C. 501(c)(3) status either by contacting the organization above or by investigating it on your own, we would like to ask that you send it to our Contact Us page so that we may share it with others.

We also strongly suggest that you view the following training materials for Pastors and clergy if you haven't already:

  1. PDF What Pastors and Clergy Need to Know About Government and Taxation, Form #12.007
  2. PDF Policy Document: Corruption Within Modern Christianity, Form #08.012

God bless you for your courage and for recognizing the influence of the Holy Spirit upon this ministry.

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Question 5.14:  How did you learn these Sovereignty things?  Did someone teach you in a class setting?  How much does it cost to learn?  Are there schools that teach the things you offer?  If so, who and where are they?

Answer 5.14:  There are no classes or schools we have found other than our Liberty University.  You cannot learn about it in either public school or law school.  Sovereignty is a subject that neither the government nor the legal profession wants you to know about because it destroys their power, control, and importance.  The government doesn't want the bible or sovereignty discussed in public schools or law schools because of the following scriptures about the relationship between government and God:

“All nations before Him are as nothing, and they are counted by Him less than nothing and worthless.” 
[Isaiah 40:17, Bible, NKJV]

“He [God] brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless.
[Isaiah 40:23, Bible, NKJV]

“Indeed they [all governments] are all worthless; their works are nothing; their molded images are wind and confusion.” 
[Isaiah 41:29, Bible, NKJV]

“Behold, the nations are as a drop in the bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales.” 
[Isaiah 40:15, Bible, NKJV]

The very existence of this website is an attempt to fill the vacuum of information deliberately created by the government about Sovereignty.  We had to start from scratch in developing and building this website.  We are self-taught based entirely on reading the law, legal industry publications, the Bible, and examining the works of PDF others in the freedom community.  We are aware of only one organization that even came close to what we do on this website, but that organization is now defunct, leaving us as the only source of information on this subject that we are aware of. We are not aware of any in-person schools or classes, but the content of our Liberty University completely covers all the subjects you need to know and learn in the area of Sovereignty.  Stick to studying there and you will be way ahead of even the most seasoned judges on the subject of law and sovereignty and taxes:

Lastly, because the government doesn't want this kind of information in the hands of the people, this question may have come from them as a way to identify those few remaining organizations that they can go after and close down.  Consequently, even if we knew of another similar source of the information, we could not tell you what it is so that it doesn't become a target of government persecution.  However, if there was such an organization, we would tell you, and we don't know of one.

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Question 5.15:  Your information and tools seem to be geared towards Americans who are born within and domiciled within states of the Union.  What differences occur in the case of foreign nationals who are visiting or resident here?

Answer 5.15:  The differences between domestic nationals and foreign nationals, both of whom are domiciled within states of the Union on other than federal territory are summarized below:

  1. Foreign nationals are "aliens" as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(3).  Domestic nationals are"nationals" as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(21).
  2. Both domestic nationals and foreign nationals who are domiciled within any state of the Union are considered "non-resident non-persons" if not engaged in a public office and "nonresident aliens" as defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(B) if engaged in a public office for the purposes of federal taxes.
  3. If an alien elects to become a "permanent resident" under Title 8: Aliens and Nationality, then they are considered "resident" within the "United States of America" (the 50 states) but NOT the "United States" federal government or the "United States" as defined in Internal Revenue Code Subtitle A, which is the federal zone per 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(9) and (a)(10).
  4. The term "United States" means the 50 states for the purpose of being a "permanent resident" as an alien, whereas it means the federal zone and excludes states of the Union for the purposes of the Internal Revenue Code Subtitle A.  This is clarified in section 17.1.2 of the following memorandum of law on our website:
    PDF  Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020
  5. "aliens" defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(3) are NOT the same thing as "nonresident aliens", which are defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(B).
  6. Neither "nationals" as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(21) nor "nationals of the United States**" as as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(22) are "aliens" nor a subset of "aliens".  Instead, they are "non-resident non-persons" if not engaged in a public office and "nonresident aliens" if engaged in a public office.
  7. An "alien" may make an "election" to be treated as a "resident" under the Internal Revenue Code by doing any of the following:

    7.1  Filing IRS form 1078: Certificate of Alien Claiming Residence in the United States

    7.2  Filing IRS form 1040 and assessing themselves with a tax liability.  This form is ONLY for use by "U.S. persons", which are people with a domicile within the "United States"/federal zone and not within any state of the Union.

