Fake/De Facto Government

Everything knows we live in a matrix but can’t explain why. The “matrix” is a de facto fake government. For proof that we no longer have a legitimate and de jure government consistent with our constitution and that we all live literally inside a “matrix”, examine the following evidence:

1. De Jure government according to us

A de jure government satisfies all of the following criteria on this site:

  1. Implements “natural law” as defined in:
    SEDM Disclaimer, Section 4.31
  2. Self Government Federation: Articles of Confederation, Form #13.002
  3. Does not implement and is not allowed to implement anything described in:
    Your Irresponsible, Lawless, and Anarchist Beast Government, Form #05.054

For a description of what we do to encourage and support de jure governments, see:
How This Website Protects LAWFUL Exercises of Governmental Power at No Charge to the Government

2. De Jure government according to God

  1. Commentary on Romans 13, Form #17.056 -What God says about the authority of governments
  2. God’s Commandment to NATIONS and Political RULERS -what God says about the authority of the government and how they EXCEED that delegated authority to become fake/de facto
  3. The Laws of God -SEDM. Limitations imposed by God upon authority of secular government
  4. The Institutes of Biblical Law (OFFSITE LINK) -Rousas John Rushdoony. Our favorite book. Analysis of the Ten Commandments and the limitations it imposes upon secular government

3. Secular proof that the current government is fake/de facto

  1. Government Corruption, Form #11.401 -a “de facto” government is one that is not operating consistent with its constitution and is therefore corrupted.
  2. Why You Are Here -we know
  3. U.S. Citizens and the New World Order, Musicians for Freedom. How you fit in the current FAKE/DE FACTO government
  4. Citizenship Status v. Tax Status, Form #10.011 -proof that the “citizen” they tax is NOT what you think it is, but rather a public officer in the government
  5. De Facto Government Scam, Form #05.043-comparison of de facto v. de jure
  6. Corporatization and Privatization of the Government, Form #05.024-government with corporations instead of people as the sovereign. We are all treated as “employees” or “officers” of said corporations. And they are all PRIVATE corporations.
  7. Why Your Government is Either a Thief or You Are a Public Officer for Income Tax Purposes, Form #05.008 -“taxpayers” are NOT what you think they are
  8. The Money Scam, Form #05.041-Fake money based on debt instead of substance
  9. What Happened to Justice?, Form #06.012 (bookstore)-fake courts. “United States District Courts” instead of “District Courts of the United States mentioned in the Constitution
  10. Corruption, Scams, and Frauds Page, Family Guardian Fellowship (OFFSITE LINK)-symptoms of having a fake government
  11. Government Corruption -all the symptoms of having a FAKE government
  12. Socialism: The New American Civil Religion, Form #05.016 -government is a religion, not a government, which imputes superior and supernatural powers to itself above the people it is supposed to serve from below rather than rule from above
  13. Separation Between Public and Private Course, Form #12.025 -how to prove in court that the government that the de facto imposters are PRESUMING that there is no private property and that they are the creditors and you are the only debtor.
  14. Proof That There is a Straw Man, Form #05.042 -proof that all STATUTORY “persons” are PUBLIC officers in federal corporations and not private humans.
  15. How State Nationals Volunteer to Pay Income Tax, Form #08.024-proof that the “citizen” and “resident” upon whom the income tax imposed is a public officer working within the Treasury Department for the Secretary of the Treasury and NOT a human being
  16. Government Identity Theft, Form #05.046 -proof that they have to kidnap you into the government to regulate or tax you
  17. They Own It All (Including You): By Means of Toxic Currency, Ronald Macdonald-Robert Rowen (OFFSITE LINK)-proof that fake currency makes us all debtors and never creditors in relation to government. The theme of this book is consistent with the UCC Redemption (Form #08.002) approach, but much more evidence based. There is lots of false and misleading information in this book. For a detailed rebuttal, read the following article on our site:
    Critique of the Book “They Own It All (Including You)” by Ronald Macdonald and Robert Rowen, SEDM Blog
  18. Legal Deception, Propaganda, and Fraud, Form #05.014 -LIES that lawyers and judges routinely tell you to prevent you from learning all the truths on this page
  19. Difference Between De Facto and De Jure & Their Comparisons (OFFSITE LINK)

4. How Christians are Commanded by God to Treat FAKE/De Facto Governments

  1. The Christian and Civil Government -book by Pastor John Weaver
  2. Commandments About Relationship of Believers to the World -how Christians are commanded to treat UNRIGHTEOUS or fake governments
  3. Family Constitution, Form #13.003, Chapter 7: Relationship to Governments and the World (OFFSITE LINK) -Family Guardian Fellowship
  4. Spirituality Page, Section 9: Church V. State and First Amendment (OFFSITE LINK) -Family Guardian Fellowship
  5. About Us Page, Section 10: Relation to Government -SEDM
  6. Political Insights->God v. Government (OFFSITE LINK)- Nike Insights
  7. A Commentary on Revelation, Form #17.055 (OFFSITE LINK) -Nike Insights. Explanation of the main theme of Revelation, which is government corruption and the obligation of Christians to prevent it.
  8. The Ten Commandments Bible Law Course, Form #17.028 (OFFSITE LINK)


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