Overcoming the World 2014 Conference: Against the World

Robert Godfrey of Westminster Theological Seminary emphasizes the importance of the Rules of Statutory Construction and Interpretation for the Holy Bible.  He also advocates the importance of carefully defining words to prevent misuse by the audience for them.

Godfrey was president and a professor of Reformed Theology at the Westminster Theological Seminary in San Diego California.  For more Reformed Theology teachings, visit our Sermons page.

This important video is mentioned in Disclaimer, Section 4 to emphasize why it is important to define all key terms throughout our website and especially on ALL forms submitted to any government (see Form #12.023).  What Godfrey calls a “heretic” in a theological sense is what we call a “sophist” in a legal sense.

  1. For a description of a “sophist” in a secular or legal sense, see:
    Wikipedia:  Sophist
  2. For a description of “heretics” in a theological sense, see:
    Who Were the Pharisees and Saducees?, Form #05.047

The definition of words before every debate is an important way of excluding any and all sophistry and sophists from most debates, as pointed out in our An Introduction to Sophistry Course, Form #12.042 so that the debate can focus EXCLUSELY upon facts and law and avoid political discussions.  It effectively filters out an equivocation from the debate and usually wins the debate if your opponent is a sophist.

Published by Ligonier Ministries. Click here for original source, minutes 15-24.

For more on the LEGAL Rules of Statutory Construction and how they are used to deceive and hurt people in the manner he describes above, see:

Legal Deception, Propaganda, and Fraud, Form #05.014

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