    7.3  Opening a bank account without using the IRS form W-8BEN or a suitable substitute such as our
    Affidavit of   Citizenship, Domicile, and Tax Status, Form #02.001.

    7.4  Making an election pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 6013(g) or (h) to be treated as a "resident" by being listed on the tax return of a spouse who files an IRS form 1040.

  8. The various methods by which non-resident non-persons" are tricked into becoming residents are summarized in section 12 of the following memorandum of law on our website:
      PDF  Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020
  9. The rules for citizenship and how to transition between the various types of citizenship and tax status are summarized in section 2 of the above pamphlet as well as the the following form:
      PDF  Citizenship, Domicile, and Tax Status Options Summary, Form #10.003

The following page summarizes one's citizenship status v. their tax status:

Citizenship Status v. Tax Status, Form #10.011

 The interaction between one's citizenship status and their legal domicile are described in the following excellent article:

PDF Why Domicile and Becoming a "Taxpayer" Require Your Consent, Form #05.002

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Question 5.16:   Why do you bother quoting the corrupt federal courts in your materials?  They are irrelevant because they aren't Article III courtsIn your materials you indicate that to back a point or theory that it needs to be backed by Court cases. How can you use the same corrupt system you are trying to overcome to be your defense?

Is it that using the Court Cases forces them in a box in which they cannot let the Genie out of the bottle (that everything is under Admiralty Law, there is no Bill of Rights, that they are a bunch of crooked thieves) therefore they would have to dismiss the case or lose it?   Kind of like using their own words / fraud against them? 

I have been in a position where even if you point out how flatly wrong they are still ignored and railroaded. It's their words, their court cases and their proceedings. Therefore...they own it all. Yet we're trying to use their property (court decisions / cases) to our defense.

While I don't know what other items you might use for a just seems strange to use the very system's information you are trying to defeat as the back up to a defense.  Please comment and/or provide a link that may clear up my confusion.

I have always wondered "What is the Law". What book is it in??? I understand PDF the Bible is the ultimate source of Law & Jesus said the Law could be summed up in 2 commands "Love God with all your heart, mind, etc." and "Love thy Neighbor as Yourself". Then I believe there are really only 2 LAW's in America......

  1. "You cannot infringe upon any one else's right to Life, Liberty, Property and Right to Happiness" and
  2. "Honor all Contracts".

It is probably this second LAW in which all the fraud is committed. I am just wondering what is the pecking order of LAW (not Codes, Rules or Regulations)?

Answer 5.16:  Thanks for your very insightful question.  The precedence, or "pecking order" as you call it, of law is documented in these resources on this website and elsewhere:

  1. Legal Research Sources
  2. Reasonable Belief About Income Tax Liability, Form #05.007
  3. Precedence of Laws and Regulations

Item 2 above concludes that court cases below the U.S. Supreme Court are irrelevant in the case of federal taxes or persons not domiciled on federal territory. Therefore, we try to stick to the U.S. Supreme Court as much as we can. However, even the Supreme Court is not an Article III court and therefore is irrelevant as well.  This is proved in the book below with extensive evidence:

What Happened to Justice

Therefore, EVERYTHING we could quote from any federal court is nothing more than political propaganda. The only thing left to quote is positive law from the statutes at large, but even that is mostly law for only federal territory that is irrelevant to a person not domiciled there, such as a person domiciled in a state of the Union.  The only reason to cite such propaganda from any federal court is to SHUT THEM UP by putting them into a position of contradicting their own words out of their own mouth. 

