Self, Family, Church, and Local Self Governance

1. SEDM Resources

  1. Self
    1.1 Delegation of Authority Order from God to Christians, Form #13.007
    1.2. Laws of the Bible, Form #13.001
    1.3 The Laws of God
    1.4 The Pursuit of Piety, Form #17.061
    1.5 Your Exclusive Right to Declare or Establish Your Civil Status, Form #13.008
    1.6 Separation Between Public and Private Course, Form #12.025
  2. Family
    2.1 Sovereign Christian Marriage, Form #13.009
    2.2 Sovereign Marriage Course, Form #12.016**
    2.3 Family Constitution, Form #13.003
    2.4 A Family Under God, Form #13.018
    2.5 Marriage Counseling Manual, Form #17.063
    2.6 Disaster Preparedness Plan, Form #13.015**
    2.7 Family Articles of Private Incorporation, Form #13.011
  3. Church
    3.1 Declaration of the Establishment of a Free Church, Form #13.004**
    3.2 Religious Order Private Articles of Organization, Form #13.012
    3.1 The Crisis of Church Incorporation, Form #13.017
    3.2 Church Excommunication Response Letter, Form #13.006
  4. Local Self-Governance
    4.1 Self Government Federation: Articles of Confederation, Form #13.002
    4.2 Testament of Sovereignty, Form #13.010
    4.3 Activism Map*-use this to find people in your area to organize law study and political action groups.
    4.4 Members*-use this to find people in your area to organize law study and political action groups.
    4.5 Member Groups* –use this to find people in your area to organize law study and political action groups.
    4.6 SEDM Activism Leader Guide, Form #16.001
    4.7 SEDM Activism Resources, Forms/Pubs Page Section 1.16
    4.8 Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America

2. Offsite Resources

  1. Self
    1.1 Health, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness, Family Guardian Fellowship
    1.2 Media and Intelligence, Family Guardian Fellowship
  2. Family
    2.1 Family Law, Dating, Marriage, and Divorce, Family Guardian Fellowship
    2.2 Family Issues, Family Guardian Fellowship
    2.3 Parenting Topic, Family Guardian Fellowship
  3. Church
    3.1 Spirituality Topic, Family Guardian Fellowship
  4. Local Self-Governance
    4.1 Law and Government Topic, Family Guardian Fellowship
    4.2 Politics Topic, Family Guardian Fellowship
    4.3 Activism Topic, Family Guardian Fellowship

3. Why Society is Not Able to Govern Itself and Therefore Falling Apart

The approaches on this page are designed to fight all of the following phenomenon:

  1. Low birth rate is creating labor shortages in the job market.
  2. Premarital sex is producing children out of wedlock.
  3. Abortion necessitated by fornication and premarital sex is killing the next generation. This is causing labor shortages in low end jobs.
  4. Homosexuality is removing people from the heterosexual child producing pool, lowering birth rates yet more.
  5. Open borders:
    5.1 Immigrants depress wages for low earners because of more competition with illegals.
    5.2 Strain city budgets to provide services.
  6. The job market is shifting. College degrees are no longer as useful as they used to be.
  7. There is a MASSIVE rate of retirement for baby boomers. When they leave the workforce, they stop paying into the system and start receiving government benefits. This puts DOUBLE pressure on government spending and revenue and massively increases deficits. 10K baby boomers PER DAY are now leaving the workforce and retiring.
  8. Massive federal deficits are contributing to high inflation and ever increasing tax rates.
  9. Marriage rate is going down among young people because student loan defaults destroy credit rating to buy a house or start a family or even get your first job.
  10. Divorce rate is skyrocketing.
    10.1 People over 50 are getting divorced at a MUCH higher rate, thus increasing the demand on housing when there is already a shortage.
    10.2 Because of this, the majority of children are now raised in single parent homes with inadequate role models, that then makes them less able to form their own stable family.
  11. High tax rates have made the single breadwinner family with a stay at home mom virtually impossible, thus causing children to lack adult supervision because both of their parents are at work. This causes them to be raised by TV and social media and get poor role models.
  12. Social media is polarizing America so that the spirit of compromise that makes politics possible is eliminated. This causes gridlock in the government so nothing can get done.
  13. Political parties, Democrat and Republican, no longer serve the mainstream. There are more independents than both Democrats and Republicans combined, and reaching a consensus among Independents is especially difficult. We need a third mainstream political party so that Independents will have a voice.
  14. Mainstream media has lost its roots in journalism and become an advocate for specific political causes. This causes Americans to tune them out, and thus make voters LESS informed when they go to the polls.
  15. Corporations are outsourcing low end jobs overseas, making work more difficult to find.
  16. Artificial Intelligence is replacing some knowledge workers.
  17. Fast food outlets are replacing their staff with automation to increase their profits.
  18. Too many tatoos or piercing make people unemployable.

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