Philosophical Implications of the Temptation of Jesus

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio delivers a powerful speech at the Eagle Forum in St Louis.  He discusses the philosophical implications of the temptation of Jesus.  The audience he is speaking to is Christians.

Molyneux has come quite a long way over the years:

1. From a mad atheist who attacked Christianity as a superstition:

Problems with Atheistic Anarchism, Form #08.020

2.  To someone reading and teaching virtue from the bible!

We are pleased to see his progress and even his promotion and approval of Christian morality presented even to a group of Christians, as he does in this video.  He has also even attacked the statism of most Atheists:

Why I Was Wrong About Atheists

Quite an amazing transformation, and a very important one because of the degree of influence he has on the atheist and liberal communities.

He also now has a following in the Christian community, including us.  The Christian speaker who introduces him in the above video says he visits Stefan’s Youtube channel all the time.  That speaker was even the one who invited him to speak at the event.  Stefan, unlike everywhere else we have seen him speak, was dressed in a suit and clean shaven.  That is the only time we have ever seen him dressed in a suit and one of the rare times he was also clean shaven.  He was dressed like he was ready for church, probably because he was at a religious gathering.

The temptation he is describing is the source of ALL of the modern day corruption within the government, as is described in the following article:

How Scoundrels Corrupted Our Republican Form of Government, Family Guardian

It also looks like he is following in the footsteps of his Canadian cohort, Jordan Peterson, who also early in his life attacked and questioned Christianity but now goes around the country as a psychologist giving lectures to thousands of people about the virtues of Christian morality.  These are LECTURES, not SERMONS, and yet secular people are willing to pay MONEY to hear them.  That is quite amazing and a point of great interest to many Christian pastors.  Below is the best example so far of such lectures and interviews by Jordan Peterson:

Oz Talk: Jordan Peterson’s Rules to Live By



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