"For it is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men [including judges and government prosecutors]--as free, yet not using liberty as a cloak for vice, but as bondservants of God.

Honor all people.  Love the brotherhood, Fear God.  Honor the king."
[1 Peter 2:13-17, Bible, NKJV]

Using their own court opinions against them puts them in the awkward position of having to prove:

  1. They are irrational hypocrites because they can't even be consistent with the words right out of their own mouths.
  2. You can't trust anything they say.
  3. There is no authoritative source of law on which to base a good faith belief about what you are required to do.
  4. Federal stare decisis (precedent) is useless.
  5. Willfulness is impossible, because if the courts can't even consistently read and interpret the law, then how the HELL could an average citizen do it and have a firm understanding of what the law requires?

Even the U.S. Supreme Court admitted that there is no federal common law applicable to a state in Erie Railroad v. Tomkins.  Indirectly, they are admitting that federal caselaw is IRRELEVANT to a person domiciled in a state of the Union:

"There is no Federal Common Law, and Congress has no power to declare substantive rules of Common Law applicable in a state.  Whether they be local or general in their nature, be they commercial law or a part of the Law of Torts"
[Erie Railroad v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938)]

Otherwise, you are correct.

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Question 5.17:   Can some one answer my question one way or another? I'm just a working man who works with his hands. Barely graduated from high school. Do I have to pay income tax or not??? Can't under stand all the legal terms they use, need it in plain English words. They say I owe but I never borrowed from them. I'm not profiting on any thing just providing a roof over our heads and food on the table.


Answer 5.17:  We aren't allowed to make legal determinations about the status of anyone who contacts this ministry, and certainly those who are not already Members. We are not familiar with your specific circumstances and it is imprudent, speculative, and forbidden by our Prohibited Activities to even hazard a guess.  See the About Us page, Section 8, Item 6 for details.  Therefore we can only speak in general terms not specific to your situation and pertinent to that of the average American.

  1. The Internal Revenue Code Subtitle A "income tax" describes a excise tax and a franchise upon "public offices" within the U.S. government and upon those receiving payments from the government. In that sense, it is a "kickback scheme" for federal entities and officers deceptively engineered to "look" like a legitimate tax.
  2. The term "United States" within all IRS publications and the I.R.C. refers to the municipal "United states" government and the PDF "District of Columbia" corporation described in 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(9) and (a)(10), and NOT the geographical "United States of America" or the states of the Union mentioned in the U.S. constitution.
  3. Within the I.R.C. Subtitle A, these "public offices" are referred to as a "trade or business".
  4. Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. 72, all "public offices" may ONLY lawfully be exercised in the District of Columbia and not elsewhere except by specific enactment of Congress.
  5. There is no statute expressly authorizing the "public officers" that are the subject of the tax upon a "PDF trade or business" within states of the Union. Therefore, it is impossible and illegal to be a franchisee called "taxpayer" as a person domiciled in a state of the Union.  Any attempts of a person domiciled in a state of the Union to act like a "taxpayer" and a "public officer" are a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C. 912.
  6. It constitutes perjury under penalty of perjury for a person domiciled within a state of the Union to file an IRS form 1040:

    6.1 Everything that goes on IRS form 1040 is "PDF trade or business" earnings associated with a public office in the U.S. government.  This is confirmed by 26 U.S.C. 864(c )(3).

    6.2 The average American is not lawfully authorized to engage in a public office within a state of the Union. He/she furthermore meets none of the legal requirements for serving in such an office, which are all clearly spelled out in the Statutes at Large.

    6.3 Human beings domiciled in a state of the Union who file the form 1040 and indicate a nonzero income are committing perjury because they cannot lawfully engage in a "public office" without violating 18 U.S.C. 912 and because they are not statutory "U.S. citizens" or "U.S. residents" domiciled on federal territory and they cannot lawfully represent or exercise the public office that is domiciled on federal territory and which is the real "taxpayer" within the I.R.C.

