“Separation between Church and State”: The Church of Satan’s City

This sermon by pastor David Jeremiah of San Diego, California very clearly explains the hazards of destruction of the separation between church v. state.  The city he describes is modern terms is the District of Columbia, that most Americans maintain a public office in called “taxpayer” as defined in  26 U.S.C. §7701(a)(9) and (a)(10).  He says that we are living in a period of time in which there is no separation between believers and the world or the government and that Christians have lost their sense of “who we are”.  What he is really saying is that we believers are victims of legal, political, and economic “identity theft”, as described in the document below:

Government identity Theft, Form #05.046
DIRECT LINK: http://sedm.org/Forms/05-MemLaw/GovernmentIdentityTheft.pdf
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

The Bible says OUR BODY is a temple, which means a CHURCH.


Ultimate separation between CHURCH and STATE implies that Christians, and by implication the PEOPLE generally, must remain legally, politically, and economically SEPARATE from their government.  Any attempt to connect them to the government legally, politically, or economically as a public officer for any purpose OTHER than that of serving as a jurist and a voter is where ALL the corruption comes from that we fight on this website.  That separation from a legal perspective is exhaustively described in:

Separation Between Public and Private, Form #12.025
DIRECT LINK: http://sedm.org/LibertyU/SeparatingPublicPrivate.pdf
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

The main legal mechanism by which the separation between church and state is broken down is government franchises.  This subject is exhaustively described in the following memorandum of law:

Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030
DIRECT LINK: http://sedm.org/Forms/05-MemLaw/Franchises.pdf
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

President Obama even said that the U.S. government would never FORCE people to economically or politically associate with itself.  To us this must mean that you have a RIGHT to remain SEPARATE from the government, exclusively private, and beyond the civil statutory control of the government.

President Obama Says US Will NOT Impose Its Political or Economic System on Anyone, Exhibit #05.053

The fact that a “sovereign” is not subject to the civil statutory (franchise) control of the government BY NO MEANS that they are “lawless”.  If it does, the Founding Fathers were lawless!  We prove this in:

Problems with Atheistic Anarchism, Form #08.020
SLIDES: http://sedm.org/Forms/08-PolicyDocs/ProbsWithAtheistAnarchism.pdf
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/n883Ce1lML0
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

Below is a memorandum of law we wrote on HOW to achieve PERFECT economic and political separation from the United States Government in satisfaction of what President Obama said ALL people are entitled to do in his speech above:

Non-Resident Non-Person Position, Form #05.020
DIRECT LINK: http://sedm.org/Forms/05-MemLaw/NonresidentNonPersonPosition.pdf
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

For more information about separation of church v. state, see:

Spirituality Topic, Section 9, Family Guardian Fellowship

For an example of what happens when ALL separation is eliminated and the government ITSELF becomes a state sponsored religion, see:

Socialism:  The New American Civil Religion, Form #05.016
DIRECT LINK: http://sedm.org/Forms/05-MemLaw/SocialismCivilReligion.pdf
FORMS PAGE: http://sedm.org/Forms/FormIndex.htm

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