    6.4 Human beings domiciled in a state of the Union who file the form 1040 are committing perjury because the form is only for use by "individuals". All individuals on the 1040 are aliens domiciled on federal territory and nonresident aliens married to statutory U.S. citizens domiciled on federal territory and who have made an election to be treated as "resident aliens".

  7. The average American domiciled in a state of the Union is a nonresident alien as defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701(b)(1)(B), but not an "alien", "individual", or "nonresident alien individual". Therefore, they cannot be the subject of any provision within the I.R.C. That is why for these people, the real "taxpayer" is the withholding agent making federal payments to them, and who is the ONLY person made "liable" to do so under 26 U.S.C. 1461.

Therefore, the average American domiciled in a state of the Union cannot lawfully file a "resident" (alien) IRS form 1040, cannot be a "taxpayer", and cannot have a legal duty to file a return. It is unconstitutional for the federal government to even offer any PDF franchises to a human being who is protected by the constitution because his/her rights are "unalienable". "PDF Unalienable rights" are defined as rights that cannot lawfully be bargained away in relation to the government through any commercial process. PDF Franchises such as a "PDF trade or business"/public office in the U.S. government constitute a commercial process. Therefore, it constitutes TREASON for any official of the federal or state governments to either offer or enforce any federal PDF franchises outside of federal territory and within the exclusive jurisdiction of a state of the Union to people whose rights are protected by the federal Constitution. It is a conflict of interest for a judge to take an oath to protect the constitution and your rights on the one hand, and on the other hand protect, administer or expand franchises which have the purpose of destroying, regulating, and taxing the exercise of protected rights. See:

PDF Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030

Every citizen is supposed to know and is presumed by the courts to know the law. This is proven by the following:

“One who turns his ear from hearing the law [ God's law or man's law], even his prayer is an abomination.”
[Prov. 28:9, Bible, NKJV]

"But this crowd that does not know [and quote and follow and use] the law is accursed.”
[John 7:49, Bible, NKJV]

"Salvation is far from the wicked, For they do not seek Your [God's statutes] statutes."
[Psalm 119:155, Bible, NKJV]

"Every man is supposed to know the law. A party who makes a contract [or enters into a franchise, which is also a contract] with an officer [of the government] without having it reduced to writing is knowingly accessory to a violation of duty on his part. Such a party aids in the violation of the law."
[Clark v. United States, 95 U.S. 539 (1877)]

“He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who keeps understanding will find good.” 
[Prov. 19:8, Bible, NKJV]

No one but you can or should make the determination that you are a "nontaxpayer" and that determination should be based entirely and exclusively upon your own reading of the law, not what someone else tells you the law says. If you don't know enough about your rights to personally explain and defend them in a court of law, then YOU DON'T HAVE ANY!  People without rights are the main audience for IRS enforcement, because they are victims of their own apathy, ignorance, laziness, and PDF presumption. In that sense, the government is a PREDATOR, not a PROTECTOR, of the innocent and the ignorant.  Jesus also understood this when He said the following:

"“Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin [presumption, ignorance, and fear] is a slave of sin.  And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."
[Jesus in John 8:34-36, Bible, NKJV]

By your comments, you aren't willing or equipped to learn the law or defend your rights.  You can't defend what you dont even know you have.  Your legal ignorance has ensured that you will stay in "slave mode" and that you will continue to be a slave of your own sin. Therefore, until you begin to learn and enforce the law, you are incapable of self-government. The PDF socialist PDF corporate government we have in this deluded day and age is designed to service people who can't govern themselves because they don't want to read, learn, or enforce the law against their errant public servants.  The ignorance, laziness, presumption, and apathy of such people ensures that they are unfit to live in a Republic and therefore must settle for a PDF socialist democracy and the nanny government that it perpetuates.

“The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy [or ignorant, or presumptuous, or apathetic] man will be put to forced labor [government slavery!].” 
[Prov. 12:24, Bible, NKJV]

If you want to free the shackles that bind you, you must turn off the TV and execute the basic steps indicated in the following:

PDF Path to Freedom, Form #09.015

No one can do this for you. You can't hire anyone who will do it for you. YOU and ONLY YOU must take responsibility for yourself and for both freeing and governing yourself. Plenty of free materials are available on this website to help you with that task, so you are not alone, but ultimately, you must accept this exclusive responsibility of yours under God's Law.  The reason government keeps getting bigger and more evil every day is because it has created a business out of exploiting peoples desire to avoid responsibility.  It does this by passing laws to indemnify people from the consequences of their sin and evasion of responsibility for their duties under PDF God's law. Like the early Israelites, Americans would rather live under the shadow of Pharoah making bricks as economic slaves to the pagan government than leave Egypt to pursue the land of liberty, milk, and honey. They would rather grumble against people like Moses and us who call them to leave Egypt than to follow God's admonition to leave Egypt and pursue liberty.

“Woe to the rebellious children,” says the Lord, “Who take counsel, but not of Me, and who devise plans, but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin; who walk to go down to Egypt, and have not asked My advice, to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharoah, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt!  Therefore the strength of Pharoah shall be your shame, and trust in the shadow of Egypt shall be your humiliation

Now go, write it before them on a tablet, and note it on a scroll, that it may be for time to come, forever and ever: that this is a rebellious people, lying children, children who will not hear [and learn, and obey] the law of the Lord; who say to the seers, “Do not see,” and to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us right things’ Speak to us smooth [politically correct] things, prophesy deceits.  Get out of the way, turn aside from the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.” 

Therefore thus says the Holy One of Israel:

Because you despise this word, and trust in oppression and perversity, and rely on them, therefore this iniquity shall be to you like a breach ready to fall, a bulge in a high wall, whose breaking comes suddenly, in an instant.  And He shall break it like the breaking of the potter’s vessel, which is broken in pieces; He shall not spare.  So there shall not be found among its fragments a shard to take fire from the hearth, or to take water from the cistern.” 
[Isaiah 30:1-3, 8-14, Bible, NKJV]

The reason God made the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years after He emancipated them from Pharoah and the reason why He had to spoon feed them with manna on the ground every morning is that they simply weren't ready for a "republic" and the notion of taking complete or exclusive responsibility for themselves.  Like biological parents, He had to feed His children milk until they were ready to "grow up" spiritually and legally and eat meat.  The PDF old guard socialists who had lived and worked under Pharoah in Egypt had to die off before a new generation of believers was ready to step out in obedience and faith to God's call of personal responsibility and liberty.  That generation was exemplified by Joshua and his compatriots.  See the book of Joshua in the Bible.  Packaging our materials in easy to use forms is our equivalent of feeding God's children milk until they are ready to take the bull by the horns and eat meat.

Like Pharoah, our modern "nanny government" has become a big PDF social insurance company which makes tons of money setting up PDF franchises that help and encourage people to violate PDF God's law. The purpose of establishing government to begin with was the opposite of our present government: to protect the health, safety, public morals, and sovereignty of the people.  This trend cannot continue and our society is headed for rapid collapse because of what it does to destroy self-government, personal responsibility, families, PDF churches, morality, and liberty.  By forcing people to participate in PDF government franchises, our pseudo-government has effectively outlawed personal responsibility for oneself and self-government.  That effect is being realized by our pseudo-government's willful omission in vigorously refusing to prosecute private parties such as employers and financial institutions that:

  1. Compel Americans to have or to use government identifying numbers or to become "taxpayers".  See PDF Form #05.012 for details.
  2. Compel Americans to withhold and deduct donations to the state-sponsored church and PDF private, for-profit corporation called the "United States".  See PDF Form #04.101 for details.
  3. File PDF false information returns against "nontaxpayers" not engaged in a "trade or business" and thereby compel them to involuntarily assume the duties of a "public officers" in the U.S. government.  When was the last time the DOJ announced on its press releases website that it convicted an employer or financial institution for filing false information returns?  See PDF Form #04.001 for details.
  4. Judges refusing their constitutional duty to protect rights of parties before them by invoking the Anti-Injunction Act against "nontaxpayers" who are not even subject to the Internal Revenue Code and by calling arguments presented here "frivolous" without justifying their position.  By using the word "frivolous" without using the authority of any written positive law to justify their position, they are calling the litigant a "heretic" in relation to a PDF state sponsored church and religion of socialism and it's "bible" called the Internal Revenue Code.  It's a bible rather than a law because 1 U.S.C. 204 proves that the entire title is nothing but a statutory presumption that doesn't even qualify as evidence.

The enemy is not government, but selfishness, ignorance, laziness, apathy, evasion of personal responsibility for oneself, and PDF presumption. The only thing you prove by continuing to frequent our forums or sending us emails to  ask questions that you could answer for yourself with your own diligent study of the materials here is that deep down:

  1. You don't want personal responsibility and therefore don't want to be free.  Have fun making bricks for Pharoah without compensation.
  2. You would rather make your problems into someone else's problems, and to do so at the least cost and expense of time and money to you and the most burden to your neighbor.  In that sense, you are stealing from your neighbor.  This is a violation of the second great commandment to love your neighbor.
  3. You don't want to govern your own life and need someone else to govern you.  You ought to be using the materials on this website to help yourself and your loved ones and thereby love your neighbor.  Instead, you approach our ministry as an opportunity to "get something for nothing" and give nothing to others in return. In that sense, you will get what you deserve from the thieves who run the government. We must reap what we sow.  When we act like thieves, we will be victimized by thieves in government.
  4. You want reward without the personal effort or responsibility or commitment that makes it possible. That attitude is the very evil that makes socialism necessary, possible, or attractive in an otherwise free country:  The world owes me something.  If you don't care enough to earn your liberty by reading and learning the law and staunchly enforcing it against your public dis-servants as they rightly deserve and as the Constitution presupposes and requires, then why should you expect that we or anyone else should do it for you?  You can only rightly deserve and receive what you are willing to give and to earn.  That is the Golden Rule.

The only way you will be free is to love and help your neighbor without being asked so that government becomes unnecessary and taxes and government can be small. Below is how the Bible describes that idyllic state and the affect it has on the authority and power and size of the government:

“Behold, the nations [and governments and politicians of the nations] are as a drop in the bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales.” 
[Isaiah 40:15, Bible, NKJV]

"All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing; He does according to His will in the army of heaven And among the inhabitants of the earth . No one can restrain His hand Or say to Him, 'What have You done?'”
[Daniel 4:35, Bible, NKJV]

All nations [and governments] before Him [God] are as nothing, and they are counted by Him less than nothing and worthless.” 
[Isaiah 40:17, Bible, NKJV]

He [God] brings the princes [and Kings and Presidents] to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless.
[Isaiah 40:23, Bible, NKJV]

“Indeed they [the governments and the men who make them up in relation to God] are all worthless; their works are nothing; their molded images [and their bureaus and agencies and usurious "codes" that are not law] are wind [and vanity] and confusion.” 
[Isaiah 41:29, Bible, NKJV]

The more you want, the more the world can hurt you, according to Confucius. When you want it REALLY BAD, then you will get it REALLY BAD!! Bend over.  See: The Unlimited Liability Universe

“We of this mighty western Republic have to grapple with the dangers that spring from popular self-government tried on a scale incomparably vaster than ever before in the history of mankind, and from an abounding material prosperity greater also than anything which the world has hitherto seen.

As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed.  Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others.  If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside.  They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing they possess the power of government from within.  A sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober understanding and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”
[President Theodore Roosevelt; Opening of the Jamestown Exposition; Norfolk, VA, April 26, 1907]

By these comments, we certainly don't intend to either be or to sound cruel. However, this is the naked truth, and you need to hear it or you will continue in "slave mode".

"But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty [God's law] and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed [by the Lord Himself] in what he does."
[James 1:25, Bible, NKJV]

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